WeaponsMan: Shooting The Whitworth

Fun stuff with the rifle used by our Confederate sharpshooter on the masthead.

Previous Whitworth work by WM here and here.



5 responses to “WeaponsMan: Shooting The Whitworth

  1. Kevin Mussack

    A good example of a “Beaten Zone”.

  2. Nicely done! What a neat old rifle. the fact that the rifle is even capable at those distances is a testament in itself.

    Less then 1 percent of 1 percent can hit at those distances. Long range is truly an art. Very satisfactory when your on! .

    With shoot computers and laser range finders available today, hitting at 1300y plus, is still no easy task.

    We’re over the hill from Clint Smiths school ” thunder ranch” people pay 1000s to shoot their. If your in the area, look us up, we have a range here which rivels his. You all can shoot for here free.

    30 ar 500 targets out to roughly 1500y.

    Use to be 1760y, one mile, calling splash at that distance is problematic.


  3. What’s the idea behind compressing the propellant to 80 psi?

    (I hope I understood that correctly)

  4. The Usual Suspect

    Pretty cool, but I for one will stick with the tried and true
    30 Government 06 for anything in excess of 300 yards.