Baugh: Real-World Civil Affairs Interrogation


If the local government is FUBAR, you have problems.

Here is step-by-step detail on how to deal with those issues.

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  1. @ T-fat: How does this jive with your anti-LEO views? I mean this as a serious question. I respect you as a man who is intelligent and I get where you are coming from.

    My question is this: how do you not see the LEO (in this case, in Paris) as the good guys in this situation? They are the white host nation — simply decent folks who are probably husbands and fathers. We have a mob of 5,000 brown invaders surrounding about 15 LEOs. In my opinion, the LEOs should have been authorized to open fire in self defense, and I mean with real bullets, not rubber bullets.

    You disagree? Except in trashholes like Miami, where the LEO is 60% brown (scary), most police departments (ones that are majority white, with white leadership) will be on the side of freedom if the real civil war happens. Like the article posted the other day — perhaps 60% or 80$ of LEO and military will be on the right side. They will refuse any order to attack their white brothers.

    These LEO in the video are dressed like ninjas because diversity plus proximity equals war and police state. This is the fault of the traitorous politicians who have purposely facilitated a brown invasion, not the police who get paid $60k (or whatever) to do what used to be a reasonably honorable and respectable job.

    These 15 LEO are supposed to sit there with only shields (but not fire) when 5,000 enemy combatants are closing in on them?

    • I might become a LEO just to get in on this action. I promise you that I am one of the good guys and the only skulls I crack will be those belonging to deserving communists.

      What about “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” and infiltration? The simple fact is that as of now, there is still no real SHTF and the only way to access any real power is to get a government job and be one of the good guys from the inside.

    • X, these are unusual times. You want to be a popo, consider this. Sheriffs office, you will be working for an Elected sheriff, who is accountable for his and his posse’s actions.

      City police are political animals The chief works at the pleasureof city hall and the council. Most Chiefs are fucking bag lapping, ball sucking piles of shit.

      If you become a cop, never forget who you represent,,who your real boss is, that being We The People first and foremost. Yea the agency signs your check, but you swore an oath.

      most people even real bad guys are capable of being reasonable. The ability to be fair and state your case verbally regarding arrest/detention is a skills set that will carry you far.

      Lastly, if shits going down- do not hesitate to tune some deserving motherfucker up. Use the force that is nessaccary and no more. Stand them up dust them off, and when practical explain your actions. Why you just drop kicked him or her to the ground. Hint, most people are not trained ground fighters.

      You would be wise to become a very competent ground fighter. It’s not well known, but knife fighting is being taught, and every popo I know is carrying a fighter which is easily accessed if required to life fight.

      Did 25, would not even consider ever going back. It’s not the citizens, it’s the fucking retards running the circus, the enemy is literally inside the wire.

      Just my 2 cents.


      • What he said. If you join up, be aware that your bosses will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat if it will save their skins or get them a promotion.

    • Quote: “In my opinion, the LEOs should have been authorized to open fire in self defense, and I mean with real bullets, not rubber bullets.”

      Well then, the same would apply to ANY peaceable citizen, or handful of citizens in the same situation.


      Would the typical heroic Police Officer say to the mere mortal after he fired upon the crowd, “Its OK, bud. We got yer back. You did the right thing.” Would the Police Officer then write his report in such a way as to make every action, taken by the mere mortal “civilian”, seem reasonable and logical and justified? Because, you know, once the Police Officer writes it down it becomes “the truth” (Look, it’s documented!).

      Or would the principle NOT apply because a Policeman’s life, as everyone knows, is infinitely more valuable than a mere mortal “civilian”?

      Call me skeptical. Call me a cynic. Just don’t call me late for dinner.

  2. Randall Flagg

    That video is Exhibit #1 as to why no woman, especially any over the age of 55, should be allowed on any governing body. Period. Granted, she ain’t the one taking what appears to be contractor-paid junkets to Mexico, but if she is truly that clueless, she needs to go just as much as the corrupt sitting to her right.

  3. Anybody know if MSM is covering this Paris thing with video, or is it just the usual puppies and kittens and Trump is Hitler?

  4. Mr. Baugh is correct that the rot starts at the Local, Local and Local level. To his enormous credit he is showing the way forward to take this nation back from the vile corrupt shits that have sold their souls and the countless souls of those in their AO’s who they allegedly serve. If you’ve ever dug out rot from a wooden structure you know that you have to get it all. Often you start out digging on the surface and end up replacing structural members. Mr. Baugh has pointed the way for all of us. It all feeds upward to the Leviathan. The time to start your local intel map is yesterday.

  5. Isn’t it clear that France and Sweden are in a full blown civil war, more countries to follow. This is clearly by design.

  6. It is impossible to not have conflict of interests. To call a city council FUBAR because his buddy paid for a trip is silly. The old lady in the video was the smart one. We all lied to ourselves (white Christians of the west) for a long time, pretending to build some kind of objective, non biased form of government. Every single local government official will have buddies in the community. Our “objective, blind” government will be put to the test, and we will find it was not the government that made us great, but our people.

    • Randall Flagg

      What on earth are you smoking? Some baseball-cap wearing moron gets an all-expenses paid trip to Meh-he-co wherein it just so happens that said payer of said trip is later awarded a ridiculously fat contract funded by .gov? No conflict-on-interest my ass. Impossible to not have such conflicts? Bullshit.

  7. “They will refuse any order to attack their white brothers.”



    The security industrial complex will never be short of deranged psychopaths. If you have grown up playing violent video games and watching teevee you are already conditioned and predisposed to murder, rape, and assault.
    (((Hollyweird))) produced more than just entertainment…

    The NWO will be realized.

    “Either by consent or by conquest”

    There is no fixing it.
    Pray for a pandemic, SMOD, or an EMP.

    It’s the only way.

    • T, it truly is a game of egos. A ton of alpha dogs, all pissing on each other for a few more dog bones, and a shot at the hen house.

      living the fucking dream, moved on up To the east side.

      After all we are taught from a early age that climbing the vine, is the way.

      Isn’t it interesting that after we climb the vine, we realize it was an X ambush. Soles was sold to achieve it!.

      We were all used, and put away wet. Never again.


  8. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    This is Europa!

    The statement at the end of the video is ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!