Derbyshire: The Spooks And The Hacks – Why Do They Hate Russia?


A clear explanation.

May reason prevail.

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  1. Russia is a Christian nation that carries the banner of Saints before them.

    The US has embraced Satan.



    • The world has embraced satan because satan is the god of this world (2 Cor 4:3-4) and he has all the goodies.

      Luke 4:5-6… “And the devil, taking Him up into an high mountain, shewed unto Him ALL the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto Him, ALL this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: FOR THAT IS DELIVERED UNTO ME; AND TO WHOMSOEVER I WILL I GIVE IT.”

      Worldly power comes from satan. All of it.

      Russia is no more “christian” than Israel is “jewish”. Man worships his own religion; it doesn’t matter which one because religion serves mans ego. Religion says man can somehow, by his actions, please God. Bullshit. Individual men and women are either Christian (saved – Christ “paid” the price for sin) or they are not (mans works are “paying” the price for sin). Period. Nations like Russia or the US cannot lay claim to Christ because God is not dealing with nations today; Israel or otherwise. Such thought is utter nonsense and is leading mankind directly into the us vs. them religious conflict satan will use to take total overt (though very short term) political, economic and religious control of the world. The religious world (ALL of it, finally united at last; after all, we ALL worship the same god…!) will LOVE him for the peace and safety he promises (1 Thes 5:3) and the signs and wonders he brings (2 Thes 2:9). Then… boom. TSRHTF…

      Derbyshire writes… “In what way is Russia a threat to U.S. interests?”

      Peaceful coexistence is not profitable enough. It leads away from more centralized control and satan is all about that centralized control.

      If I knew how to post a picture I’d place one of the “all seeing eye” emblazoned in the capstone of the “unfinished” pyramid on the back of our one dollar bill here…

    • Russia’s and Putin’s reversion to Christianity is incomplete (Russia still has (((usury))) and Putin still has his mistress), arguably a half-hearted reversion at best and still having concord with (((Belial))) and (((Baal’s central bank))). 2 Corinthians 6:15 And (((Moloch))) is still thirsting for the blood of children.

      As best I can discern, there is intense (((tribal))) infighting to show who will offer the most hospitality in blood sacrifice to the (((Anti-Christ))).


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Russia’s population is about 20% Orthodox, 15% Muslim. Guess which one is the younger, more fertile population?

  2. I’m share the opinion of the author and President Trump that there is no good reason to go to war with Russia. But I found this article far from “a clear explanation” of why the spooks/deep state want one.

    The author mentioned Estonia’s insecurity vis a vis Russia as a possible irritant but not one syllable about Crimea or Georgia. I find his analysis wanting without the mention or development of those two major geopolitical issues.

    I’m no scholar and defer to his obvious scholarship but does anyone else find this analysis incomplete without including those two issues?

    • There is plenty about Crimea and Georgia in the links.

      I subscribe to the “iron rice bowl” theory. All government consists of parasitism, in the form of a protection racket. It’s not necessarily that these people actually want war with Russia (or whomever else), it’s that their self-interest is served in preparing for war and in pushing things right up to the edge of war – reckless though that may be. They like running things and having a common enemy. One would be created if necessary, just like the terrorism thing. The F-35 and NATO may make no sense, but they sure provide a lot of jobs. Think of it as a jobs program.

      • your – and Derbyshire’s, and so many others’ – blindness to the Jews, their power, and their intentions, will be fatal to us all. The Red Jews hate Russia because it sloughed off Judeo-Bolshevism. The Zionist Jews hate Russia because it will not allow Isramerica to have it’s way with the Middle East. And both the Red and Zionist Jews hate Russia because it alone, of all the remnant White Nations, refuses to submit to open borders globalist mass insourcing of non-Whites, and is cracking back against the White birthrate-killing Kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, and Judeo-feminism. Now, I know why Derb is “totally baffled” by the Zionist Deep State’s drive toward war with Russia: he’s married to an Asiatic, produces non-White mischlinge, and is incapable of including Asiatics – which is what Ashkenazic Jews are – in his otherwise race-realist world-view. What’s the reason for your blindness?

  3. It’s all about arms sales. Just follow the Benjamins, folks. Who pays whom…?

    Remember: WWII started with a FAKE NEWS REPORT from the German/Polish border, under orders from Hitler, and arranged by Himmler, Goering and Goebbels.

    • no, a war between Germany and Poland…is just a war between Germany and Poland. It didn’t become a European War until the Anglo-French backstabbed Germany with their declarations of war. And it didn’t become a World War until Churchill-Roosevelt cornered Japan and forced the Pearl Harbor attack. You ignorance is appalling.

      • Read what I said.
        The war began (NOT DECLARED) with the invasion of Poland but my point, HERE, was the “FAKE NEWS” used to initiate it.
        Must you resort to condescension?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Remember: WWII started with a FAKE NEWS REPORT from the German/Polish border, under orders from Hitler, and arranged by Himmler, Goering and Goebbels.”

      In Europe. In Asia, it started with a faked incident in Manchuria.

  4. Simple. Russians rejected the Babylonian Talmud , the communist manifesto and its active use againt them by the Bolshevics.

    What we are seeing play out is a Jihad waged by the Pharisees and their CONUS assets against western Christanity and against the BRICS, and anyone who would undermine the Washington/Mecca/Tel-Aviv BIS Petro dollar.

    Islam jihad is just a murder weapon and genetic terraforming for control of the Christan and Russians turf so the bigger operation can be rolled out.

    All America has to do to declaw both middle eastern death cults is stop buying OPEC crude, and stop using the Pharisee Petro-Dollar.

    We outnumber them and grow in numbers.
    The thing about us pesky dirt people is via the 300 win mag, and the 338 Lapua, even aliens can be made to submit to the same laws of physics as us and if they are hit with hot copper at 3000FPS they leak critical system fluids and the machine stops moving.

    • Key insight, The Bengal! You have hit the nail on the head.

      Since the inception of Islam, the synagogue of Satan has struggled to use Islam as a golem (Look it up, Dan III and oughtsix!) against Christianity, Christendom, and Christians. (((They))) have been clumsy in their efforts, but (((they))) keep trying.

      “Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter. Woe to you that are wise in your own eyes, and prudent in your own conceits.” Isaias 5:20-21

      Isaias nailed (((them))) and that is why their “Oral Torah” (Talmud & Kabbalah) insults Isaias at Yebamoth 49b. The conceited megalomaniacs insist that God submits to (((them))). Proof texts here:

      • All seeing.all knowing.One stop shopping. Jooooos, It’s right there in “my bible”.Reference material is poorly documented utilizing verbal tradition, resulting in embellishment and prejudice.Mere mortals are stunned and awed at your insight into Jewish history.Not. The power and beauty of the bible is the pursuit of Christ like qualities. It is the journey. Not the destination. Always looking for a bogeyman,is no way to live..

  5. I thought the reason the Globalists wanted war with Russia was obvious. Russian natural resources are the prize. The war in Syria is about undermining the Russian economy by cutting into the gas sales to Europe. The Ukrainian conflict is about stealing the proceeds of Russian gas sales passing through Ukraine to Europe. Replace the government in Russia with pro-Globalists and let the looting begin. As an example, take a look at the war to steal Kosovo from Serbia. Our former Sec. of State, Madeline Albright, and retired Gen. Wesley Clark, both of whom were the principal Globalist scum in charge of the war, now have major energy investments in Kosovo. Surprise. Governments are nothing more than gangs with tanks. It’s mostly about the big guys looting the world. The smaller the government, the smaller the threat.

    • I read somewhere that the reason Iraq, Libya and, possibly, Syria is in chaos was because they wanted to return to the gold standard and dump the US dollar but our glorious leaders wouldn’t allow it.
      Just askin’…

      • correct re Iraq and Libya; Syria is not a major oil producer. The entire US/ZOG domestic economy is a top-down Ponzi scheme running on debt-issuance and then sopping up the debt by (((Federal Reserve))) manufacturing unbacked cyberbux out of thin air. It (so far) has avoided hyperinflationary collapse by holding the oil-producers (oil being the world’s prime trade commodity) on the dollar at gunpoint. Iraq, Libya: mission accomplished. This in turn forces all the oil-importing countries to buy dollars (thus holding up the “price” of the dollar) in order to buy oil.

        Russia, Iran? Mission not yet accomplished: both these major oil-producers are moving away from the dollar. and thus the Zionist drive toward war with both. Syria? Syria was indirectly attacked, using local Sunni terrorists, because Zion-in-Palestine covets south Lebanon and can’t ‘jack it without first breaking the Shi’a Crescent (Tehran+Baghdad+Damascus) in order to cut off Hezbollah from Iranian arms shipments. A secondary motive for the destruction of Syria, as someone pointed out above, is the Saudi-Israeli-US plot to run a nat gas pipeline up through there and on into southern Europe, in order to undercut Russian gas sales.

  6. If we didn’t have any foreign enemies we might start focusing on our domestic enemies. That would be bad.

  7. He didn’t explain anything. He is asking for information.

    The answer is this. Vladimir Putin is a Nationalist. He must be destroyed. Russia is a white Christian Nation State. It must be destroyed. Period.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Have you ever been to Russia? While Western Russia may be pretty white, large parts of the rest of it aren’t – they’re beige, at best. It’s also not overwhelmingly Christian.

  8. There is a reason drunk guys get rolled more often. It’s because they look vulnerable and present an easy target.

    If you’re thinking the FUSA looks and acts like a drunk businessman attending a trade show in Vegas these days, you’re a winner!

  9. Interesting, on my morning coffee and world reviews I was at “Armstrong Economics” and found some very tasty info.

    Pete if you got time you might review what Martin Armstrong’s looking at. I find Martin to be spot on roughly 90% of the time. His cycles of economics, cycles of war, are scary accurate.


  10. America, after WWII, got a big head (see the U.N. and the war to end all wars). It is the spear-head of the NWO. It created the Euro-Union. It created the semi-quasi NAU. Syria? It and its environs are nothing more than creating a Arab/Persian Union under the tutelage of the Sunni/Wahhabists.

    Anyhow, they have been spitting all this in our faces for how many years now? And we don’t believe them. Consent, or conquest.

    And of course the globalists expect all this to benefit them. What it really does, is blow-up in their faces.

    The correct answer is… Nationalist Russia.

    Just a little sneak preview from Dubai (Re: Arab/Persian Union). Mr. tfA-t Sandpaper replied to a comment to him with a link that I was already aware of from a different source and had posted on my own blog:

    Think about what we are doing in the Middle East right now. Now think about our military/NATO posturing with Russia right now on its Eastern and South Eastern borders. It is a distraction buffer. And what did Putin do? He WINKED and went into Syria anyhow. Think of Ukraine. No one cares about the “Ukraine”. It was about Crimea… more specifically Sevastopol Naval Base. The Biden family and cronies just got an added bonus with their gas/oil. Why does US-NATO care about Crimea? Get your maps out and geo-political wargame.


    As a side note, I still remember many patriots siding with the Pussy Riot fiasco versus Putin… because Muh freedom of speech and expression!

    Meh. The NWO will March on. To its own destruction. I certainly hope you are preparing your young ones to survive it.

  11. There’s no money in peace.

  12. Someone should pointedly ask Graham & McCain why they think war is the answer, or what they feel is truly worth going to war over. On camera; no dissembling, no reference to this period of history or that – answer the fucking question (having in a folder at hand their financial disclosure forms).

    Guillotines; because “throughput.”

  13. War? Bankers love War – it creates endless profits for the Federal Reserve, IMF, Bank of International Settlements, Etc.

    The media is controlled by the same Zionist Interests that control the Banks – and the Wars they all bleat for have nothing to do with Freedom (yes vets you are all lackey’s for the bankers) – Its all about controlling wealth via land, minerals and the massive Debt the wars produce.

    And killing off a few of us useless eaters.

    The last war that had anything to do with our “freedom” was the revolutionary war – and the Rothschild Banks even had their Jew noses in that one.

    As good’ol Henry said:

    “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
    ― Henry Kissinger

    The only good war we can get into is killing off all the bankers ,lawyers and most of the media people. That would be a good start.

  14. because Europe is going to fall into the Russian sphere of influence simply because they have easy access to Russian energy…

    can’t have an entire continent using the Ruble instead of the $.

    The $ is what it’s all about. Without that reserve currency status, the murkins wither and die. A true “paper” tiger.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Exactly how long is that going to last, given that Russia is deep into a demographic implosion? The future belongs to those who show up for it. The Russians aren’t going to be there.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      For how long? Russia is in the middle of a demographic implosion. The future belongs to those who show up for it. Russia won’t.

      “Without that reserve currency status, the murkins wither and die. A true “paper” tiger.”

      Yeah, because America is absolutely devoid of resources. We don’t have oil, natural gas, coal, farmland, timber, minerals, etc. There would be an adjustment period, but we could – and would – develop internal resources that have been left idle for a long time.

  15. The vapid twats that make up our national media would gleefully toss their own children into the meat grinder of war, simply for the pleasure of saying “I told you so”. Little do they realize, THEY are real high on the list of legitimate targets should shit go hot.

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