Concepts For A New Civil Defense Organization: Part II – Engineers


Part II in the series; Part I here.

Civil Defense Organization – Engineers

* By far the largest and most general of the three branches; “engineers” chosen as a generic term for the types of tasks to be handled by this cohort.

* On the scene (Ground Zero) of the incident.

* Has the most contact with the public.

* Members must be physically and mentally fit enough to carry out the tasks assigned to them.

* Because of the close contact in chaotic circumstances, strict integrity and background standards are required of this group. The possession of a CCW permit is the minimum standard as all of these individuals have been vetted by their local sheriff who has used state and FBI databases to ensure that the individuals have no serious prior criminal record.

* Works closely with local authorities, particularly the fire/rescue departments and local Red Cross chapter, prior to the disaster to maximize training, and, therefore, effectiveness.

* Tasks include, but are not limited to:

o Search and rescue – How to do it without aggravating an existing problem or becoming a victim themselves.

o Rudimentary fire fighting – This does not involve entering burning buildings and extinguishing them, but rather protecting exposures so fire doesn’t move from one building to the next.

o Helping set up field sanitation facilities for the displaced.

o Helping set up temporary shelter for the displaced.

o Clearing objects from roads so emergency traffic can pass.

o Hazard evaluation and mitigation.

o Running water rescue flotillas.

o Providing and coordinating ferry service across rivers if bridges are damaged in the event of an earthquake or similar disaster.

o If there are enough resources for equipment and training, building of Bailey Bridges or similar bridges over rivers where earthquakes have destroyed the existing bridges.

o Helping with the transport of the injured and evacuees.

o Helping train neighbors and coworkers with disaster preparedness.

o Helping provide radiation fallout reports in the event of a nuclear war or disaster.

o Helping other entities with resource distribution.

o Helping with the care of the deceased.

24 responses to “Concepts For A New Civil Defense Organization: Part II – Engineers

  1. it all sounds great, BUT.
    this is how dumb murkins are..

    • I don’t comment much – don’t need to. By the time I get around to reading WRSA, everything has already been said. And I’ve never said anything to you, personally.

      But, I have to ask: Why are you even here?

      Near as I can tell, you’re sole purpose for existence here is to shit on everything. I’ve been reading for awhile, and I cannot remember one positive comment from you. About anything. Ever. You seem to be aspiring to be That Guy.

      Personally, I think this is a damn fine idea. Though it is attributed to only “a reader sends”, they are using the brains the good Lord gave him/her and are at least trying. For God’s sake, we just heard that Red Team video from Bracken yesterday – things get Sporty, the vast majority of people are righteously fucked. Precisely why something like this is desperately needed.

      Only thing holding together the power grid is spit, tape and bird droppings and I’m not entirely sure about the first two… A few dickheads with minimal training and equipment can knock things into a cocked hat for a great many people for a very long time.

      I, for one, applaud whomever is fleshing out this idea and I hope it gets traction.

      Just.. try not to be That Guy. Don’t shit on everything. Don’t be part of the problem. Either lend a hand, shut up, or get the fuck out of the way.

      You’re not helping.

      • and I cannot remember one positive comment from you.

        hate to invade your safe space pal, but there is very little positive to comment on.

        the murkins simply are FUBAR.
        until they remove their heads from their collective asses and face reality(like Trump! is just another scam CON man, nothing will change for the better. i bet you still believe 911 was a”terrorist attack” by Usama Bin Laden and america is free. come on, admit it.

        and i truly hope the grid goes down. it puts everyone on an equal footing. let the cards fall where they may. i bet that rattles your little bubble too.

        • and I cannot remember one positive comment from you.

          Well, for starters my comment to you is a positive one – praise for the individual who is thinking up this modern version of the old CDO and urging you to please not be That Guy.

          I also remember praising the series of Medic/Medical-related posts that Flighterdoc posted up about a month back…

          So, if this bit is an effort to make me look like a hypocrite, then it’s a poor one. Either you are lying to get traction with this lame attack, or your memory is faulty. Those are your options.

          It’s not my fault, nor my problem, that you don’t like hearing the hard truth and your ego got dented. If you want to be That Guy, then rock on. Just don’t expect anyone to think what you are saying has any credibility at all.

          If you take a giant shit on everything 1000 comments in a row, who’s going to bother listening to you on the 1,001st comment? Exactly nobody, and I don’t blame them.

          hate to invade your safe space pal, but there is very little positive to comment on.

          There are no safe spaces. And I’m not your ‘pal’. I’m just some fuckin’ guy trying to get you to unfuck yourself and contribute something meaningful instead of being That Guy.

          But, you will do as you wish. Lord, let them live in chains.

          the murkins simply are FUBAR.

          Perhaps. Perhaps not. This Republic might not be long for this world, but letting it go down without me having a say in the matter is not something I am prepared to do. And I’m thinking neither are the guys (and any gals – there have to be some) who read WRSA.

          Which brings me back to my original point – howabout not being part of the problem by taking a giant shit on everything?

          Things are fucked, I get it – but hearing that constantly has a direct negative effect on morale and subsequently motivation. I can take 50 motivated guys and accomplish things a thousand un-motivated shit-taking wet blankets are literally incapable of, even if the motivated guys know things are fucked up.

          until they remove their heads from their collective asses and face reality(like Trump! is just another scam CON man, nothing will change for the better. i bet you still believe 911 was a”terrorist attack” by Usama Bin Laden and america is free. come on, admit it.

          I’m not going to bother with any of this – it has no place in this conversation and you are simply throwing a hook in the water in the hopes I will bite – and then you can use something against me.

          Cue made-up bullshit “You won’t admit anything because you know it’s true” fake argument in 3…2…

          and i truly hope the grid goes down. it puts everyone on an equal footing. let the cards fall where they may. i bet that rattles your little bubble too.

          A bit, yes.

          In fact, I would wonder aloud about the pathology required to hope that the electrical grid in the US went down, visiting long-term suffering on hundreds of millions of people…

          You might want to seek professional help. Pathological behavior like that… you are not only a danger to others, but also a danger to yourself.

      • Randall Flagg

        I wouldn’t think too much of it. A professed adulterer such as himself has nothing much else to live for. Except belittling others. And the apocalypse. Can’t forget that. Which he thinks he’s gonna survive. Which he won’t.

  2. Sounds great,and will accept any real help/goods from govt. with out bullshit strings attached,otherwise,work with the rest of your local folks.As I said before and will say again,the Cajun Army/Navy made up of volunteers got things done in the devastating storm,without the feds or locals help for a time excepting their interference with nonsense like getting a permit to use your boat to help others,fuck that noise!this continuous point about gun permits makes me think these folks will actually be wanting to harm locals,don’t need a permit to defend your friends/family/community.

    • Actually, the ccw point is more a civil affairs/”dealing w big stupid government in advance of badness” point.

      A number of shooting instructors currently use ccw as an imperfect but useful screening process to keep felons (and the consequent legal exposure) out of their schools.

      Same deal here — and smart people will get the distinction between optics and reality. In other words, come The Day, who you are will be measured by what you do then, not your past. Total agreement on “don’t need a .gov permission slip to help your people”.

      • One good (though likely unintended) result of requiring carry permits during the early times of organizing, is that it will weed out those who waste others’ time debating on how many angels can fit on the head of a pin.

      • With more states opting for constitutional carry, there will be less people with a ccw. There’s got to be another ‘minimum standard’ to vet individuals.

        • Common sense and need to know. It’s the only thing I can devise (though that shouldn’t prevent further thought 🙂 ).

          Joe Shmo volunteers, gets a gig standing a post observing a dam (piece of local critical infrastructure). He’s on time, in ‘uniform’, works well with others, calls in his reports on time and in format, etc..

          He gets a bigger job next time.


    The premise is valid. It is part of Christian charity. But, at this time period when our nation is polarized and we are on the brink of civil war, i would have to be very circumspect about who, when, and where.
    Case in point is this Oroville Dam thing in CA. If the worst case scenario takes place, why would I want to render aid, in the form of money, time, or whatever to a whole bunch of wetbacks, Cosmic White leftists, and sexual deviates? These ORCS either participate in, finance, or vote for the usurpation of my God-given liberties.
    I know, I know, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Righteous words. The persecution, whether we want to admit it or not, is right at our doorsteps. The Leviathan wants to confiscate more and more of our wealth. Schools value political correctness, hatred of the current administration, and “freedom from religion” more than facts and truth. The FSA, the MSM, and International elite of Banksters and their useful idiots in Congress are getting madder and madder at us dirt people. They are actively plotting to overturn the results of the last presidential election.
    So if Mother Nature or the Jewish Carpenter’s Dad intervenes and CALEXIT is accomplished through water or the San Andreas, then so be it. I’ll tune in and watch and chalk it up to a Divine Chastisement, if you will, similar to Katrina in 2005.Yes, I am aware the tables could turn here in Rawles Land and a hiccup at the Yellowstone caldera would impact our way of life. I am prepared for that, as well as other unpleasant things.
    i have no room in my heart for those who wish to destroy me and mine, or my way of life. I have harmed no one. I am a Christian. I am not a doormat for thieves, liars, sexual deviates, or others who wish to sell me or my tribe into slavery. Bleib ubrig.


      Wes: When you tune in to this article, I have the answer for you from your previous question. “Bleib ubrig” is German and was quoted by Cornelius Ryan in his book: THE LAST BATTLE. This book documented the fall of Berlin. The expression was used by the Germans when they knew what was about to happen. Literally, it means stay or remain whole/together/collected. An idiomatic translation would be something akin to: “hang in there” or “keep it together.”
      I keep using the expression at the end of my posts over the last couple of years because I see no real hope for my country. At best, things will just continue to stumble along and degenerate until I take my dirt nap. At worst, we will end up like the former Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. Reading A FAILURE OF CIVILITY was a very big wake-up call. I’m still watching, waiting, listening and prepping. Bleib ubrig.

  4. T-fat, I some how get the Impression you thing the citizens of Canada would answer differently. These knuckleheads are USDA corn fed, fucking retards.

    My friend no nation is exempt. But then you already know this.


    • You’d be surprised how savvy most Canadians are.

      I know just about every other literate country understands what has taken place here in Fusa and who did it. The only people who sill haven’t figured it out yet is the murkins. You really should give foreigners more credit.

      As far as this article goes.

      I think people should give more credit to .gov when it comes to securing their grip on power. They have this all gamed out a dozen different ways till Sunday. And they can always use the nuclear option if required. Why does anyone think DHS was created in the first place? To protect us? LOL. Now the new savior is on a Gestapo hiring spree- much like the last savior…. Wonder who the next targeted demographic is?

      If you like your poLICE State. You can keep your poLICE State.

      “Look Around the Poker Table; If You Can’t See the Sucker, You’re It”

      All considered. I would rather take my chances with 35 million domestic Canadians, than 335 million domestic terrorists south of the border.

      The maff, she don’t lie.

  5. A couple of thoughts. This organization will need it’s Admen squared away, with the S1/2/3/4 etc. These should be minimized so as not to interfere with the actual mission like my last couple of Reserve units did.

    Also all of these “Engineers” will at minimum need a Technician License in order to communicate to and from and relay/acknowledge/verify information. Communicators should be designated as well as a couple of back ups. This is outside of the actual Commo Crowd.

    Funds would be a major issue.

  6. There was a time when this would be great, I bet in some places in the good ol U.S. this would still be great. Not sure I could bring myself to help some people in this day and time. Local, local perhaps but jumping on a bus to Berkeley cause half of it fell into the bay from an earth quake…..
    Yeah I’ve got poky men to find first. Search and rescue is a big deal up in the mountains I call home. I could see myself with a couple blood hounds looking for a lost kid. We have a competent militia up here and that serves as the Defense part. It’s just the Civil part that’s not me. Maybe in a small town where you know the barber, the sheriff and the bartender , think Norman Rockwell kind of town.

  7. Isn’t it interesting that these skills sets, are what is being taught by ODA’s in their generic rolls.


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