Baugh: Trump Week In Review, 17 Feb 2017


Fourth week of the Trumpening, from a long perspective.

Interesting times.


5 responses to “Baugh: Trump Week In Review, 17 Feb 2017

  1. day 30 in the Reign of the alt-Right’s God-Emperor. During this timespan c. 200,000 legal/illegal non-White invasives have crossed ‘Murka’s disappeared borders. And the White die-off has continued.

  2. “If he needs to clean house from time to time in order to remove potential internal pressure points, so be it.” ….this is the way of the economic world of reality….but not so many other places. Trump WILL continue to fine tune his team. It’s what he knows works. It ain’t chaos, it’s leadership.

    “What is surprising, however, and very encouraging, is the number of middle range companies who are beginning to fully embrace heritage Americans.” And we should return the favor in multiples!! Any company we identify that embraces ‘heritage Americans’ needs our full support. Shun all others 100% and that includes 100% of product from Hollyweird.

  3. Interesting, is it not, how the Left is so rabidly opposed to the Right, when the Right is in power, but when the Left is in power, we should suddenly all come together for the “greater good”. The Leftists are evil, because they base their legitimacy on lies.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Well Sean, as you have stated many times, there’s also something to be said for fighting on the side of truth.
      All those lies will crumble away, just like their own phony lives and personalities. Everything about them is fake.
      I try to liken it to a cardboard box and an RPG, but that’s just my perspective as an old 3.5″ rocket man!