Pants-Shitting Hysteria In 3…2…


UPDATE 1125E 17FEB2017: UK Daily Mail: Trump administration DENIES it’s considering mobilizing up to 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal aliens – but White House source says it ‘has been discussed’


ZH: Trump Considers Mobilization Of 100,000 National Guard Troops To “Round Up” Unauthorized Immigrants

Related: NYT – Mexican Consulates Flooded with Fearful Immigrants

Trump Considers Mobilization Of 100,000 National Guard Troops To “Round Up” Unauthorized Immigrants Freaking Criminals And Their Freaking Criminal Employers

NYT – Mexican Consulates Flooded with Fearful Immigrants Criminal Parasites Willing To Do Anything To Stay In The US On The Taxpayers’ Dime Rather Than Go Back To MX To Fix That Shithole


Fixed both for you.

Next: Close all but two Mexican consulates – one in NYC and one in Minneapolis – and send all other consular personnel home as enemy aliens.



78 responses to “Pants-Shitting Hysteria In 3…2…

  1. $10000 per day per illegal employee fine against employer. Self deportation starting in 3-2-1…

  2. Must pick up popcorn today

  3. Thanks that works better than my spellcheck

  4. if this doesn’t raise both your eyebrows there is simply no hope for you.

  5. If true this is wonderful news! Should strike terror into the very hearts of the La Raza bunch! 

    Concurrently, how about another 25-50,000 more to bolster CBP to patrol our Southern border? Armed to the teeth, of course.

    Then Trump can hire all of the unemployed men out of work due to the Kenyan Hussein and that traitor Bush and give them gigs designing, making the components for and building our defensive wall.

    Watch the taco benders make a mad dash for the border. 

    Self-deport, indeed. No “Operation Wetback” needed. Eat your hearts out, ¡Jebbie! and Mittens.

    Would be a beautiful thing to behold. Especially here in Mexifornia. 

    ’bout time to break out the vintage port and cigars.

  6. That NYT story was just “delicioso”!

    Geez, Loueeze, my heart just bleeds! Keep up the great work,  NYT! Priceless!

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! . . . snort . . . BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! . . . stop . . . I can’t . . . BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! . . . breathe . . .

    More, more pluuueeeze!

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    Roger THAT, Blackdog! Hell–there’s a real big poke ‘o money to build the wall with fines like that! Better still–turn loose all these LAWYERS as bounty-hunters on these crims–give ’em 50% of each fine collected! Win-Win

    Force the ACLU and Southern Pov Lawyers to do this as part of their CLE!


  8. The ensuing firefights between the ‘antifa’, ‘la raza’ and ‘aztlan’ groups and the NG oughta be great evening entertainment!

  9. see my above comment.

    yeah. let’s celibrate martial law.

  10. its fake news designed to find the leak

  11. No more free food, healthcare, education, etc would do it as well.

    The mexican govt is shitting their pants over this because they have ben exporting their unemployment problem north for so long they are terrified of it coming back to them. They are also scared of losing the $50B that flows down there from illegals here. If they were to suddenly have their population swell by even 5 million of the illegals here returning home, there would be no jobs and a lot more pissed off people, and the govt is scared they’d get all revolution-y and throw them out of their asses. Thats where the hysteria stems from.

  12. Clever. Flushing out those who are minded to be insubordinate.

  13. Man, even if this turns out to be an intel leak bait, its brilliant.
    Put the fear into those folks who are flooding the Mexican consulates with phone calls.

  14. Bounty hunters….

  15. Yeah, nothing I like better than watching people I despise go at each other with great malice and enthusiasm.

  16. Pobrecito.

    They are already a failed state.

    Treat them as such.

  17. If you don’t target ALL employers with enforcement of existing law, you are not serious.

  18. It’s fake tfat. WH and dhs confirmed it.
    Not that I trust them a lot, but I trust them more than the AP. And anything that has illegals, progressives and you flipping out can’t be all bad.

    The best part of this is that opfor is creating a psyop that’s driving their own side to a frenzy. Aside from folks like you who need to go to Sanka, no one else gives two shits. You fucking city boys will never understand bowhunting.

    Some dusty old book written by ((them)): only the guilty flee. Sorry, is it two or three parens? Fool.

    You’re gettin old, easily steered. Settle the fuck down before you have yourself them strokes, poor little fella. Blinking like a frog in a hailstorm.

    There’s four new angles for you to consider. Talk to your new best friends and neighbors, smoke some jimson and walk the spirit path while you contemplate these.

  19. Jimmy the Saint

    The problem with targeting all employers is going to be with smaller businesses. They simply have less ability to determine if an employee is legal or not, especially in cases where someone has faked documents. The risk of shithammering a small employer who is actually trying to comply with the law would be fairly significant.

  20. 1) If you really want to see people shit themselves go to a DMV or other venue likely to have lots of mojados present and at an opportune moment yell “Migra!!” The ensuing hilarity will be worth the price of admission.
    2) 20% tax on dollars sent to mexico.

  21. If governors were serious, they could use 32USCs109 and mobilize their own State Defense Force outside of the NATIONAL guard and take care of this problem tomorrow. However, state budgets don’t actually have money allocated for a SDF.

    Despite all the talk most in freefor won’t show up for free.

  22. Leak testing…

  23. Tear the whole crony corporate political corruption foreign invader racket down. Destroy it’s core enabling loopholes and money laundering de-facto diktat.

    I just love how CA put it. Nothing better.

    -” To “Round Up” Unauthorized Immigrants Freaking Criminals And Their Freaking Criminal Employers

    NYT – Mexican Consulates Flooded with Fearful Immigrants Criminal Parasites Willing To Do Anything To Stay In The US On The Taxpayers’ Dime Rather Than Go Back To MX To Fix That Shithole


    Fixed both for you.

    Next: Close all but two Mexican consulates – one in NYC and one in Minneapolis – and send all other consular personnel home as enemy aliens.”

    You know it!
    They not only have to go back. It all has to go back to before these fucking scum running this organized crime syndicate opened the floodgates of invasion.

  24. All it would take to catch a metric shit ton of workers and employers is to arrest all those being picked up as “day labor” in front of Home Depot or Lowe’s.
    There’s at least 25 in front of an area Home Depot every day.
    If there’s that many near Cleveland Ohio it’s got to be much worse the farther south you go.
    I know in Florida in 2014 when I was there even bigger group of “day laborers” in front of Home Depot there.
    Since as a contractor I can legally pay a day laborer/ temp worker cash for first 600 bucks they earn and not put them on payroll- I don’t need to have them fill out any tax paperwork.
    I don’t use the illegals for extra help because I can find local kids as extra labor when I need it.
    I know a lot of guys have to be using them- I see brick and block
    jobs that have 80-90% Hispanics and there’s no way all are legal.
    All ICE would have to do is drive around to jobsites and they could arrest illegals all day long.

  25. Shinmen Takezo

    Here’s a plan for Mr. Trump to follow….

    Deputize ex-military and police types (like all of us here) as Federal Immigration Officers who would work on a bounty system of $100.00 per head per illegal immigrant rounded up.

    These deputized officers would be fully immunized against prosecution for their actions and would be entitled to carry weapons.

    Can you imagine the $$ a team of two such officers could rack up per day in places such as California, Arizona and Texas?!!


    Not only would this system be effective, it would cause a literal human reverse tidal wave flowing south of the border.

    FYI–around 8 million people turn 18 in Mexico every year… nearly all of them with no hope of higher education, no hope of jobs, no hope of a future. This is why the Mexican government encourages northern immigration/migration… because it is a steam valve which we the suckers in the USA have been picking up for the last 60 years.

    Uncle Sucker has been the welfare provider for Mexico’s surplus, unwanted populations far too long.

  26. I recall reading a novel where a leak was suspected.
    Information was given to each suspected leaker, all similar. but with enough difference so as to determine who was doing the leaking.

  27. It’s a dangerous move. What happens if Libtards go off the reservation? Yes, I know, we’re shaking in our boots :), but that demands a response for the various govs.

    We are very close to open rebellion, insurrection. Which is not a bad thing, I just hope folks are smart enough to let the blame lie on the Left.

  28. It’s 1 of 2 things.

    The WH leaked this to acclimate people to the idea of the plans implications so when it goes down, it won’t be so shocking. Spicer parsed more than a few words responding to the media today which could mean it truly is on the table. As plausible as this may be, I don’t think its likely.

    I think it more likely that operatives on the left created this “leak” to scare the living shit out of the illegals and light a fire under their asses in order to mobilize them to join the riot crowd or be imminently rounded up and deported.

    We’ll see.


  29. pyrrhus has the right idea. I for one could use the income. How much would it cost to round the up and transport them across the border?
    $500.00 ea? Shit a bus and a day at walmart, I’ma buy me a new truck!

  30. The point of the series is to provide an organizational framework that does not require government sanction.

    Very few sitting officials would even listen to such a proposal, let alone implement it — regardless of ant existing legal authority to do so.

    CERT, ARES, and RACES are laughed at (I believe) once their earnest practitioners exit the .gov’s office.

  31. Nobody’s talking about “martial law” except you, bozo.
    The definition of such is freely available about 3000 places; you should read up.

    But way to go full retard from the get-go.

  32. I get it. But everyone who puts on f/t employees has to collect an I-9 from the candidate.

    An audit of those I-9s, assessed as a whole, would do the trick.


    1 mook/9 legit = employer ok

    3 mook/6 legit = tighten up your shit, dude/warning letter

    6 mook/3 legit = call your lawyer, pal – you’re coming with us

  33. Impound all the dollars; release it to anyone who files the paperwork to prove it was lawfully taxed in the first place.

    All seized funds go to pay for the border wall.

    Mexico will pay for the wall.
    Yes. Yes, they will. QED

  34. Guys…this is all fake news to stir up protests that are to take place starting February 16 thru 23 nationwide.

    Just notice the timing of the story….with the “Day without immigrants” protest as the start yesterday.

    This crap is so f’ing in our faces it would be funny….but it’s going to get property destroyed and people hurt/killed….but that is what these agitating assholes want.

    OT…Trump should listen to the whole Flynn tape from NSA/CIA….THEN….call those “evil” Ruskies….and get the tape/s they have of the conversations with Flynn ….. Compare them and see if anything is edited out….AND if Flynn didn’t do anything wrong….bring him back in and military arrest every traitor that released the info and have another 1 hour asskicking press conference .

  35. It’s called the “Canary Test”, and has a long and distinguished legacy of usefulness among intelligence agencies.

  36. cityboy? LOL

    been living in a Nat’l Forest for the last decade and now I’m in the real bush. there’s nothing between me and the North Pole besides extreme wilderness.

    you guys still don’t get it.

    the whole end game is ML

    you’re country and CONstee2shun? – fake news.

    you are all in an electronic holding pen until you are disposed of.

    you’ll see.

  37. I have a counter-proposal:
    5 but <10 illegals: the HR supervisor and any underlings are arrested, prosecuted, and the company fined $10K@ per illegal.
    10 or more illegals: the CEO is arrested, and the company is seized under the RICO statutes. All proceeds from their subsequent sale/liquidation of assets to go to building the border wall.

    On Monday, DHS/ICE starts auditing all companies in their respective areas that have a name starting with "A".
    On Tuesday, they start on companies listed with names starting with "B".
    On Wednesday, you mobilize the CA, TX, and AZ NG units for traffic control on all US highways crossing the Mexican border, to keep the flow from backing up north of 37 degrees N latitude, and open up the northbound side to make the tsunami of traffic all one way southbound until it subsides.

  38. ALCON,

    Want to bet POTUS “leaked” the ARNG call-up to round up the Mexican invaders, in an effort to find the White House mole ?

  39. Not true. E-verify is operational, has been a long time.

  40. federal troops rounding up anyone on CONUS is the very definition of Martial Law. SHEESH

    I told you to go play with your tonka trucks didn’t i?


    You’ll love that shit Tufts.
    It’s a paste from demWebs.
    It’s a three and a half minute vignette of your entire fucking existence up there as Warlord of Hoth Island.

    And… they’re even Canadian! Because you know, that became better here in the past couple of months for some reason.

    Enjoy! And smoke a nice dick between spam pasting useless shit.

  42. “In the last week, the Mexican government has created a 24-hour hotline to help answer any questions for Mexicans in the United States.”

    Posting that number as free lottery tickets or some such would likely overload their system.

    Say – I’ll bet that consulates are not operating under the same privileges as embassies, and thus are subject to state laws. Providing legal advice without licensing is often frowned upon and subjects the provider to sanctions.

  43. That’s for Big Food and such pour encourage les autres.

    Jimmy posited a small, pure heart/empty head company.

    Nuke the biggies (and their $ support of this shytte with the GOP bigs).

  44. you’re all just squirming around in fear.

    it really amuses me.

    like anyhing is gonna work with the murkins besides stabbing each other in the back when the time is right.

    “it’s their way”

  45. this graphic shows for both bush and Obama terms, they were deporting about 50% that were not criminals(and over 80% in 2013 never got in front of a judge); but trump is the bad guy:
    doesn’t matter though, there’s still 500k coming in yearly and less than that going out. until that changes, the continuation to being a latin American basketcase country continues.

  46. because that stopped obama from getting a job – right?

    the cognitive dissonance is mind boggling.

    there is no solution other than a culling of the herd.

    200 million.

  47. CA, I hear you. I would like to see less .gov and .mil involvement in day to day affairs.

    Let’s consider “government sanction” and chain of command.

    Although unorganized militia are supposed to be recognized under laws of war, you have to start off with actually being in a state of war (or *armed* invasion). Another limited but short term circumstance can involve a sheriff’s posse, but I’m not even sure how many states have this is on the books anymore. The sheriff still has to call that one out and he/she still has to deal with liability. It also wasn’t long ago when a SDF company commander did federal time for procuring and storing a machine gun or two for his unit. Club Fed couldn’t show that he had any criminal mischief in mind for the machine guns, but possession alone was enough. His home state couldn’t come to his defense on that. There’s that chain of command thing.

    Anything other than force majeure circumstances and the local spontaneous self-appointed militia/posse run the risk of being treated like a terrorist cell, gang, etc. by those who still hold the contract. That’s just the reality we have at the moment.

  48. Actually E Verify is pretty good and not that $$

  49. Yes, that’s the big secret: there are never enough jobs for the population in the modern industrial state. And this trend is accelerating due to automation. So what do we do? Bring in millions of foreign workers to make it a crisis right now. We are rich enough to deal with it if we send them home. I don’t think they can, but that’s their problem.

  50. White panel van, blue jackets and hats and a megaphone. Jump out @ Home Dopey and repeat the following loudly:

    Hola Pendejos! Estás aquí ilegalmente y te llevamos a Juárez y Sinaloa.

  51. Sounds a lot like the old Fugitive Slave Act…pay ’em $100 for each illegal brought before the magistrate and $50 for each that is legal. The FSA did more to push the North to apoplexy and Civil War than anything else. Talk about brinkmanship!

  52. To me, it sounds like a great psy-op to get the peasants warmed-up to the next step of implementing the final phase of POLICE STATE USA.

    introduce multiple foreign hostiles, let them go on a rampage, wait for the sheep to cry out for help, comfort them with promises of security by placing more state sanctioned armed goons in their midst.

    if obama had done this, you same folks would be going crazy.

    and the people cheered…

  53. Having had some little experience in that sort of thing–I’m all for it! Of course, it may all be disinfomation or psychological warfare, or fooling around inside everyone’s OODA loop–but fair is fair.

    Call it Operation Wetback II and really put people on their ears.

  54. Fortunately, our protector the NSA is tracking every phone call from an anguished cultural enhancer to Mexican consulates/embassies and taking down phone numbers, addresses and names. Right?

  55. You have a serious blindspot. You underestimate everyone and everything not of your ideology in order to justify your psychotic hallucinations of grandeur. A world where the ends justify the means.
    Your a keyboard neo-bolshevik. Everyone not of your frame of mind a Stasi or a slave to the statists. To put it politely it’s a rather narrow perception of the world.
    It’s whats going to get you killed.

    Tell me something, if your position is of such a high and mighty order of critical thinking, far superior to anything possible for us lowly dirt people who don’t have a clue, but in particular all who came before who made all the things possible for you to be alive in America, to grace us freely with your hate and derision, how is it possible in the first place, things like freedom of speech, the primal right to bear arms, and all the myriad forms of self determination, including the individual right of choosing each man how to defend themselves and their liberty?

    Seriously, here’s the chance to impress us with your wit and charm.
    How is it even possible those things existed before you came along if your so superior in the ways of freedom and liberty and all that goes with it to begin with?

    To hear you say it, it’s tAf-t’s way or the entire world is going to come tumbling down. I mean it. How come your so much smarter than the rest of us? How can we all be so blind compared to your gargantuan intellect?

    You know something tAf-t, there is a man similar to you, his name was Barry Soetero, aka Barrack Obama, he said you didn’t build that.

  56. The thing is, they underestimate what makes us dirt people. Just like they all have without fail, underestimated Trump.

  57. today is the 28th Day in the Reign of the alt-Right’s “God Emperor”. During this span approximately 200,000 invasive Mestizos, Blacks, Asians, and Muslims have legally/illegally crossed ‘Murka’s disappeared borders. Meanwhile the White die-off has continued, and actual deportations have been a token pittance. Enjoy your popcorn.


    I am sorry if I repeat myself. A good step in the right direction would be to park an ICE/Border Patrol van in the parking lot of every ER in the Southwest. That is where they congregate every time little Pablo or Juanita has the sniffles. Then, you target the CHURCHES and other NGOS offering aid and sanctuary to these parasites.
    I still remember some 30+ years ago, the “UNITARIANS”(another bunch of left-wing Abolitionist Yankee holdovers) were operating “clinics” just over the border in FUSA so pregnant wetwomen could have their anchor babies and stop the deportation progress. Then there is “Cardinal” Roger Mahoney and the treasonous Archdiocese of Los Angeles. That is a complete novel in itself. None of this will really end until the economy melts down and things really get sporty.


    I don’t see the illegal immigrant situation getting any better with this guy in the cabinet.

    Grey Ghost

  60. SemperFi, 0321

    Trump is genius at playing games, you may be right.
    I think in long run, he will outsmart all of them. Media is in panic overdrive to lie about anything they can, and in end will show themselves as the main source of lying.

  61. Here’s the flip side of that. You now are required to void any and all penalties/legislation related to the EEOC. Because in a smaller company, I sit down with the owner and simply say no more of anyone who isn’t white and speaks English flawlessly, because 10k/day is suicide. Consider what the already stunningly high unemployment for nonwhites now looks like. You can do due diligence with I-9s and you weed out 90%+ of illegals, with the exception of those crafty/well heeled enough by their families here to get good fakes. The vast majority of the problem can be fixed overnight by enforcing existing employment law. I’d be ok with prison IF those passing out fakes/.gov employees complicit in the act of looking the other way for SS/DL/___ get tried for treason and executed.

    The problem with bringing the hammer down is that both sides only ever apply it to the private sector. I’m fine with due diligence, but there has to be a market adjustment then. I fear many of the same people for this will be screaming when produce quadruples. Employers all of a sudden start behaving like universities and require you to foot the bill the application, which now includes state/local backround checks (all of them since they don’t get access to NICS), fingerprints, access to all electronic data of yours, financials (can’t be sending stuff overseas ect.) and home interviews complete with family interviews and lots and lots of surveilance. After all, I’m risking not just my livelihood, but everyone who works for the business now. Better yet, I start pushing illegals to my competitors with very good documents and all that, so I can wield the RICO to run them out of business. Destroying 50,100,5,000 people’s livelihood in a single swoop for the sake of ten illegals whom the vast majority had no knowledge of is not just. What do you tell people at Frito Lay when you rounded up the lawn crew at one factory and RICO’d the entire conglomerate? Yeah we torched $13B+/year in revenue to get ten guys. 50,000 people just lost a job because someone 2,000 miles away hired the wrong guys. It’s economic honor killings.

    Pretty sure I don’t want the HR guy surprising everyone one day and walking out in cuffs saying good luck finding another job. 5k up front is only half a day’s fine and I’m not fronting the money to make sure you’re legal, so I guess it’s up to the potential employee. Hell, I’ll fold up shop, tell everyone to go pound sand and take my chances being a one man crew. There’s maybe a couple thousand people in the entire country worth risking $3.65M or more for. I’m not one of them and nor have I ever hired anyone who is. People rarely think from the employer perspective, because most don’t have to. Laws that one cannot know if they are in compliance with or not used to be the sphere of the statists. Now I fear no one even knows what a just law is anymore and we’re all just out to get some red meat. The whole point of a law is to provide a clear standard between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. ‘All killers die’ sounds great until people stop driving because they don’t know if that applies to roadkill or bugs they hit on the way to work. Now all of a sudden the 9th Circuit says it applies to ozone too and now we’re all fucked (I kid, but you know they would).

    A bounty and fine for noncompliance with I-9’s is just, along with a whole lot of random and yearly inspections. Past that, unless you want to kill most businesses not on the Fortune 500, requiring them to hire experts to inspect every document they receive is more burdensome regulation that pushes people out of the marketplace. Another thought is, this becomes less of a problem if the US wasn’t a welfare state. People should be responsible, but I respectfully submit it needs to go all the way up the food chain. Compliance with the law needs to be clear, understandable and provable. You may not agree and that’s fine, but maybe it helps to see a different perspective.

  62. And exactly as noted, that tale is pure bullshit, except to you.

    It takes a big man to hold on to a turd like that and squeeze it hard after even the mainstream media knows it was bamboozled.

    Walk tall.

  63. Me must compare notes some time.
    Genius flier idea.

    But no, consulates are legally foreign soil.
    You could ask Chris Stevens.

  64. “…Then Trump can hire all of the unemployed men out of work due to the Kenyan Hussein and that traitor Bush and give them gigs designing, making the components for and building our defensive wall…”

    Not to mention any and all who are getting ‘food stamps’/etc will be put at the head of the list of workers.

  65. having a hard time accepting you were screwed again?

    weren’t you the one who said “it’s going to be the “I’m gonna get you sucka party”?

    well, give it till spring.

  66. do you need a dollar to go away?
    no hits on your cheesy site today -again?


    run away! run away! run away!

    you blew your wad 2 years ago.


  67. Absolutely I’ll celebrate martial law if Trump declares it to deport/ death camp all non-whites and liberals.

    This is war, not politics. You don’t win wars by adhering to rules your enemy doesn’t.

  68. Cassandra (of Troy)

    While all the hubbub’s been going on about the travails of the pooooooorrr ‘undocumented immigrants’ flooding the U.S., the effect offloading MASSIVE amounts of un-/anti-productive population’s improved Mexico’s economy. Given that fact, & that re-patriation of said ‘natural Leftocrats’ would quite likely plunge Mexico into a SEVERE economic depression due to the loss of $2 billion+ remittances & the loss of foreign (primarily American) $ from Mexican imports to El Norte & subsequently spark a Patrons/peones civil war, & that Donaldus Magnus Imperator’s a deal maker, it’ll be interesting to see if some kind of ‘arrangement’ will be brokered that allows Mexico’s ruling class (Las Familias y La Madre Iglesia Catolico) & ours to save face while ‘addressing’ the mutual problem of their ‘excess’ (& decidedly socialist inclined) population.

  69. Cassandra (of Troy)

    While all the hubbub’s been going on about the travails of the pooooooorrr ‘undocumented immigrants’ flooding the U.S., the effect offloading MASSIVE amounts of un-/anti-productive population’s improved Mexico’s economy. Given that fact, & that re-patriation of said ‘natural Leftocrats’ would quite likely plunge Mexico into a SEVERE economic depression due to the loss of $2 billion+ remittances & the loss of foreign (primarily American) $ from Mexican imports to El Norte & subsequently spark a Patrons/peones civil war, & that Donaldus Magnus Imperator’s a deal maker, it’ll be interesting to see if some kind of ‘arrangement’ will be brokered that allows Mexico’s ruling class (Las Familias y La Madre Iglesia Catolico) & ours to save face while ‘addressing’ the mutual problem of their ‘excess’ (& decidedly socialist inclined) population.

    The bad part’s that if a successful ‘solution’ is found it’ll then be used on Americans w/ the only difference being which politico-economic side’ll initiate it. TANSTAAFL.

  70. Cassandra (of Troy)

    DWEEZIL THE WEASEL/17Feb17@20:44,

    Re: A good step in the right direction

    You have part of the solution in your 1st pgh, DTW, all that’s needed is the vigorous application of the political proverb regarding heat/light, i.e., do as others have done w/ the homeless & send the immivaders to those places controlled by the ‘caring, compassionate, inclusive, & OH so Mahrahleh Supiriah’ folks in Blue cities who support/advocate for them. Envision their panic at the prospect of multiple chartered bus caravans filled w/ those ‘huddled masses yearning to breathe free’ headed their way & the Feds announcing that the caravans will be accompanied by Fed cops/civil rights attys & that ANY Blue state/locality/person/group of who hinders/obstructs said caravans travel to the ‘sanctuaries’ WILL BE STRENUOUSLY & COMPREHENSIVELY PROSECUTED for whatever civil/criminal violations Jeff Sessions’ DoJ can find/invent w/ a simultaneous immediate cutoff of ALL Fed funding/aid to the bigoted, selfish, & RAYSUSSSS offenders.

    A politico-social nightmare straight outta ol’ Saul’s playbook used RELENTLESSLY against his acolytes/disciples featuring FULL media coverage of the Diversity Trek w/ live stream progress updates on a govt website that also has a tax credit eligible donation feature for individuals/groups/corporations NOT affiliated w/ immivader support orgs. The DT caravan’s destinations would be from states closest to them, e.g., Seattle/Portland/Salem would get Diversity Trekkers from WA/OR/ID/MT/UT/, S.F. Bay Area/L.A. & environs from CA/NV/AZ/TX, Denver = MT/UT/WY/CO/TX/OK, etc., etc. Cry HAVOC! & let the Lefties eat tortillas & falafel as they/theirs FULLY experience the ‘cultural enrichment’ they’ve forced others to ‘enjoy’ for over 2 decades!

  71. Damn…fake news…and I made popcorn, too!

  72. Cassandra (of Troy)


    Re: Celebrating martial law

    Those giggling at the prospect of the U.S. mil doing such remind me of the Left who cheered Harry Reid’s filibuster move & are now in full bewailment since their enemies took power & are using the ‘nuclear option’ AGAINST them, the same can be said about those who DEMAND severe action against the ‘undocumented immigrant’ ‘sanctuary’ areas/supporters w/o considering that the same tactic can/WILL be used on 2A/school choice/anti-homosexual ‘normalization’/etc advocates.

    And as Where Have All The Flowers Gone plays in the background Santayana shakes his head at yet another example of shortsightedness.

  73. I’ve never put my hands on a woman but by god every time I see that bitch flipping the birds I get to thinking I’d like to slap the living shit out of her.

  74. SF 0321,

    How are you ?

    Overall, one can’t trust much of anything in this country anymore. Particularly anything agenda’ed by the media including FAUX News.

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

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