Selco: Going It Alone


Or “Your Plans Went to Pieces And Now You Are Improvising”.

Good luck.

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  1. i find the unskilled, low-knowledge types need lot’s of help.

    no doubt Selco fell in that category.

    Had I counted on help in life, I would still be working and slaving my life away.

    It does get lonely up here though.

    • 2nd. about a year away now from being able to go on my own until my last day if necessary.

      watching people chase the shiny objects, being the daily news, the new car and over 20k of new debt or just giving into anything being sold to you to take money/resources away from you than are more than you need to exist; I feel like an alien from another planet many days now.

    • “It does get lonely up here though.”

      And the problem with that is what exactly?

      Been self employed and 100% responsible for myself and mine since 1986 and will never be otherwise.

      Working for someone else is the equivalent to putting all your financial eggs in 1 basket and letting a complete idiot carry it.

      You’ll get exactly what you deserve.


  2. While I agree with article and many folks saying much better off in a group one should try to ready mentally to be alone,till things go very wrong none of us know what we will be facing and a good chance that situations beyond our control have one ending up alone.I would also say you work with others and build skills you obviously have a better chance of if situation allows working with a group you earlier never knew.

  3. Yeah, I think your chances of survival would go up with at least one or two more individuals to split the work and watch for any people sneaking up on you. If you are injured and alone – all bets are completely off the table.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yep. Sooner or later, everyone has to sleep. Everyone will have work that needs doing. It will be a lot of help to have someone(s) else who can be a lookout while you’re doing either of those things.

    • Notarealperson

      Say you’re in a high threat situation and alone, how long can you keep fully alert with no rest? 36-48 hours before you collapse or simply have a full blown psychotic break where you start gibbering at rocks and trees or simply killing anyone you see.

      Of course in a hostile environment the chances of getting sick or hurt skyrockets. Things that maybe warrant a trip to the local clinic can be fatal in the field without the support of skilled people with the proper drugs and training.

  4. People who are suited for going it alone will do fine, as they always have back to time before writing.

    Most aren’t suited for it.
    The smart will figure that out long before they have need of the information.
    The stupid will be chew toys.

  5. Good luck with that going it alone thing. We’ll find what’s left of you in the spring.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Sayeth the mighty Warlord from his bastion on the island of misfit toys.

    Once upon time, not so long ago even, men had jobs. These jobs were often menial, demeaning, physically and emotionally demanding. Men did these jobs for the betterment of their families, families that at times seemed like yet another job. The men found solace and brotherhood in the sharing of this hardship. It toughened them, physically, spiritually. This didn’t even really need to be explained, boys grew into men following this example and they understood.

    Which part did you fail at, tfat? Missed the boat, didn’t you. You don’t have a family or a job, why would I consider any word out of your mouth. That would be after discarding the majority of your utterances, which tend toward some sort of masturbatory Tourette fit of self aggrandizement. You exhibit more vanity than even the homosexuals I’ve encountered. I have more in common with them, though, because at least they had fucking jobs.

    You may now continue with your sad attempts to plaster over the holes in your existence. Dance, jester and make those bells sing.

    • you’re just jealous.

      but at least you have Festivus to look forward to.

    • “It toughened them…”

      It did nothing of the sort.
      It PUSSified them, made them dependent on others.
      Others that can ruin their life with a single pen stroke, and you know it.
      If you work for a man you are his slave and he owns your pussified ass.

      If you work for yourself you will have 100+ men vying for your skills and paying premium coin for them, and thankful as hell.

      You seem to be trying to defend the slave mindset.
      That comes from being raised by slaves.

  8. People are basically social animals. In a SHTF situation, everything has to go right when you are alone. There will always be situations where something happens, and you are screwed. For example, somebody else alone by chance goes into your hide and discovers you sleeping, and sees your pack and gear. You are dead. Sprain an ankle on your own and you are seriously crippled.

    People banding together for a common interest will almost always do better, if the group is not too big and unwieldy. There is some design margin there. Pick your mates, but pick them carefully. Your survival will depend upon your decisions.

    But if you do go alone, you must be very conservative in your actions and decision making. To keep your design margin up, you will sacrifice a lot of efficiency for safety. I did a lot of traveling and hunting in the arctic alone at subzero temperatures. It is so easy to die out there. I did not mind being alone, but I was always concerned about an injury or falling in a creek at -55F. The environment, be it a wilderness, or a war zone has a million ways to kill you.

  9. Pretty safe bet most 3% groups have been infiltrated and those who are in fact a threat to Red Team will be scooped up like kitty litter on day one.

    Leaderless Rebellion is the way to go. No rats to turn state’s evidence.


    A properly vetted group or tribe is essential. If you want an “art imitates life” example. rent/watch RED DAWN(the first one). There is always the possibility of a traitor you have to worry about.

  11. I expect all this rowing about the lone wolf and the pack will be resolved at the end of SHTF, with nation and govt. restored. The survivors can tell their stories, and we’ll see who did what. Till then, it’s all conjecture.

  12. for those who chose their retreat locations well, life will go on pretty much like always, minus some modern conveniences. the neighbors down the street will farm, others raise their livestock. we’ll go fishing, hunting…
    if your locals are decent folks, shouldn’t be no problems.

    for those unlucky souls who didn’t get out of the cities? yeah, Hell on earth.

    • “shouldn’t be no problems.”

      besides the cops and feds that is…
      they have proven themselves a problem all along. are part of the problem.
      until you acknowledge that, you simply are part of the problem.

      Here are the six reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, February 16, 2017:

      Shreveport, Louisiana: An officer was charged with accessory after the fact in the wake of a fatal shooting at a grocery store.
      Update: Robstown, Texas (First reported 11-08-16): An officer entered a pretrial diversion program for DWI, and will retain job after serving a five-day suspension. He was found unconscious behind the wheel of his truck. Successful completion of the program will purge the charge from his record.
      Update: Baltimore, Maryland (First reported 03-03-16): An officer was acquitted of charges for slapping a student in a viral video. The other officer involved entered an Alford plea and resigned.
      Update: Columbus, Mississippi (First reported 09-08-16): A now-former officer was acquitted of domestic violence charges. She resigned after her arrest.
      Nashville, Tennessee: An officer was fired for social media posts about the fatal shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota. The Chief said the posts were so bad that they discredited the officer.
      Providence, Kentucky: A patrolman resigned after an FBI investigation into alleged racial profiling. The news story is gated so the following link is included for background information.

      Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, February 15, 2017:

      Bristol, Virginia: A detective was arrested for DUI and suspended.
      Update: Baltimore, Maryland (First reported 03-03-16): A school resource officer entered an Alford plea on an assault charge and resigned. He was video recorded slapping a student, and the images went viral.
      U.S. Customs & Border Protection (NYC): An officer was arrested for aiding cocaine smugglers at JFK airport.
      Oviedo, Florida: An officer was indicted on aggravated assault charges for a shooting during a traffic stop.
      Update: Pennsylvania State Police (first reported 02-17-16): A trooper is on trial for assault and official oppression. He was video recorded kicking an activist and subsequently lying in his official statement.
      Update: Memphis, Tennessee (First reported 01-19-16): A now-former officer was sentenced to one year in jail for stalking his ex. He put a tracking device on her car.
      Trenton, New Jersey: An officer was placed on leave after a domestic incident with his wife.
      Grover Beach, California: An officer was arrested for failure to control a dangerous animal after a fatal mauling. He resigned.

      these are the scum that are going to show their true colors.
      Oh. Wait.

  13. Some people were born in the fan.