Breaking The Anti-Immigrant Fever


Your Betters at Señor Slim’s failing blog tell you that you are bad.

Chateau Heartiste begs to differ.


Or submit.

End of option set.

30 responses to “Breaking The Anti-Immigrant Fever

  1. “They have been vilified by the president as criminals, though they are not.” I would like to posit that “journalists” writing propaganda pieces like this are also criminals. They should all read Bracken’s “What I saw at the coup” very carefully and understand that lying to support the buggering of the American people, the “dirt” people will not be without consequences. FOAD commie rat bastards. We the people are watching.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Tom–we and millions of us think alike. These are IN FACT and IN LAW–criminals! Let’s cut the BS, lies, and deceit.

      These “enablers” of the destruction of America have never paid a price–high time they do. It’s a ‘comin. In spades.

      …and the “White” thing? Say what?

      ‘Zackly who’s the ‘effing raciss here? Just wait until the “festivities” kick off in earnest on any calculated and planned race-war, and you’re going to see the “pest and vermin extermination” rise to unprecedented levels. My bets are on these “enablers” being the first to go. It’ll be “environmentally friendly” takin’ out the trash and takin’ care o’ business.


    • Recall these same “journalists” also told us there was no starvation in the Ukraine. That Stalin was a great moral leader and that the war in Vietnam was lost.
      Glorious track record.

    • Ask Walther Funk how his journalism creds turned out for him in Nuremberg. Nah, the press and Hollywood will the first to be screaming when the lynch mobs of ‘diversity’ come rolling down the street changing stupid slogans. They want to ride herd on this bad idea, well they own the results too.

  2. The cost to us taxpayers for these imported parasites:

    And that’s just counting the ones Hussein imported. Just for *one* *fucking* *year*. 99% muzloids. 


    Not included; the illegal alien spics nor the non-productive niggers on welfare, food stamps, nigilts on free breakfasts and lunches and $3 TRILLION for Obamacare spent so far.

    Add all that  money into the pot and who really knows what the actual
    costs are.

    Meanwhile the “conservatives” are busy writing “White Papers”, establishing “Think Tanks” and writing for websites, magazines and books that nobody reads (NRO, PJM, HotAIr, Ace, the neocon warmongering Jews at Commentary, that fat ugly bastard Erikkkson at Red State and so many others, I’m looking at you). Every one of you #nevertrump motherfuckers.

    You are all pieces of shit, which you can eat and die.

    Fuck. You.  All. In. The. Ass. Throughout. Eternity. (preferably by Mohammed). 

  3. Thank heaven, in a hundred years, everybody will be of mixed race and this racism silliness will evaporate. The rulers will need to find some other way to “divide and conquer”. Both sides of this debate are getting tiresome. Boring!

    • When everyone is of “mixed race”, civilization will be a distant memory and cannibalism will be common….that’s the fate of folks like you, the rest of us will have our own enclaves…

    • Bullshit. That “mixed race future” is only demanded of white countries. The East Asian countries aren’t about to do that — and will have an insurmountable advantage over everyone else as a result. Do you really think your hypothetical Mulatto Nation is going to be capable of advancing the state of civilization, or even maintaining what we have now?

    • I disagree. We are at peak multiculturalism, or extremely close. The 2B people in China/India are not marrying Nigerians or people from Seattle. The only serious migration is coming to Europe and the US. Mostly because we don’t suck as bad as Tanzania or Syria. We are the world’s honeypot. As soon as any real economic depression or upheaval hits America and Europe, I expect the vast majority of any and all extra-regional immigration to virtually disappear. In two generations there will be fewer, not more people marrying outside of their own little tribes, simply because nobody will be as mobile. A significant portion of the US has become nomadic and that stops when the economic opportunity does.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      When everyone is mixed race, there will still be some deemed better and some deemed worse. Hierarchies are pretty much eternal – the only thing that changes is the rankings.

      • ^ This. I’ve read that in jails and prisons, light skinned blacks catch hell from their darker “brothers.”

  4. Liberalism – multiculturalism – syncretism all Death calling cards to Sovereignty – Cultures – Nations – Countries – Autonomy etc.

  5. I’ve heard it said that stupidity and evil are alike in their effects. We seem to be hell bent on finding out for sure.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Easy way to tell them apart: stupidity’s cause hasn’t been advanced much by its many martyrs.

  6. General Kelly has just authorized the hiring of 10,000 new ICE officers!

    So, you younger (or perhaps early retired) guys, dust off your résumés and go git ya some illegal aliens.

    And then there’s this on to put a smile on your face:

    Stupid Wetbacks.


  7. The sooner we deport the entire New York Times “editorial board” that authored this crap article, the better.

  8. Their was a time when coming to the US, becoming a citizen cost WeThe People, zero.

    Our socialist leaders made the arrival a 100.000 dollar a year for free, gig.

    Can’t blame the immigrants. Their just following the North Star!


  9. Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves! It will require the Death of islam, and leftists. Deus Vult.

  10. look at this immigrant. who’d kick her out?

  11. Islam is a bacteria held in check by good hygiene and strong recognition of danger it poses to every non-Muslim (and the “wrong kind” of Muslim). It can multiply itself very rapidly given a suitable environment (prison “religious studies”). Just because the people at your local mosque or Halal Market seem like “non-violent Muslims” doesn’t mean that they oppose or will not support younger people doing their obligated Jihad against the greater Infidel society. The very least a distinct population of installed non-hostiles with status in society provides is a place to hide, recruit, re-supply.

    Spanish-speaking-ethnics, especially those “under the radar” in an illegal status of some kind, provide the same physical, economic, cultural cover for co-ethnic/co-culturals who are hostile to the USA/WesternCiv.

    Is anyone doing research on Mexican or Central American ethnics embracing Islam in addition to the native brands of socialism? Don’t underestimate Mexico, just like you shouldn’t underestimate Germany or Japan. The docile small-stature brown people who were assisted/forced into the USA are the rejects of Mexico. Mexican elites are Spanish-speaking tall slightly-tanned ethnic Europeans who are getting taller/lighter and more aggressive with each generation running their extractive “Mestito” State.

    Caption contest entry for the “Exit Door in the Stars & Stripes ” graphic above:
    “Someone hold the door for your non-compatible co-ethnics who couldn’t be bothered to comply with the Law on the way out” or, just let the door swing shut in the face of the woman with a baby, you bastards.


    • Randall Flagg

      “Mexican elites are Spanish-speaking tall slightly-tanned ethnic Europeans who are getting taller/lighter and more aggressive with each generation running their extractive ‘Mestito’ State.”

      Don’t for one second believe that all of the Mexican rejects purposefully sent north are representative of all Mexicans, most especially that of the Mexican elite. Don’t fall for the crap that Mexico is just a dirty Narco state. It is not. Much of Central and South America is a caste system, run by a small number of fair-skinned Spaniard families–some for centuries. They control their people quite well, and would love to extend that influence to the north.

  12. my advice is to wait. Texas will become purple by 2028 of demographics, even if Trump kicks a few million illegals out. When that happens, the left will go hard to flood the country into socialism. Then you will find if enough people will fight to save the country or just give in. my bet, given the history of every great empire before it is the people just give in. you can choose then if you want to fight for a lost cause.
    personally, I’m looking to move back to my country of origin, Germany; where despite having let in millions of muzzies, is still 80% native German and has a much better chance at beating back the third world and maintaining western civilization than the usa does imo.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. That NY Times piece was some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever read….and I’ve written some majestically imbecilic shit.