GoV: End Game For Sweden


…It won’t take much longer, historically speaking, until Sweden is no more…


But at least they were nice.

So there’s that.

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-9-11-32-pm(Via Twitter)

18 responses to “GoV: End Game For Sweden

  1. the muzzies possess the one thing that ensures their success.

    no fear of cops.

    remove the cop threat, and everyone here would happily shoot a dozen a day.

    it’s as simple as that.

  2. Waiting in Idaho

    The result of 70+ years of unbridled socialism. This country is hard at work to duplicate Sweden’s Utopia.

  3. Enoch Goeringson

    but seriously.

    Just think about this series of events for a second – this took place in a 48 hour period between Saturday night and Monday night:

    Donald Trump says something is happening in Sweden
    The media attacks him, says nothing is happening
    The Swedish government attacks him, mocking him, saying he is insane to believe anything is happening
    He again repeats that they are having problems with immigrants in Sweden
    The media again denies it, claiming he’s insane, claiming he has pathologized the sexuality of non-whites
    Immigrants throw a huge riot in Sweden, going out in the freezing cold to blow up cars, loot and attack the police

    This is not something which would or could happen by coincidence.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I thought feeling sympathy for and taking the side of your abuser was called something like Stockholm Syndrome, or is that another progressive disorder?

    • After all, nothing *was* happening in Sweden until Trump mentioned it. No blown-up cars, looting, attacks on anyone and NO RAPES EVER!!

      You’re right, it’s not coincidence. It’s the latest chapter in a series of events, including denial and mockery by mahometan-coddling socialist state actors and lapdog media.

      Pick up any book, start reading at chapter 12. You *will* say “WTF” and you *will* think maybe the people you’re reading about know more about what’s going on than they seem on the surface, and you’ll be right. Go back to Chapter 1…in this case, Muharram 1, 1 AH (April 19, 622) and read from there, and all will become clear.

    • Well Enoch if you think that boogeymen are a dime a dozen, you’d be correct. Europe HAS a real problem with muzzies. We are currently acquiring a muzzie problem here in FUSA. We HAVE a huge Hispanic problem here that makes the Euro muzzie problem look small in comparison. Seriously, we have let 40 million illegals into this country. The number of CRIMINAL (talking hard core bangers) is estimated at just under a million esses. Now everyone blabs about Merkel and her million muzzies. We have at least that many who we know are bad apples, not just dreamers haha. I’m assured that TRUMP is working on it. As of this week 11k had been apprehended. That leaves 980,000 to go. Then perhaps we can begin deporting the other 20-30 million who are simply JOB EATERS.

  4. It may be a bit early to write the Swedes off. When the immigrant population gets big enough to challenge the dominant culture, that is when the fireworks start. Happening now.

    Some have made note of “no-go zones”. Those zones can easily be starved out if need be. The real problem for the Swedes are the government and the cops. I’m getting the impression though, that the cops are now fed up with the current situation. The anti-immigrant party is getting pretty popular.

    Here is a movie to keep you entertained in the meantime. Sort of a Swedish or Norwegian “Death Wish”.

  5. Sweden is suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

    Grey Ghost

  6. Don’t fire a “Warning Shot”, Just SHOOT TO KILL. Simple enough for me to understand. A warning shot is supposed to “SCARE” them. Obviously it doesn’t work very well. Take careful aim and make every bullet count.

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    Team Mo looked around and saw THIS:

    ….and let’s just say they couldn’t control their “urges.”

    since they also saw this as the “Home Team Defense”

    …any questions?

  8. just like Germany, theyre still about 80% native; when they day comes to repeal the muzzie horde; I give them a better chance to survive over the 3rd world horde in the usa.

  9. “We will take the United States under labels we have very lovable; we will take it under LIBERIALISM, under PROGRESSIVISM, under DEMOCRACY. But, take it we will.”

    Alexander Trachtenberg National Convention of Communist Parties 1944


    Color Revolution underway

  10. Unfortunely or not, we no longer have the time to worry about Sweden and or Europe. If Le Pen can win in France, perhaps she can show them the way.