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AR-15 Ammunition And Barrel Twist Rate

Support Federal Legislation To Make South Korean M1s And M1 Carbines Available

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  1. I was under the impression that various gun and ammo bans are done via executive order or promulgated regulation of various agency heads, not by law.

    I would hope “assault weapon” imports and mil-surp ammo are both turned back on. It’s irritating not being able to buy cheap SKS rifles at Big Five Sporting goods, and cheap AK ammo at gun shows.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Thanks to CMP being a private run outfit, and very profit minded, unlike the old DCM, prices aren’t cheap.
      I’m going to guess they’ll milk every penny they can out of these, and if the 1911A1’s make it on the market, same thing. I’d kill to have my old issued US&S 1911A1. They won’t be sold as simple surplus military weapons, but collector grade WW2 curios. I’m sure most of this stuff will sell upwards of $1,000 ea.
      I wish the prices would reflect the same endearment I see from young shooters on the blogs, antiquated surplus shit.

  2. If I could mentally absorb and put into practice what T.R. puts into his video series…..
    Good information all around and a continuing education for many.
    I use his videos and

  3. This is great to know for we lovers of science and the AR-15, philosophically.

    Pragmatically, it’s irrelevant since obviously no level of evil by the left will cause white men to actually do anything about it.

    We’re fucked.

    • Men: I have reached the conclusion that we have let Trump (and our women and children) down. I include myself in this, so don’t accuse me of being a “keyboard warrior” or whatever the term is.

      The left’s behavior the past 8 years, and especially the actions of the (((establishment))) starting Nov. 9, 2016, immediately after Trump won the election, literally warrant a “60 million white man march on D.C.” We should be doing that (or we should have done that) to show our support for Trump. Starting with “Russian hacking” and continuing through the forced ouster of Trump’s chosen national security advisor, and everything else, the MSM is out of control at a ridiculously extreme level.

      I said 60 million. I fully realize that, on average, we on the right have jobs and families – a lot to lose. So let me get more literal. We should at least have a “3 million white man march.” And I mean no exaggeration. We should have been able to actually get 3,000,000 men marching in D.C. in response to the antifa bullshit.

      As it is, any man who acts is a “lone wolf” who goes straight to jail. We have what I believe can be fit into the thing called “prisoner’s dilemma.” Nobody wants to “go first.”

      If any traitorous CIA scum are reading this and tracking my IP address, notice that I include myself in the category of do-nothing wimps. I am not threatening any violence. I am saying that white men won’t even organize sufficiently to peacefully march in the streets. (And unlike communist “protests,” if we did demonstrate, our march would truly be peaceful – except when communist agitators cause the violence, as they did by beating up white women at Trump rallies last year.)

      The masks are, indeed, way off. Some of the “conspiracy theories” are simply obvious truth. Occam’s Razor.

      Did white men do anything close to the hysterical “resistance” during 8 years of Obama and the occupied Supreme Court doing what they did the last 8 (and especially the last 2) years? Of course not. If white men took to the streets, it would be one of what P.A. has called a “type 3 protest” and the deep state would order the military to run us over with tanks.

      Anyway, it appears to me that Mr. Trump has indeed tried to keep his word, bravely, and the decent part of the country – while offering support from places like this blog – has not shown him the courtesy of the same courage. There literally should be a 3 or 10 million white man march on D.C. at this point.

      We voted to drain the swamp and we meant it.


  4. Jesus, Herschel is a complete pussy in his own comments section. Military men wrote very polite, professional comments and he responds by being a total dick to his readers. (See article about .223 effectiveness).

    I’d comment as much there but I don’t do disqus

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  7. Had heard the rumor regarding the M-1 and the 30 carbine. Both fine tools. I’ll be in the market for a few of each. My wife has her own M-4 doesn’t like it.
    She shot an old carbine I have, it’s now her new rifle. She shoots it well, it’s light, 10 30 round mags weigh nothing.

    Short, semi auto reasonably accurate light and a worthy track record.

    I often carry an M-1 while I’m prowling the woods. Fantastic battle rifle.