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Die, MSM, die.

Freedom-loving people the world over laugh while you and your industry go extinct.

And your ilk become the new Katie Courics and Dan Rathers.


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  1. Fuck Chuck.


    • POd American

      I was going to say that this could be answered in two words, but you beat me to it……fvck chuck. No one of consequence listens to these douche bags anyway.

      • European American

        What do you mean, “no one ‘of consequence’ listens to them”? Speak for yourself. You ever seen Kellyanne shred him, and other presstitues, on prime time? Pure bliss.

        • POd American

          “”What do you mean, “no one ‘of consequence’ listens to them”? Speak for yourself. You ever seen Kellyanne shred him, and other presstitues, on prime time? Pure bliss.””

          Just so that you understand the meaning of my comment I’ll provide the generally accepted definition: Please pay attention to #1 and 2. You infer by your comment that you personally mean # 5 and then quote Kellyanne as meaning #1 & 2. Which is it??

          v.i. aka (intransitive verb)
          1. to give attention with the ear; attend closely for the purpose of hearing.
          2. to heed; obey (often fol. by to): Children don’t always listen to their parents.
          3. to wait attentively to perceive a sound or signal (usu. fol. by for): to listen for footsteps.
          v.t. (transitive verb)
          4. Archaic. to give ear to; hear.
          5. listen in,
          a. to listen to a broadcast, as on the radio: Listen in tomorrow for the conclusion.
          b. to listen to a conversation without joining it.

          I’ll further augment my previous comment with a twist on the popular analogy: If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? My point was and still is: If any MSM talking head tries to insist that he be heard at a press conference, and is either 1) told to sit down and color, or 2) is totally ignored, does his question or subsequent comment(s) mean anything?

          If you think that Kellyanne ripping some moronic MSM a new asshole is “pure bliss” your very welcome to your preferred entertainment.

          I for one would just ignore these bought and paid for POS….if they don’t have an audience, they have no relevance. They will be just another rotting corpse on a large nitrogen rich compost pile, which by the way, would be beneficial to the plant life they so closely resemble.

      • actually, cucks like Limbaugh, Hannity, and neo-conz like Michael-Weiner-alias-Savage use MSM’rs like Todd as a template to make themselves look like rock-ribbed Rightists…instead of the cucks/neo-conz they are. And mostly they get away with it. Mostly.

      • Ah, but the vast majority of hive dwellers suck his dick with great enthusiasm every day.

    • I’ll drink to that…🍸🍸🍸

    • Yup.

      Can’t stand that asshole for one second.

      What the hell happened to men that this eunuch can get a salary talking to people?

  2. I’ve pissed off plenty of people who bitch about how msnbc/cnn/fox are screwing us over and would be very okay with fed government doing very bad things to us when I explained that they are putting money in those fucker pockets because dynasty ducks or fake reality tee vee are so Goddamned important to them. One guy seriously said his wife would leave him if she couldn’t watch project runway or some other fake tripe. Hated to say it, but if that’s the case, his marriage is already over… She just hasn’t picked the day to take his kids and all of his shit and half of his income yet.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The majority of people I know are addicted to Faux News, since they are the only network to bring us “fair and balanced news”, every single one of them parrot these exact words, as their excuse for watching T&A news. A little downblouse and upskirt shots on those barstools and you can’t get better news than that.
      How many right here at WRSA keep quoting Faux News as the real deal?
      It’s a fukn hopeless cause to try and wake up this country, they happily live in self imposed brainwashing. Along with all the other shit they’re fed from multiple sources.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        People want information. When Berlin fell to the Soviets in ’45, one of the first things the civilian population wanted were the Red Army’s newsletters (they weren’t big enough to be “papers”). They knew it was largely propaganda, but they still wanted at least some idea of what was going on.

        Want to get people off of Fox? Provide them with a better alternative. It’s a hungry market out there.

      • Yep. Cux news was worse then CNN on Trump all election season.

        Cux news is what non-tech boomers think is conservative option.

      • Oh I don’t know… there is always Naked News (out of Canada somewhere) which is better than a down the blouse shot on FNC.

        But your right, Faux news is just that… fake news. They too did NOT get the election prediction right.

        AS to waking up the country… I leave that to all the SOF tough guys who believe that hearts and minds is a workable strategy for winning a war.

        Grey Ghost

        • Fox is the Rove Republican channel, thanks to Rupert. Once you understand that, their programming makes complete sense.

  3. Want to solve your little problem chucky? BE LEGITIMATE. See how that works. In America you can be anything IF you work for it. Meritocracy in action chucky.

  4. The Shadow Government – 5th Column will not let MSM die. They need the MSM for the resurrected Cold War w/ Russia if they can get it for the agitprop etc. It’s all about distraction & political prestgidigitation perception vs. reality paradigm shift. Social Engineering & Programming for the sheeple still in Plato’s Cave.
    MSM won’t go broke & already bankrolled by International Bankers who print the money. We are getting close to final stages if they can pull it off. NATO encircling Russia, Flynn got canned for his comment about easing up Sanctions w/ Russia & the Shadow Government – 5th Column wants the Cold War w/ Russia. They need massive depopulation soon for they’re plan to work. Trump knows it too & said in his speech yesterday he wants to get a long w/ Russia but the PTB won’t let he & Putin have normal relations. NATO enclosing & encircling Russia, War Drums beating w/ Iran, Syria a devastated war torn country that will need a Captital Infusion to rebuild “New Babylon” w/ Rothschilds – BIS money if he can get Iran bagged for the Greater Expansion of Isreal – PNAC – Oded Yinon plan. This is why US & Saudi’s are in Yemen, US holing Iraq steady, Syria just surviving, Iran is next to go kinetic if they can. Same fecless Foreign policy being resurrected after reshuffling the deck w/ new players. Flynn got sacked becasue of his Russia comment: ‘Flynn discussed lifting the Obama administration’s sanctions on Russia’ and there it is folks that was the Grenade for Flynn. The PTB don;t want that want to show Trump they call the shots. It’s that simple & not the fabricated Pence narrative. Not a chance. Parroting the MSM will die is ridiculous. It’s not going to happen.

  5. #WhiningDouchebag
    Nice hashtag!

  6. Randall Flagg

    Dump cable.

    Dump cable.

    Dump cable.

  7. and yet most every one of you watch tv every day and night.
    and most of you are absolutely surrounded by the same.


  8. Y’all should check Pat’s new section on fake news which reads like a walking obituary for these media ppl who belong in a docket @ NII for Crimes Against Humanity:
    & their target audience is fading due to that present that comes w/old age for everyone w/ZERO replacement droolers to fluff their egos
    “But that one comment, they don’t trust you anymore, is a summation of where we are in America, because I really do think Manhattan-Beltway elites have lost the country,” Hewitt said. “They’ve lost it.”
    I’d laugh about it but too many ppl have suffered & paid the ultimate price for what they’ve done to the US & the world.
    Audi 5K

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Didn’t Woods leave twatter as a protest during one of the recent purges?

    • Hillbillyhoodrat

      I think you’re right. He must’ve went back. I’ve never been on Twitter or faceberg but I’m tempted to join just to follow James Woods and troll liberals like #whining douchebag.

    • yes. Woods is an interesting illustration of how (((Hollywood))) works. Back in the 1980’s he was an A-list actor…and hard Left: always attacking Reagan, promoting the Reds in Central America and so forth. But lookit him now that he’s out of the (((orbit))) and can say exactly what’s on his mind. Now. Does anyone here actually believe that Matt Damon, George Cloony, Madonna, or that other bim who ranted at the “Womens’ March” were Reds before they went to Hollywood and got on the kosher payroll? They’re were not. And all they are now is well-paid shabbatz goyim. Same as Woods used to be.

  11. West paradigm shift. Dirt people rebelled, defy the prison state. More and more leave it for dust. Cant hear you, what you say? Irrelevance did you say? The echo chamber is the audience chuck.

  12. The addiction is real, The choice is simple play/ don’t play. In retrospect their are some rules which are in all our best interest. Frankly I’m amazed at the amount of people willingly going with the flow.

    You want Fuck Chuck out?. Isolate him, target him, and Brand him, as UN trustworthy, start a write I’m campaign, start the rumor mill on face book and the rest of the social media nets.

    Doesn’t matter what’s said, as long as it consistent, ” The Big Lie” let his own people eat him, inside out.

    You guys know this shit. Identify their leadership and address them, make it in their face.


  13. FrozenPatriot

    Shoot your television. It’s long past time. You’ll thank me for it, I promise.

  14. I can proudly say I quit funding the marxist agitprop into my house. I’m peeved at all the satanic shit on Netflix this month though.

  15. i ditched cable tv about 16 years ago. at the time, vomited every time fox news gave it’s spin which was way too lefty for my taste. msm FUS! ditch it or suck on it. your choice. freedom at work here.

  16. Hunger Games movie accurately portrayed the PRESENT urban MSM elites.

    They are a total joke.

  17. REAL NEWS-George”The Animal” Steele, passed away. Saw him in the 70’s eat turnbuckles and wrassle Chief j Strongbow. Great fun High school teacher and wrestling coach.RIP

  18. This link lays a lot of truth out. Especially the parts about the IsRaHell & Saudi connection. Think of IsRa Hell 9-11 & The Greater Expansion of IsRa Hell – Oded Yinon Plan & PNAC.

    DHS Insider Blows PedoGate Wide Open! Arrests Coming—Only A Matter Of Time!

  19. This week’s new roundup:

    1. Mike Flynn, the only non-neocon in Trump’s cabinet, is shitcanned.

    2. Acting NatSec Advisor is a former Clinton era general, CACI defense contractor executive, and Bush Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq appointee, and warmongering neocon.

    3. Trump offers the NatSec Advisor job to a Bush/Obama -era admiral, now retired and CEO for Lockheed Martin – United Arab Emerites. Aforementioned retired admiral declines the job, so the search is on for another warmongering neocon.

    4. Trump’s new Labor Secretary nominee is a pro-Muslim, pro-amnesty Hispanic former Bush appointee.

    5. Trump rumored to be considering using the National Guard to carry out Law Enforcement tasks. Mtnforge, Dan III, and socabill are currently creaming their pants with glee. Apparently they don’t realize that the next Democrat president would use this precedent to deploy the National Guard to disarm gun owners, round up White people or Christians, etc. The short-sightedness is strong with some people.

    6. Construction on the Mexican border wall has…………..still not begun. “But he’s only been in office for a month, give him time hurr hurr hurr.”

    7. The Swamp is being drained…oh wait, there are more Beltway lawyers, defense contractors, crony corporate executives, billionaire robber barons, and NWO globalist bankers in power than ever before.

    So much winning!

    I can’t wait for next week!

    • Yup. But nobody cares what actually happens. The media is being paid to agitate the left and it’s working quite well. The red hatters have largely gone back to sleep. Der Trump card is being played.

      However some of us are watching and waiting. Is CONgress still allowed to trade on insider information? Is the banking industry still raping and pillaging at will? Have we arrested the Pedo scums? How’s that fcking wall coming along?

    • POd American

      Your meme “Let’s give the President power to bypass Congress and do whatever he wants” is partially correct, with respect to the following example: “let’s bypass the third leg of government, the judiciary.”

      President, T. Jefferson (one of the founding fathers and dirty rotten scoundrel in his time and in this context), used his one-time friend and editor, James Callender to publish a book of false trash against John Adams to kill his chance for re-election. This stunt, in turn triggered Adams to invoke the (unconstitutional) Alien and Sedition Act against Callender, who after a short trial, went to prison. BTW, whoever was or is in power loves the thought of the A&S act.

      Jefferson as an overly ambitious politician, was a Republican/Democrat always pushing for a small (weaker) Federal government with respect to States Rights, as opposed to the Federalist Adams. When Jefferson was finally elected (after 50+ votes in the House of Representatives), he had a loaded two branch government (both Congress and the Executive branch were Republican/Demonrats). TJ, who hated John Marshall (a Federalist and founding father), then set out to completely emasculate the Judicial Branch by reducing the quantity of sitting judges on the SCOTUS, limiting the time they were in session, set them out riding circuits, and tried to load the court with favorable Republican/Demonrat judges. Several important SC decisions, orchestrated by John Marshall (an Adams appointee) completely out maneuvered Jefferson and established the Judiciary as an equal branch of the Federal (now Feral) government.
      There has been over-reach by each branch of the federal government since its inception. All politicians want power, they just can’t help being scumbags! Whatever your personal political views are….there is nothing new under this sun.

      I would like to see if either Bill or the Hildabeast are DNA matched to Jefferson and Sally???

    • GreatPlains,

      “….DAN III….currently creaming….pants with glee.”

      Really shitstain ? How’s about quoting remarks I’ve posted that lead you to be so presumptive of me. It’s apparent you don’t know shit about Big Army and the reserve components.

      Odd, never saw your leftist, troll ass M-F the scumbag soetoro-obama for his violations of the USC. But, you’ll write your brazen bullshit about POTUS Trump.

      Now, you could always post for me your:

      1. .gov photo ID
      2. SSN card.
      3. Copy your latest utility bill.

      Then, perhaps you could talk shit to my face.

      Now here is what would make me cream my pants….putting a noose around your neck and seeing you swing from a tall tree.


  20. VooDoo6Actual

    Good info here about IsRaHell & Saudi’s collusion as sponsors of Terrorism from a alleged DHS insider as the usual suspects for those consciously aware. 9-11 & USS Liberty (1967) tells me all I need to know about how it really works. I deem it as credible HUMINT EEI. It’s all about PNAC – Oded Yinon Plan – Greater Expansion of IsRaHell & Iran. Trump & Mattis are along for the ride in the ‘Society of the Spectacle’.

    The Spectacle Of Secrecy
    “Secrecy dominates this world, and foremost as the secret of domination.”

    DHS Insider Blows PedoGate Wide Open! Arrests Coming—Only A Matter Of Time!