Imaginary News


Scott Adams explains.

Does your mental movies correspond to facts?

Do the movies of your associates also correspond?

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  1. No One You Know

    Long ago, a very wise man told me, “Life is a series of triggered hallucinations.”

    If so, then be certain that your hallucinations are the ones that have survival value.

  2. If ANYBODY in the media’s lips are moving, their lying. Last week one of the CNN media personalities mentioned media members being taken out.

    I happen to agree with her. It’s simply a matter of time, before some of these cocksuckers are wacked. as noted the media is a direct indicator of social standing.

    History’s simply repeating itself.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Last week one of the CNN media personalities mentioned media members being taken out. ”

      It’s not like many of them haven’t actively campaigned – even begged – for it.

    • The late Mike Vanderboegh used to talk about that all the time, using Julius Streicher as an example. That was one or Mike’s major failings, he had been a communists for years and never let go of the anti-fascist notions he’s adopted.

      Fact is, the communists are far worse than most fascists, though I’d just as soon slab a fascist as a communist.

      What the antifa are is Marxists through and through. They need to be treated as such, like any good Russian would treat a Bolshevik today.

  3. most insightful post by Dilbert. Or was it Scott Adams?

  4. Watching Trump in Florida live right now. He’s absolutely killing it. The crowd is going nuts,and the media and the left have to be wondering just what the hell happened to them. He’s not just gone around them. He’s walking up and down their backs in golf spikes. He’s living in their heads, rent free. He’s in their conscious and sub conscious, having a taco bowl and a diet coke, right now. Really.

    • Missed that speech. I did see the one a couple of days before at the Whitehouse when with less than 30 days in office it would seem Trump has already opened The First Letter.

      Here’s what I mean by The First Letter:

      Trump should’ve waited at least six months into office before using The First Letter in public and after the other side had continued to blatantly show themselves to be the obstacles they are in getting things done.

      Stating “I inherited a mess” so soon came across as whining and weak.

      Can you imagine a commander saying something like this during formation when you’re only 30 days into a year long deployment? This is still supposed to be the honeymoon phase with the usual sweetnothings pillowtalk like: “We’re a great team… We’re going to accomplish a lot together…. Here’s what we’ve already done…. ”

      At this rate it’ll be someone else’s perfume and lipstick on the collar within the first term.

      • right. Trump’s in so far over his head he doesn’t know which way is up. Sure, he’s “absolutely killing” the beltway MSM…a sitting target which nobody outside the (((Hollywood/beltway))) orbit cares about anymore anyway. But his operative enemies are the Demoncrats, most of the Republiscams, and most of the bureaucracy…i.e., the Deep State. He needs to do a Stalin-like purge on them all. But he can’t. So he’ll end up submitting. All the while keeping the rubes in Flyover Country (and WRS) entertained by this fandango with “the media”.

  5. Not that it changed our rendezvous with destiny, it was an epic bitch-slapping.

    We’ll over due.

    God bless Trump.

  6. Trump needs to go full Diceman:

  7. I have long known the left in this country are psychopaths. This post proves I’m right.

  8. Smiling Steve

    Looking for Scott to expand his commentary to include:

    Greater ease to lose factual perception being enhanced by emotive preconditioning, such as cult like political parties who substitute party doctrine for principles & reason.

    Tendency increase to lose factual perception being enhanced by a group having a low average & low aggregate intellectualism.

    The apparent inverse correlation between lower self-sufficiency individuals being more prone to cognitive dissonance compared to those who provide fully for themselves.

  9. White House (Aesociated Press) –President throws buckets of water on media, media continues in denial as they melt into the floor.

  10. “your associates”… Time to start being very careful
    about who our ‘associates’ are…. trouble ahead.

  11. I wish the Huffington Post stories about President Trump cramming the left into concentration camps had been true.*

    That, unlike the Huffington Post, might have been entertaining.

    * I’m just presuming they ran such stories, maybe they didn’t. Facts don’t seem to matter to them, so I’m sure they’ll be OK with this either way.

  12. Ok, I saw the “Melt Down” and then I saw the Melbourne rally tonight.

    Quite frankly, I loved them both.

    If I were smart, I would leave it there, but, like many, I’m pissed and want to throw it out there.

    Hey MSM… fuck you. Not loud, just a statement of fact. There’s a vine you’re on and no more nutrients will be forthcoming… hence (really, there are so few times we get to use that word…), the popcorn is here and we will consume it as we watch you dehydrate, slowly. This is considered great fun by “Americans.”

    Lefties will flash mob it and it will be effective for a time… until they’re infiltrated… not so much by the fed s, but by red stat e folk.

    Or not. I don’t really know. Just happy that I just saw a US President say he is putting Americans 1st tonight. Haven’t seen such in around 30 years…

    30 years…

  13. The narrative is changing,grudgingly…political correctness went out the window. Thanx to The Donald and the pee pee puffer,Milo. .Feel free to say whatever you want.Milo has guests on Bill Mahers show telling each other to go fuck themselves. Demorats and Progs are in cannibalizing mode.Republicans are still aimlessly flopping about,trying to submarine Trump. What did Flounder say? “Oh boy, Is this great!”
    Huffingtons wet fecal absorption rate,(per the electromagnetic wave) is proportional to the square of its amplitude Observe Trump, the master of pissing off the shitheads. It is like filling diapers.

  14. Spoke in a manner other than one of complete femininity?



    In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is kind. In the land of the eunuchs the one testicled man is Conan the fucking barbarian.

  15. when the Fed decides to yank the carpet out from under the saviors feet, the Trump! supporters will have no choice but to shut up or put up.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If Trump follows Harding’s lead in 1920, he’ll likely get through it fairly easily. If the Fed acts to exacerbate it – which they very well might, it probably won’t go so well for them.

    • Ever the bright ray of Sunshine… 🙂

      I suspect President Trump (and his wife) realize that they came to their present positons by very unlikely circumstances. As if things happened that way for a reason, and that they were given this time and a job to do. I also think they have a pretty good idea of what forces are arrayed against them and what they are up against. That to me would explain the prayers and the references to God and their shows of faith. I certainly would be seeking God’s guidance and protection if I were in their position myself. I for one choose to have faith that they will try their best to do the right things and I myself will join them in asking for God’s blessings upon them and our nation. that’s all it may come down to for each of us anyway. Melania Trump : prays The Our Father

    • I hand it to Trump!, he knows how to play an audience.
      smile, kiss babies, and lie. After all- he is the Trump! card.
      I refuse to be fooled again.

      1790: Mayer Amschel Rothschild states “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

      The right is fawning over him just as the left did over barry.
      The country is FUBAR and it’s corruption is bone deep.
      The rot is systemic, from the lowest moocher to the highest looter. Of course, the common man wants to save it, it’s all they have. One must take into account they also suffer from advanced Stockholm Syndrome, complicated by chronic alcohol, drug, and entertainment addiction.

      The reality is he’s beholden to the (((bankers))) just as the rest of the population is. The deep state has gamed this much longer than most can comprehend. The agenda marches on.

      The Betrayal Of The Nation Is Complete

      Trump Is Not What He Claimed To Be

      The fake United States is but the latest version of the continuation
      of the Ancient Roman Empire that lasted more than five centuries.

      The United States created the District of Columbia, a ten square mile “city” built on the physical SWAMP that it still is today. The layout and design for the city of D.C. was constructed on Illuminati designs ­ the buildings and monuments were taken directly from ancient Rome, right down to the “fasces” that appear on either side of the congressional podium and on the back of the Truman Dime. This is how this government views the people…



      • SemperFi, 0321

        Reading comments and talking with people, nobody willingly wants to address the reality of who runs the world. It’s a thing of conspiracy theories that wasn’t covered in school and therefore must be a lie. And must be ignored, even when blatantly staring you in the face for your entire lifetime, but a lie nevertheless.
        As long as we keep ignoring the elephant in the living room, it will continue to keep helping itself to our wallet, and reinforce our denial.
        Folks here at WRSA just love to dodge the serious questions, always comes down to petty arguing over minutia.
        Unless you folks grow a set and figure out how to overthrow the FedRes and IRS, you will remain tax slaves to your dying day, not that you aren’t already willing volunteers. And that’s only the first step in getting rid of the NWO. But you guys sit here and keep arguing over tricked out black rifles, religion, immigration, sports, and who has the best program on Fox News. Won’t have to worry about the serious shit.

      • Yes asshole, it pains me to see everyone, once again, cooing and ga-ga’ing like little baby girl toddlers. We’ve seen this before, and… Here we are. Imagine where we will be?

        Now is not the time to sit back… and enjoy the ENTERTAINMENT. Now is the time to get… serious… but then, who am I kidding.

  16. Stealth Spaniel

    HuffPo has always been psychotic. It was started by the ultimate star FXXker, Arianna. This woman knows how to marry well-with no looks, no brains, and lousy hair. So, that “online publication” was vacuous from the get go.
    I watched Trump in Florida today. The crowd almost wept when the First Lady started with a prayer. When was the last time THAT happened? Then Trump proceeded to nail his enemies’ asses to the wall. I can only predict that the first State of the Union speech will finish with heads rolling. I love and support Trump because he plays 3D chess while everyone else is arguing over the color of the board.
    And we still need more ammo.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “It was started by the ultimate star FXXker, Arianna.”

      What am I, chopped liver?
      – Katie Holmes

  17. Kings to Kings level 3????

  18. Where’s the video of Trump’s Florida speech?

    I missed it, busy on the tractor.

  19. CA,

    This is blowing up all over the British media today with a scenario worthy of study on this side of the pond (nationalists, guns, a plan for assassination/raid on parliament, outside influences, he said/she said real news/fake news):

    “According to the special prosecutor, the conspirators would infiltrate the rally and as Democratic Front leaders took the stage, they would storm the Parliament to hold a sit in. But at the same time, other plotters dressed in the police uniforms would then open fire on the crowd. The bogus police would wear blue ribbons on their shoulders so they could be told apart.”

    I guess there’s only lone nuts involved when the USA does regime change at home and abroad.

    And in other news, the German government has eliminated rape at home and abroad. Anything to the contrary has been declared fake news:

  20. The MSM exposes the hand they have, and it ain’t a winner. Only someone without leadership, a plan, or legitimacy conducts personal attacks on power, and powers base. A stalling gambit , no more. Every person in this country who is not a cretin, knows what Donald Trump looks like. By the time, or even before the 4th of July, the herds will be so tired of this stuff, that places like Huffpo, WSJ. Wapo, NY Times, are going to have to come up with an actual plan, an operation that will get them the blood they crave. Did anyone notice how Trump is playing these guys like a harp? He does, what to them is outrageous, and having baited them out into the open, he watches and they further exacerbate their own weaknesses. They continue to show their true value, which is almost nil, and demonstrate to everyone their lack of legitimacy. And then he just proceeds to the next move. Trump is on the offense, still, after months, and MSM no longer has the initiative. The classic maneuver “sur les derrieres”. Trump penetrates the MSM, over and over again, maneuvers behind them, keeps them confused and off balance, and always on the defense. When your enemy is always making you play defense, and keeps it that way, you’re on your way to defeat. MSM has probably figured this out. Trouble is, when all you’ve got is scum bag Leftist shit and words to fight with, that no one will take seriously, you’re going de facto to eventual violence. How long will that take? Will there be a tipping point? An event? A reckoning? Since no one knows, just proceed as before, training, preparation, skill sets, growing tribe, innovation, etc. When you see the volume way down, and things unnaturally quiet compared to recent events, you’ll know Krakatoa is about to blow it’s top.