Concepts For A New Civil Defense Organization: Part I – Overview


A reader sends the first of a series:

I don’t expect .gov at any level to be smart enough to embrace these ideas, but no matter: folks in their neighborhoods can do so without the need for Big Brother/Sister/Intersected Confused Person looking over their shoulders. Suggestion for improvement from comments will be considered gratefully for future iterations.

Concepts for a 21st Century Civil Defense Organization


* World is becoming increasingly unstable at all levels from local to international.

* Infrastructure is both old and very tech dependent, leaving it vulnerable to both natural disaster and deliberate attack.

* Conversely, the population is becoming increasingly dependent on this infrastructure for all aspects of life and yet less able than ever to repair it or able to work without it in the event of its loss or severe damage.

* Governments at all levels simply do not have the resources to large scale or wide spread damage to the system.


* Develop a new Civil Defense Organization.

* This organization is not designed to replace government services on a day to day basis, but is there to supplement the regular structures when the scope of the problem makes it impossible for the traditional organizations to meet the need.

* The organization can be created by any private or public institution from a small church or informal neighborhood group all the way up to the Federal Government, with a heavy emphasis on local involvement.

* Ideally, the organizations will be physically centered around local fire halls, schools, and churches, due to their central location and existing infrastructure (e.g., parking for vehicles, communications, sanitation, and bulk cooking facilities.

* Most equipment and training will be provided by the Civil Defense Organization members themselves, thus minimizing or even eliminating the costs to the government.

* Some form of government recognition is preferred as it will allow for inter organizational training before a disaster strikes.

* The mere presence of such an organization will allow for the constructive use of tension in the event of disaster, as well as providing a calming effect. This should help reduce panic and civil unrest.

* Members can help their neighbors become better prepared to face disaster.

* Properly done, it will help FEMA and other agencies with the more efficient distribution of resources. A properly and uniformly trained local Civil Defense Organization can more accurately assess actual needs and distribute material where it needs to go as it will know the area better.

Overview of functions and organization:

* Will consist of three branches, a very brief overview of each follows:

o Medical – Helps provide local on site medical support at the scene of a disaster until regular medical channels can handle the demand.

o Communications – Consists of licensed Ham radio operators that provide alternate communications in the event that the regular commo systems are down.

o Engineers – By far the largest group, with the most general and varied responsibilities. Helps to provide and/or assist local fire suppression, barrier construction/maintenance, initial search and rescue, road clearing, hazard evaluation and mitigation, etc.

* Recruiting:

o Members will be CCW holders, although rational consideration will be given to others (e.g., medical professionals, electricians, etc).

o This is to ensure that all members have been screened to some extent and have no serious legal or mental issues. The CCW permit is the only widely available low/no cost screening method that ensures this.

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  1. hillbillynick

    The CCW part is problematic in states like mine (NY) and California where even decent folks can’t get permits. Also co-ordination with .Gov, while in a perfect world a good idea, is more than likely a non-starter. Anyone who has dealt with them knows they tend to bulldoze locals or at least ignore them.

    • Bingo.
      Good friend has been a FEMA contractor then employee for quite a while. The entire mgt architecture of FEMA is geared to responding to .GOV agencies not locals or local NGO types. That in and of itself is myopic; what if the mayor/city fathers are wiped out?

    • But you have “pistol permits” just to buy a handgun and possess in your home, yes?

      Membership in a real church
      Or others in good standing who will vouch for said person

      Voter registration rolls are available in my state for $50 and much of it is free on the interwebs right now if you search by name/address. A person with a few minutes of spare time could create a “heatmap” of certain probabilities in his AO.

      You’re not screening for Tier0 operators. You’re screening for the guy next door or down the road you can trust. Shared values. The rest gets worked out.

  2. CA, sent you an email

  3. “We believe that the Church in the first century and for centuries to follow was a network of, for and by the people of real faith who actually loved their neighbor as themselves enough to be there for each other in time of dearth, famine war or earthquake.
    If Christians really loved one another they should be gathering together, exercising their right to peaceably assemble, to become the Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary of, for and by the people to help one another without depending on the Benefactors of the world who exercise authority one over the other.
    As Rome fell, economies collapsed, there was violence in the street, disease, hunger and deprivation. There were man made and natural disasters. Christians did not depend on Rome and its authoritarian Benefactors but needed to learn to take care of one another in love. Because they were doers of the Gospel message they were prepared. They had a Network of people who were literally the minutemen of Christ for every emergency and disaster. Their “union and discipline” was praised by historians like Edward Gibbons who wrote “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”. Christians not only survived but they thrived…”
    Lots of info in the following site in its entirety at:

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Again, I think many of you and yours will find alot of
      good material and ideas on above
      site. Ideas will be appreciated to further its intentions in righteousness.

    • That “Church in the first century” was the Catholic Church. Reviewing the linked webpage, though, not a single mention of anything Catholic. Just another protestant and/or new-age Christian revival group offering nothing more than a slightly different path on the road to perdition.

  4. This is what real survivalism was back in the later 1960’s. No one participated because of the Viet Nam War and the subsequent social unrest with the strong communist influences in every facet of American existence.

    Finally someone else has a similar idea as mine. My never aired and almost never produced television show “Survival Forum” would have emphasized your concepts quite strongly. You have a good plan.

    I could never get this going where I live because all of my neighborhood are brainwashed by the media. Good luck, I still have hope and now will try again to get it going without the media content; surreptitious and low key no publicity may be the better strategy.

  5. The Cajun Navy and Cajun Army demonstrated how this can work during the recent storms in Lo.The govt. of course hated it and wanted to get all those volunteering with boats to pay monies for a special permit,fuck that noise.As for carry permits,again,screw that noise,the whole point is to be effective and operate without the govt. unless they want to donate supplies to help out but do not count on that.Locals know who the thieves/crazies are and will keep em out ,though would say any willing to truly help really not to picky excepting keeping perhaps a extra eye out.I am sure some of the volunteers in the Cajun response would not meet “suitable govt. standards”!

    • The ccw is, in my opinion, only relevant if some rational .gov wanted to use the model.


      “rational .gov”


      I kill me.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “I kill me.”

        Sorry, citizen; that is our job. However, if you wish to proceed with self-termination, please pay all taxes- based upon your highest annual earning – in advance for the next 25 years, complete forms in the MTZ-487321.42.22.11 series (in triplicate) – properly notarized, of course, provide two forms of picture ID, pay the $50 fee, and we will begin the process to provide you with an application to submit to the prescreening group to determine whether or not a preliminary approval can be granted. Expected wait time is reasonable – a decision will be rendered within 180 business days; though the executive subcommittee can extend this process for an additional 180 days up to three times.
        – Helpful Bureaucrat N-597

        Of course, this only gets you the city permit. County, State, and Federal permits are also required, and they are subject to different regulations.

  6. An Army Auxiliary ran just like Civil Air Patrol. A not for profit chartered organization with a military structure.
    Equipment that would normally be surplussed would be instead passed to the AAC (Army Aux Corps.).
    Normal background checks with fingerprinting would take place. No need to have a CCW but if you do have it you can qualify to carry while on deployment.
    Three main focuses

    Disaster Response
    Civil Defense
    Firearms safety training and civilian marksmanship.

    • “An Army Auxiliary ran just like Civil Air Patrol. A not for profit chartered organization with a military structure.”

      State Defense Force. See 32USCs109.

      • Yeah I am familiar with them, however not all states have them and they tend to be an extension of the Guard, thus they get third or forth hand equipment if they get any at all.
        I am talking about something that is a national organization.

        • yes.

          what murka needs most is more badges with state issues costumes and ID.

          you guys don’t have any ability to look into the future.

          slippery slope and mission creep?

          teh st00pit

          it hirtz

  7. The Old Guide

    Our forefathers had “Committees of Safety”. They were resourceful citizens who would be useful in any emergency. I own a back hoe. Since funeral pyres are unpopular in our country, grave diggers will be useful.

  8. Old guide,can see in many disaster type situations a back hoe with a good operator would be a great asset.I would say the burying of bodies not only has a medical necessity at times but also a calming effect as folks not looking at bodies long term.I would also say can see the backhoe needed for more immediate emergencies and thus pyre would then be a necessity.

    One thing I believe would also be necc. and is folks who can cook for a lot of folks,folks doing a lot of manual work could use the calories and the morale booster a good meal can provide.

  9. I have no problem with the concept but let me tell you how this would go down in my little corner of the world, and this is in Rawle’s Land, the fantasy construct so many cling to as a BOL, by the way.

    Ninety out of hundred the locals are brain dead and only believe/do what they are told. In the event of any major disaster they will be dead or thinking about eating their neighbors by the end of the first week. Seven of the remaining ten suffer from normalcy bias so bad they can’t even begin to conceptualize TPTB will not be there to save them. Two out of the final three don’t know what they don’t know and the last one out of the hundred is busy with taking care of their own.

    Once guy purchased a hand gun for self defense. I managed to get him to go shooting one time, he didn’t even know how to clean and load the damn thing. I know the mag is in one room, the ammo is on top of a cabinet in another and the gun is in the bedroom. I asked him what would happen if someone kicked in the front door and swept the room looking for targets. He just sat there with a blank, deer in the headlights look, when I told him he was going to die.

    The folks around here who inhabit the local FD are, for the most part, closeted progressives who use said organizations to further their own wants/agenda and tend to view everyone else as being a lessor human and have major control issues. If it is not their idea or project it is not worth pursuing. Using their facilities would not happen.

    The local sheriff, though he pays lips service to being a constitutional sheriff, once posited that his favorite thing to do was kicking down a door serving a 3am no knock warrant. His deputies are not above putting a boot on someones face when they think they can get away with it, which is most of the time.

    Don’t get me started on the local clowns who make up our town and county maintenance crews. Most of them couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel. Anything that would even begin to have the appearance of threatening their total control of local infrastructure and resources is going to be viewed as a threat to be destroyed, not something to be supported.

    The school is a vipers den of affirmative action, men hating, sjw brain dead idiots that couldn’t roll out an original idea if they all colluded for the next five years. They all pretty much when orgasmic when the school finally got its first transgender student. They will only do/believe what they are told by the progressive and/or alt left.

    The churches around here have lost sight of what their real role in the world is supposed to be and are being consumed by ownership issues of vital ministries. Unsaved pastors (of both genders) preaching tolerance of every deviation has led to fractured congregations to the point several churches have simply failed. They can’t even work with other churches in the area let alone someone that doesn’t/wouldn’t fit their idea of the right kind of person.

    Given the extremely low population density combined with the above dynamics and a person just has to go too far to find someone to work with. I just don’t see it getting off the ground around here.

    Myself, hold on let me check my give a shit bag – nope it’s empty, I pretty much focus on me and mine. My family all know none of us are getting out of this alive and my only hope is I’m still here when shit settles out so I can help them develop a sustaining existence within the framework of the situation that exists at that time.

    Enjoy the decline because what’s on the other side is going to fuck your shit up proper and you aren’t prepared to deal with that reality.



      Wes: True that in spades. I thought I was moving to a real “Redoubt” when my tribe and I landed here in 2015. I have found out, much to my sorrow, that your words ring true. I have found in my travels and working at a local high school, that there exists a remnant of like-minded, tuned-in patriots and survivalists. But, they are few in number. The vast majority are either shambling, texting, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, vaping Mall Zombies, or transplanted rich Cosmic White commie-liberals from the Blue Hive of SoCal. Bleib ubrig.

      • D W T,
        Yep we’re pretty much screwed when it comes to local, like minded folks even out here in the most rural of areas. Hopefully some of us will still be standing when the dust settles.

        From what you’ve written time to time we’re not too far distant from each other, being on opposite sides of a major population center in these parts, just across your state line.

        The best to you and yours. By the way, I’ve run Blieb ubrig through a couple of translation tools on the web but never felt comfortable with what they were telling me. Care to translate?


  10. ive considered working with the civil disaster folks here. Just can’t bring myself to re engaging any part of THE system, nothing good comes of it.

    Their is an up side,,that’s learning were all the stuffs at.


  11. I like it, but it very much goes against the narrative of “We’re the government, you should depend on us”, and “The government’s gots to do sumfin!!” thats become prevalent in our society. Naturally the government isn’t going to get on board with it.

  12. When I was 15 and I was in a “Civil Defense” Fire dept, we had two engines a helicopter pad. and a fire house full of firefighting gear. All purchased thru the Govt @ about 10 cents on the dollar or less. During WWII my Aunt &Uncle were “Coast watchers” via CD. I think during the war CD members were required to have a rifle. I still have my Dads “03 Springfield” he was 15 at the end of WWII.

  13. It is called CERT and it is a FEMA program. Providse training on SAR, Firs Aid, Incident Command, Extraction techniques. Also ends with you getting an ID recognized by LEOs. Run by county Emergency Management.

    • This would run parallel to or in lieu of CERT, which is not ubiquitous.

    • If you do all of the Civil Emergency Response Training, and keep a log of what/who/where, it would probably be worth while (time only, meet&greet locals, T-shirts/rain gear) if there is no possibility of being active otherwise. Can’t have enough .gov ID cards, uniforms, or familiarity with the auxiliary rule-sets! So far, there is no obligation or material benefit attached to training.

  14. I have two o3 s, came out of civil guard WWII. Fantastic rifles, would not be ashamed to carry one today if it’s all I had.

    Here in Oregon civil guard was around until the 80s, I also bagged a 15 kW generator built in 74 from a sale a coastal,county had 10 years ago. Came on an origional WWII jeep trailer. Both in fantastic shape.

    The GenSet uses points, and is propane powered. I’ve since purchased NG carb parts out of Canada. Just in case.

    Somehow I’m thinking home defense will be covered in short order, county to county.

    I just don’t see that gig panning out. More internal, then external.


  15. Keep the .gov out of the business of “authorizing”/legitimizing it.
    They can either subsidize it, or just GTFO of the way.

    Then no one is beholden to them, and can simply go do it.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. indyjonesouthere

    CERT , at least locally, pretty much performs all these functions. Medical, security, comms, search and rescue, and several other area and also offer the training needed in all these areas. We can work alongside all local law, fire and emergency medical personnel to help beef up their numbers if overwhelming emergency situations arise. Everything is local including funding needed equipment. Join and try it out for size…many county seats have a CERT unit.

  18. an-non-emouse

    You must remember that FEMAs original purpose was to enable the continuation of the national Govt. in the event of a major (i.e. Nuclear war) disaster affecting the Swamp. Everything else it currently does poorly is just a means to justify its bloated existence.

  19. Why in the hell would anyone even think that .gov is going to do anything but get in the freaking way and slow the good guys down?