SLL: Buy High, Sell Low?


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  1. Buy high. Sell low. Make it up on volume.The DC paradox.

  2. I think it’s generally accepted that Evolution is exercised at the individual (genetic) level, rather than at the level of species.

    Species-level evolution would form the perfect rationale for Collectivist’ thinking, though.

    If a Gnu saw a lion, he SHOULD be motivated to offer up his meagre body as food, thus preserving the integrity of the group… if he was working on “species-level” evolution. He doesn’t. He legs it. Thus, observation does not generally support that “theory”.

    It’s sometimes argued that bees and other hymenoptera exercise such altruism. I understand that a specific pheremone is secreted, which disposes them to such self-sacrifice. I expect someone will be along with more precise information.

  3. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    What if you could change the way a Gnu thinks?……. Like with vaccine’s… with MANDATED vaccines?. And here’s the proof;

    What if they needed adults of the future to be better worker bees? What if they needed them to have a greater desire for social media, a greater ability to interface with present and future technologies? What if they know the abilities of future technologies and they need to alter your brain to keep pace? Just like they create new software each year for computers, they need you to keep pace with technologies……How to do that?…..Hhmmmm…. Maybe mandated yearly vaccines?……NHhaaaa… they wouldn’t do that, would they?……….

  4. Along the same line, CHS has a great piece on economics with some excellent charts.

    “Everyone sharpens their knives, the better to carve a slice off somebody else’s slice of the pie. A passive-aggressive free-for-all ensues as everyone reacts with aggrieved defensiveness to any attempt to diminish their slice, even as they launch shrill attacks on everyone else’s defense.

    As the pie shrinks, the motivation to join a broad consensus vanishes like mist in Death Valley. Any cooperation is merely a brief tactical move designed to carve a big chunk off another player’s slice. Once that’s accomplished, the alliance quickly splinters as the survivors battle over the meager spoils.

    Any victory is temporary, as a new alliance will arise to decimate the previous winner. Winners in the zero-sum game of divvying up a shrinking pie merely set themselves up as the juicy target for the next ferocious attack by the resentful losers.

    Political survival boils down to masking the cuts behind illusory “victories” and bogus projections of solvency….”

    This is completely unsustainable:

    “Here’s the current federal spending pie: 55% is entitlements and interest.”

    His charts also show 2017 is already the year that both Social Security AND Medicare go negative on cash flow.

  5. So the illegals are saying it’s not fair they were fired after their little “day without illegals” stunt…

  6. great. another guy predicting we are months from starting a mkt crash. the web is littered with these guys, martin Armstrong, marc faber, harry dent, jim Rodgers all predicted crashes and we’re still rolling merrily along.
    do yourself a favor and do not listen to these guys, figure out technical analysis and you’ll know when to exit the market without them instilling fear in you and you can spend all your extra time you spent worrying about doing something you enjoy.

  7. Courage is the ability to think under pressure. Instead of galloping off with the herd, you LEAD the herd, in a direction that will both relieve the danger, and retrieve the situation. Yes, sometimes you DO have to run, but you keep it to a minimum, and in an orderly fashion, so that you live to fight another day. History is replete with examples in war and in peace, where victory is snatched from the jaws of defeat. How long do you think lions and other predators would last in Africa, if all the prey, from elephants to springbok, got it suddenly in to their heads, to turn the tables on their enemies, and instead of running when one of them is attacked, they all went at once against the aggressors? True, it would be an ecological disaster eventually, from over population, but the sheer numbers bear it out. The best leaders know to conduct an orderly and fighting retreat, to live and fight another day. Gen. Washington preserved his army from annihilation, and thereby America, by refusing to give the British a battle, until HE was ready to, on his own terms. If you can keep your head, while all around you are losing theirs……. The financial Krakatoa we’re headed for, will arrive, whenever. Days, weeks, months, years, nobody knows. Even the most dedicated of preppers/survivalists/wise old men are experiencing a kind of exhaustion with the “sky is falling” mantra. You CAN hear someone cry wolf too many times, and go slack. Trouble is, the wolves are still out there. The mature man, the courageous man, digests the latest calls of alarm, smiles, and awaits further developments, all the while enjoying the fruits of his labor. I sleep pretty good, even with the knowledge of what a bastard I am, and how many times I have failed myself, and others. I’d not be any kind of leader unless I knew the key fact. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is an opportunity, and today is what I’ve got to deal with. Courage is the ability to think under pressure. Murphy said it one of the best ways. When two opponents think they are about to lose the contest between them, they are both right. Hardening your heart will strengthen it, and thinking, instead of reacting, will give you long life. Wisdom makes us men.

  8. The problem with such theories is the wish to reduce the calculus of change into simple or single-variable math. In reality, human behavior is multi-determinate. At an individual level, our emotional and cognitive processes (leading to behavioral action) is a complex function of biology, psychology, sociology, and spirituality. Each of those separate dimensions impact any given choice.

    When one then multiplies this to group levels, it becomes lunacy to think we have it all figured out. MOST CERTAINLY there are “herd” or “mob” patterns of behavior. At TIMES they seem highly determinative, at other times less so. But go back to the factors I listed in the first paragraph, and realize that an individual under the influence of some combination of them decides to RUN! HELP, the TIGERS are coming! And thus begins the stampede…maybe. Perhaps it takes two or three of the wildebeests to run from the tigers to begin the mass stampede. Once it is underway, it becomes far more predictable.

    The arrogance (or PRIDE, if you will) of man is his ultimate undoing. “You don’t know what you don’t know” is an expression bandied about here at times, and it gets to the heart of the matter. As a Christian I can strongly agree with C.S. Lewis when he writes that PRIDE is the one sin that only Christians admit, and PRIDE sits at the base of all of our other sin (rebellion from God). We think we know better, that we can set our own rules, that we can predict the future, or what-have-you. Man plans, God laughs.

    The sheer numbers point out the the dollar is a ‘done deal.’ It should have ended with the collapse of Bear-Sterns and Lehman Brothers in 2008. Without the utterly bizarre notion of “too big to fail” the collapse would be a comfortable distance in the rear view mirror. That truly should have been it, and to later come back and then say ‘no, that was just another intermediate point in the overall pattern’ seems to me a lot of retrospective validation, or “financial Monday morning quarterbacking” if you will.

    Finally, I agree with the last commenters above about that address the “fatigue” that comes with constant anticipation of the collapse. It is hard, like standing watch awaiting an attack on the fort by the Indians. So we DO need to try to live our lives, to make sense out of things as best we can, to LOVE our God and our neighbors, and to accept less than perfect knowledge and timing. I AM very tired of watching this process, as I truly have seen the end of the dollar coming for some years, but it keeps stumbling along.

  9. SemperFi, 0321

    What I find interesting about so many money market players is their inability to understand the market is rigged, and has been since it’s inception. You can read all the psychology books you want on trends and gambling, when the Fed wants someone to make big money, they play it under the table and the little guy loses his ass. We’re seeing it happen to countries who won’t play ball with the IMF. The US military moves in for a decade or two of war games. Ask Saddam or Gaddafi how well it worked for them.
    As always, the top 1% will consistently make money hand over fist, and crush anyone who opposes them. Trump’s next on their list.