The Saker: ‘Trump Dreams’ vs ‘Trump Reality’ – Hopes Still Permitted!



Use the time well.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Because Trump!


    • still waiting for the ObamaCare shutdown….still waiting. “Next year”, he sez…still waiting. Still waiting for the mass arrests and deportations of illegals…still waiting….still. Still waiting for Sessions to shut down the “civil rights” division in the “justice” dept. Still waiting…Flynn got replaced by another cuck warmonger ex-general, a crony of,,,are you waiting? Bill Kristol. Still waiting for Mattis to attack the sodomite networking of the military…still waiting….waiting still……Still waiting for the Wall, the wall, the w a l llllllll….still waiting for withdrawal from the “climate change” deal…still waiting…waiting…wait….still waiting for removal of the sanctions on Russia…still…still…waiting….

      Trump’s (fake) vendetta with the MSM is highly entertaining, though.

  3. To pretend that Trump has in some way been brought to heel by the ‘deep state’ is laughable. I categorize this piece as ‘fake blog’.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    I am a pragmatist, I harbor neither hope or an impending sense
    of doom.
    There is nothing I can do to favor the outcomes of the political
    infighting ongoing in the dismal swamp.
    The dream has indeed died with the public betrayal of Flynn and
    the bloom is off the rose.
    Honor and loyalty are lovely words and are unfortunately a foreign
    concept in politics and we are foolish to think otherwise.
    The Kabuki theater will continue until it reaches a outcome, pre-
    conceived or otherwise.
    We are mere bits of flotsam and jetsam in the big scheme of things
    but like the old ‘ all politics are local ‘ saying , we can only really
    affect the reality directly around us , everything else is beyond our
    control and to let emotions cloud reason is counterproductive.

    • Roger that. Concentrate on one’s field and garden…the growth in personal security will come from there.

  5. This reminds me of when I had to tell my soldiers that there was no chow tonight, (in the field, couldn’t get to us) and that they’d have to wait til morning. Some had a few things to nibble on, but guess which ones had nothing, and squawked the loudest? Yup, our darker brethren. After a short lecture to my dusky compatriots, I produced a quantity of food that was not C-rats, and that satisfied their hunger. I also detailed four of them off to the local gasthaus, to gather up some beer, and make the night a little more bearable. Two of them even THANKED me, and one asked, Sarge, why the fuck you always pullin’ a rabbit out of your hat, no matter what? I told them that being a soldier is like playing poker, only to don’t lose just your money when you run out of luck. You die. And that one of the most important things to know as a Sgt. is that you’re going to get your ass kicked once in while, be prepared for it, deal with it, and drive on as before, after it. If I need to spell it out to anyone, don’t start blowing the horn for retreat, because Trump had a casualty. In spite of a lot of things we don’t know yet about how he’s going to work out, it looks a whole lot to me that once he gets his shit and team together, he could do a lot of good things for our side, as opposed to Hilldog. Gift horse, mouth? We’re not going to get perfection, and maybe not even half what we want. Somebody got a lot of power and a better idea? When you’re under fire, when you’re getting pushed back, you minimize you losses, and get ready to counter-attack. Counter punch. Or, you can do like some old guy I used to know, who laughed at the losers, and said, “When in danger, or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout”.

  6. Read this article and ponder that folks are not questioning the utility of the arms sale nor the intent behind it but rather which team received the largess. Please stop wondering if team plunder wears Red or Blue hats.

  7. Don’t agree with the article. This appears to be Trump not realizing the extent of what he is up against & learning a hard lesson. Intel community stabbing him in the back? He likely never thought something like this would happen & was complacent to a certain extent.
    The same for Flynn, it appears he was complacent and got used to the idea of how he was treated as a general. People had to keep their mouths shut when he was a general, now he’s not and Flynn forgot to keep that in mind.
    In forgetting that he gave the opposition an opening and they used it as hard as they could.
    Did Flynn lie to the trump admin? I doubt he knowingly lied. I suspect he mentioned the sanctions in passing on the phone but not a detailed discussion. He didn’t consider it important enough to mention they were mentioned at all, as he got complacent about how the power struggle in DC gets done. “anything you say or do will be used against you by any means possible, especially if it’s foul play to do so”
    Details matter to the utmost in a fight like that, forgetting details due to complacency is a major screw-up and likely why Flynn got shown the door.
    A set-back for Trump? More so a hard lesson although a lesson best learned now when the price was not too severe.
    Now he knows what kind’ve people he cannot have around and what he needs to do to defeat what he’s up against.
    1. “anything you say or do will be used against you by any means possible, especially if it’s foul play”
    That means any and every electronic means of communication is bugged and whoever is listening in is looking for something to leak and be used against Trump.
    2. Nobody can afford to be complacent about anything by any means.
    3. Heads need to roll at any and every agency involved with anything like this. Get rid of every last obama holdover that can be gotten rid of, fired, position eliminated, replaced, etc.

    • You could not be more wrong and naive. As to 3, obviously he can’t or he would have done it.

      Trump is the furthest thing in the world from naive. He has balls of steel and is doing everything he has the power to do, while we pussies continue to sit on our asses and provide him with no show of strength.

      The deep state’s power defies description. Trump has balls of steel and intelligence unmatched by the rest of his pathetic boomer generation.

      (Boomer alert).

      • You go ahead of us Boomers and show everyone how it’s done.

        I promise to contribute to your prison commissary account or funeral expense fund…

        Trump! would no more back you up than he would me or anyone else who didn’t conform to his vaunted “Law and Order” platform.

        IMO the X,Y,Z’s who don’t have a pot to piss in should go to the front and start taking names.

        Not having it? I didn’t think so.

        Nothing will change besides the situation getting worse as long as cops are allowed to roam free and facilitate the downfall of humanity. They are on the prowl 24/7 searching for their next innocent victim to assault, rape, or murder as they violate every “law” known to society.

        FUCK THE poLICE

        Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, February 17, 2017:

        Update: Helena, Montana (First reported 11-30-16): An officer entered into a deferred prosecution agreement for her domestic violence arrest. She retained her employment.
        Update: South Dakota Highway Patrol (First reported 11-08-16): A now-former trooper pled guilty to stealing $70,000 in drug money over several years. He will be sentenced in March.
        Jacksonville, Florida: Three sheriff’s deputies were suspended and charged with tampering after a fatal officer-involved shooting during an undercover drug buy. The officers allegedly got rid of beer cans and were thus not tested for intoxication at the scene.
        Chicago, Illinois: An officer was fired for shooting 16 times into the wrong vehicle during a 2011 off-duty shooting.
        Portland, Oregon: An officer was fired for making threats with a gun after an off-duty poker game. This was one report listed among several in the periodic disciplinary release from the department.
        Amtrak: An officer was charged with murder for shooting a passenger in the back during a layover at Union Station in Chicago.
        New York, New York: Two officers were indicted for misconduct, filing a false instrument, and perjury for making a bogus gun possession arrest.
        Whitfield County, Georgia: A deputy was arrested for child molestation, false imprisonment, and child cruelty.
        Beaufort County, South Carolina: A deputy was fired after approaching jurors about a civil case they were hearing. The act triggered a mistrial.


  8. What a pussy.

    Trump is playing 88D chess, as usual. Ever see a bird pretend to have a broken wing in order to lead a predator away from her nest? The Trump team pretends weakness to lead the media to something they wouldn’t otherwise cover, and it works every time.

    MSM refused to cover muslims importing weapons, until Conway made a “mistake” in saying people died and calling it the “Bowling Green Massacre.” What a coincidence this happened right as the debate about Muslim immigration was peaking.

    1 month ago the MSM sneered at anyone claiming the existence of a deep state or that the Intel Community was plotting against Trump. Now the MSM itself is trumpeting the fact that the deep state handed a major defeat to Trump, and that other major figures are next.

    When you see the genius behind Trump’s actions, especially what he accomplishes with a simple tweet + intentional misspelling, you’ll be in awe.

    Some of the morons on our side need to stop assuming everything is what it appears on the surface.

    • Oh come on.

      more like the dog who finally catches the car bumper…

      “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”.

      Franklin D. Roosevelt



    • s’truth. (((It)))’s much worse underneath.

    • I will be heartened only if Trump re-hires Flynn and names the (((deep state))) explicitly AND invites 50 million armed white men to D.C. to provide security.

    • You go ahead and be “in awe” of a another man. I’ll continue to prep for what may come regardless of whether the White House occupant where red or blue. I really hope he gets some good things done and I think he CAN do it, but I’m not going to call him a genius yet. Some people say not to write him off because it’s too early. Same goes for giving him the genius label.

      By the way some people worship him, you’d think they’d let him fuck their wives. Sheesh.

  9. Ain’t nothing but a flesh wound!. We took a bitch slap. A steep learning curve.

    Seeker, our side doesn’t quit, we NEVER EVER quit. Suck it up friend, take a deep breath and re engage.

    nothing short of our nation is on the line.

    Your views are a unique prospective, if your down, you have thousands of friends who will reach out to you and help.

    We will not win every battle, what matters is winning the war.

    Hope you find what it is, your looking for.


    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Yo! Dirk–always got me a hand out for Bros like you that play the long game:

      Winning Lottery Numbers: We got the RIFLEMEN, GUTS, and FIREPOWER.

      The “Visiting Team” cannot numbers change; only a matter of time/blood/treasure before we right the ship. Keep piping: “All Hands on Deck!”

  10. Couple of items.
    * Trump has been known to create his own ‘leaks’ to advance an item or to trip up opposition. Some of the leaks I suspect are being driven by the WH as part of a false flag op to discover depth of opposition.
    * Trump will not operate a WH like the Bush’s did, slow and methodical. He wants to get inside of the OODA loop of the opposition and leave them in the dust. Reports of disarray are really discharges for cause against the old guard. (You think they are going to blow unicorns and skittles our the ass as they get the pink slip?)
    * Flynn was a tactical withdrawal. Expect more, much more. You don’t reshape organizations without breaking eggs.
    * Trump admin will silence McCain. Doing so neuters him, boy-toy Graham, puts Cruz on notice and forces McConnell to fall in line.
    * Tillerson is already blowing much of the top floor of State like a leaf blower.

    I would caution patience in some efforts. It took half a century to assemble some of the edifices of malfeasance that exists today. It will take multiple attempts to bring many to heel.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    Taft-Tee your support is duly noted.
    Now we need to kill all the police ?????
    What a maroon!

  12. TRUMP deports Chinese bear from national zoo!

    Pandas worldwide saddened.

  13. “Not only because it showed that Trump is not loyal to those who are loyal to him…”

    Stopped there. Dismissed, it showed no such thing.

    I’ll guess Saker’s Dream—“Maybe Trump will do it.”

  14. HHH Old Vet.

    TRUMP– Who the f@ck else are you willing to Back Up?? I see NO ONE ELSE.
    Therefore, TRUMP Has My support. Some of you Mouth off that Trump is No Good and wants to screw us over, I do NOT see it as He has done all he said he would and then some ALREADY!!!!!
    My Main worry is that some fucker will get a shot on our President, that would set ME into kill mode if they take THE Best President in my lifetime.
    I say Protect our President or just shut the fuck up.

    • no worries.

      you can have Pence in his place.

      which is what he plan has been all along IMO.

      These (((people))) are masters at the game.

      I wouldn’t piss on any of them if they were dying of thirst.

      Trump! is most certainly not one of the people.

      He’s a fricking multi-BILLIONAIRE.

      • It’s no good denigrating every one and everything.

        What is it you hope to achieve with your ceaseless bullying? Oh, I get it… you’re trying to “wake us all the hell up” because? Right. You have the Philosopher’s Stone, the crystalline Truth, which none but you can avail.

        So fucking what? If you’re right, what difference does it make? We’re too stupid, not to mention karmically, terminally fucked, to make use of your prophetic criticism and advice… Oh, wait, you really have no advice except that we bend over and kiss our 200 mil.asses goodbye.

        Braying about, longing for, the destruction not only of the edifice of a once great nation but also the brutal deaths of 200 mil. of its inhabitants… is plainly evil and of no use to anyone but the Enemy of mankind.

        You are a pitiable coward, hiding out on “your” island, hoping that the crocodile eats you last. If you think “we” deserve what “we’re” going to get, you have only delude self aggrandizement for assurance of your own escape.

        Had I the chance, you’d be the first of the 200 mil to go.

      • From the proximate Woodpile Report comes a description resembling our
        resident pathological narcissist, tFart:

        art-remus-ident-04.jpgTheodore Dalrymple, real name Anthony Daniels, is a former prison doctor and psychiatrist. Here’s what he has to say about self-esteem in his essay at Taki’s Magazine:

        Criminals, especially the vicious rather than the merely pathetic ones, have very high self-esteem. They are generally proud of how awful they have been and positively swagger with satisfaction at their own competence in the matter of causing misery to others. They too have “core beliefs” about themselves, all of them highly flattering. They even think they are lovable as well as admirable.


        Couple other mooks around here could use a little self awareness.

    • You are not alone.

  15. Interesting perspective. I don’t think Flynn is much of a loss. I don’t expect Trump to change everything – actually I am amazed at what he has accomplished. The Sweden thing actually worked for him, amazingly, and is getting Swedes opening their eyes. The pedo prosecutions look to be huge and can set the Deep State back quite a bit, with people scrambling and making deals to save their own asses. When that is going on, there is no time to attack.

    What most seem to forget is the economy: “one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.” When that comes down we won’t be spending our time talking about a single apparatchik (Flynn). The entire landscape will have changed.

  16. The linked article is on point. Every word.

  17. =/=

    How long has Trump been president?

    It still could go either way.

    And this crap about “we NEVER EVER quit”? When did the “we” ever start? Unlike, the Deep State/Shadow Government/Globalists who have excelled in the Long March for at least the last 104 years. 4/8 years MAY just be an inconvenience for them… maybe not. We’ll see.

    Bluntly, people are jumping the gun to soon. By the same token, Trump isn’t my savior.


    The man was inaugurated on 01/20/2017. Today is 02/21/2017. WTF, people! Cut The Donald some slack! I did not vote for this guy for personal reasons and I am not even registered any more, ever(long story). But, I really like to see how the F***ing commie-liberal rat bastards and all of their FSA and “people of color” useful idiots are in full, butt-hurt meltdown. I have had to contend with these Orcs since high school, The leftist Oblates of Mary Immaculate shoved the Kennedy Family down my throat until I was ready to puke and then accused me of racism because I was against being bused to Watts.
    This man is not a miracle worker and you cannot expect everything you have wished for come true overnight. I am sure he is now realizing how he has to play the game as POTUS, especially since the Dead Elephant Party and the corrupt remoras such as Bill Kristol have lined up against him. I believe the benchmark in the past is the first one hundred days. At least wait until then before you assume the mantel of the Greek Chorus and start chanting the mantras of disappointment and defeat.
    To quote Lady MacBeth: “…screw your courage to its sticking place.” Continue prepping but be of good cheer. If The Donald buys us another eighteen months before the economy implodes, I will be content and(hopefully) ready. Bleib ubrig.

  19. Blah blah. Try this from a guy on the front row ( Damascus for last five years) – — Trump is just the opening salvo in a decade long struggle against this vile crew.
    Saker should know better after watching Putin zig-zag across the board for 16 years. Let Trump do his thing and get your spring planting hat on, start a project and buy every non-perishable thing you can afford before the great-devaluation.
    PS. Tell everything you know (a-lot of combined knowledge on here) to the young, they’re not all brain – damaged.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Damn good point, boss21

      I’d say a few of here are long-in-tooth and are not only passing on the baton in the race BUT passing on the groads of grok we’ve learned.

      not just info, data, facts–sure–but UNDERSTANDING leading to WISDOM.

      THAT will be my “Last Will & Testament” to the young around me.

  20. Not a bad read. He gets more right than wrong & appreciate his efforts.

    Here’s an interesting link I deem as credible EEI & worth your time of investment for some EEI INTEL on Obama’s ‘OFA’
    Organize For Action subversive group he’s operating out of D.C.
    As I mentioned in the past COINTELPRO works both ways in Machiavellian Warfare.
    INDENTIFY – TARGET – INFILTRATE – EXPLOIT (some women have been doing it for years folks iand there’s nothing new under the Sun) We are in for a continued bumpy & turbulent ride. We will get no quarter from the Marxist subversives. Soros is not going away as much as he needs to.
    Saddle for Battle prepare accordingly.

    Prepare for Domestic Conflict

    ‘Secrecy dominates the world, and foremost the secret of domination’

  21. Trump! supporters are SUCKERS.


    The poLICE are not on your side.

    What do you not understand?


  22. wealthy farmer

    In martial arts there are many legends about ‘drunken masters’.
    A drunken master might feign intoxication, weakness or being wounded for the express purpose of making his opponents cocky, arrogant and thereby off-balance and stupid. A drunken master might be a tiny little old woman or a smelly bum or a seemingly whack-job billionaire.
    I’ve lost count of the number of times Trump has been written off, declared DOA in the last two years. His enemies grinning ear-to-ear as they wind up for the killing blow, and then suddenly, wham-they are lying on the ground with their backs broken. The problem with the globalist elites and the american governing effetes is they have NO street smarts. NONE. Technocrats and bankers that have been diminished by their own systems of control.