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  1. What, no herpes lesions?

  2. hocuspocus13


  3. While it may be funny to some, I know I’ve been done playing the game long ago. Other Patriots (Passionate Nationalists) men & women are tired of the constant incaution by design, schadenfreude, Machchiavellian haughtyness – arrogance & episteme – logos rupture.
    It’s a recycled systemic dialectic that has been allowed to be played way to long. As the Trump administration intensifies the Cold War started by Obozo & steers the US closer to a World War while holding down it’s Imperialistic hegemony on numerous fronts. All by design. Welcome to World Kakbuki Theatre @ Plato’s Cave.

    • A witty monologue is always entertaining as is a comedic post, then there are those that contain the gravitas of truth and bringing up the rear are those that are a verbal duplication of a Pollack painting.

  4. “Whatzup New Pussyhats – whooa – oh oh oh oh oh !

    I dare you to sing that Tom Jones melody with the new words above and NOT get an ear worm from it. Will make you chuckle, guess how I know ?

  5. I’d like to know what company made these hats so I can boycott them.

  6. L

    Best, Shawn


  7. A fitting hat for Anderson Pooper.

  8. but fake news is what has been keeping murkas economy afloat.

    Caterpillar Records 50 Consecutive Months Of Declining Global Sales

    As Caterpillar’s stock hits multi year highs, its operations continue to sink.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      The stock market often has little correlation with the health of the economy.

    • the (((Federal Reserve))) juices the fake-“market” and a day-to-day basis via the stock portfolios of the (((NY Investment Banks))). That’s one of the reasons why the Fed refuses audit. It would crash the entire Ponzi.

  9. There’s just something about that assemblage of bloviators that makes me think of eating all the fresh asparagus I can hold while drinking 40 oz of 211 Steel Reserve high octane malt liquor. Then, after a suitable interlude during which my body processes said delightful repast for sharing, spending the next 20 minutes pissing on them. Just imagine the satisfaction of soaking those stupid vulva hats with reeking beer and asparagus urine. The mind boggles. HA HA HA HA!!


    You can easily add Shepard Smith. Megan Kelly, and O’Reilly to that montage.