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Just that simple.

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10 responses to “Bracken Sends

  1. Lightninbolt

    Our founding fathers seemed to know what may happen in the future to our country and created our Constitution, which the commi lefties love to ignor.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    They had the British and their Tories as a case study.
    The Brits are still fucked, and we have saved their ass
    No more !

  3. Steven Johnson

    Speaking of 2A….just this week alone I’ve found enough quality time on the reloading bench to clean, size, de-swage, case gage and assemble a bit over 600 rounds of 55 grain FMJ….BFYTW.

  4. Right on Matt.
    But even more pertinent, it being the first thing, I don’t need neither the 1st or 2nd for my liberty, but don’t mistake what I’m saying, the fact my primal rights exist regardless of man made laws to say what ever I want, and to defend myself family property and freedom, the 1st and the 2nd aren’t to remind me what the most important things are that are right and what isn’t right, the 1st and 2nd Amendments are a reminder to those stupid enough to try to come take them from me and my fellow dirt people. A reminder some of us are not afraid of using our 2nd Amendment remedies.
    And right now I’m reminding all who think they can of my 1st Amendment freedom to tell them so:
    Because Fuck You Thats Why.

    So you go Matt!
    You speak for all of us who will never bend a knee.
    Appreciate you and everything you do.

  5. When TPTB finally decide to take off the mask We the Peons can still vote @ 3000 fps. Steven (see above) is off to a good start with 600 votes.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Hah! Love that, revjen45!

      600 votes

      I’ve always been partial to rolling my own as well. Best QC goin’

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. I’m available for scorched earth, hair raising, vituperative, curses towards any Leftist or moslem asshole in need 1st Amend. counseling, and of course 2nd Amend. follow up procedure towards same.

  8. “Remember what [Trump and other Republicans] promised and [we must] hold him to it — my personal test is that million .30-06 Garand rifles sitting in some warehouse in South Korea (the ROK makes its own battle rifles now) and the hundred thousand .30 M1 Carbines stored with them. Barack Obama — the same kind of leftist we sent Korea the weapons to fight in the first place — decided to leave them to rot or rust when they would be worth a lot to the American unorganized militia, hunters and collectors (yours truly included). The Carbines could protect a lot of American homes.”

    — L. Neil Smith (19 February 2017)

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