Aesop On The Breakup Of FUSA


Punditry, pungently expressed.

To anyone who claims that the current USC/BOR is the apogee of human governance, I ask:

How is that actually working for limited government, fiscally responsible advocates of private property and personal freedom?

Answers should be detailed and feature citations to supporting facts.

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  1. “RESTORATION along the lines of Founder’s intent” IS the banner behind which MOST will be able to rally behind and has the greatest chance of success. God bless America!!!

    • “I am not going to hand hundreds of millions of dollars to these scumbags”

      I am not going to spend my working life benefiting people who are so bold as to tell me that they hate me for being an evil White man, especially hated for being a leader of anyone near me and multiplier of capital goods. I don’t have thousands of pounds of gold to invest, but I do have several tens of thousands of hours left to be effective.

  2. Publius Maul Right

    Constitution was never designed to preserve Christian character of the nation. We’ve been had.


    • actually, it says “for ourselves and our posterity”. But they ignored Franklin’s advice to “not let the Jews in, or they will destroy everything we have created”. If I had to pick a decisive moment, it would be late evening, 24 December, 1913, when Rothschild/Warburg, fronted for by Morgan and Rockefeller, smuggled the charter of the 3rd National Bank – alias the “federal reserve” – through an eager to adjourn Congress.

      • Publius X Maul


      • That was more like the last straw, with the wars and the creeping communism the way it played out. It was etched in stone long before that though; even the civil war was half a century earlier.

      • You also need to blame the congress, and all the voters who elected that congress and then obeyed its laws.

    • You mean the Christian character of agitating for more immigrants to replace whites? The Christian character of bowing to Israel before America?

      Perhaps its for the better that more and more Americans are drifting away from religion.

  3. because if I didn’t have the CONstee2shun, I couldn’t say what I want, own a firearm, or, oh fuck it….

    It’s a fucking piece of paper.

    It guarantees NOTHING.

    IT protects NOTHING.

    • But the words of The Warlord are backed by iron. As long as we can still get those blue pills…

    • Where have I heard those sentiments before…… oh yeah, left wing politicians. That’s right.

    • Says the man who gained everything he has under it, then moved and now sits in a neighboring country, and living under another one.

      Call us when you move to the Third World, or yours becomes Trashcanistan, and let’s talk about your rights and capabilities then.
      Pardon, your hypocrisy is showing.

      • Yeah sure.

        Everything went so smooth and perfect because of this wonderful and honest system…


        If I had followed, obeyed, listened, adhered to, blah, blah, blah.
        I’d still be slaving and being raped to support the BS system that many here are addicted to.

        Fusa never gave me anything I didn’t fight tooth n nail for. And I have to keep fighting everyday or some lowlife(s) would gladly relieve me of my burden. Fuck all of you losers.

        In any event. IT’S OVER.
        If you like your Fusa, you can keep your Fusa.

      • Aesop,

        You are wasting time & bandwidth re: tfA-t.

    • Voted for that cunt Hillary did ya?

    • “It’s a fucking piece of paper.

      It guarantees NOTHING.

      IT protects NOTHING.

      This one time I find myself in agreement with you, which is about as common as chicken lips.

      Facts: The Constitution for the united States doesn’t guarantee a thing and it doesn’t protect anything, either. Rather, if provides guidelines of behavior for officials limited in their conduct of government of the People. The men & women in the other co-equal branches of government are supposed to be the ‘first line’ check against what we’re seeing today.

      The 800 pound gorilla in the room that’s being ignored is that pesky little Founding Principle regarding the sworn duty of the People to hold those men not paying attention to the guidelines and limitations said Constitution severely accountable, as in ‘the force of arms.’ Last time that happened, it was a small town in Georgia in 1946.

      We have no one to blame save ourselves for what is going on today. No. One. When we step up to the mirror, we are looking at a responsible party.

      And as much as you make fun of your fellow Americans, you’re no innocent, either. It doesn’t matter where you live, how much money you have, or the other items that make you better in your own eyes than the rest of us.

      Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m an illiterate bumpkin and need to be among your 100-200 million….

      • If we are going to make a list, let’s start with the people who didn’t shoot Washington off his horse in Western PA back in the 1790s.

        Ditto the folks in Western MA versus the Feds around the same time.

        The Southrons did their best to slay the Lincolnian beast, but they lost.

        The WW 1 vets could have pre-empted Frank the Cripple’s horseshit later in the decade if in response to the Bonus Army stompdown, they had hung a number of Federal officials equal to the marchers and kin killed or wounded by MacArthur’s people.

        Modern era?

        How many Feds died as a result of Vicki Weaver’s unlawful execution?



        In the 228 years since the US became law of the land, how many Federal judges have received ANY material penalty for lawless decisions?

        The parchment “failed” because it was only ever intended to give the appearance of restraining government.

        Post-Founding Americans have some questions to answer, but so too do the advocates of a governmental system that was failing in its government restraint within the first 20 years of its initiation.


        A sad former believer

        • Publius X Maul

          I am glad you share my understanding and anger.

          I am not alone.

        • “…it was only ever intended to give the appearance of restraining government.”

          Uh-oh. Somebody looked at the facts. It wasn’t 20 years though; it was less than 2 until the whiskey tax. I guess that “We the People” at the beginning of the Constitution was something less than accurate.

          T, the part you don’t get is that no matter how righteous your principles and values are, you can’t get someone else to have them. You can only force their actions. And to do that, you have to turn yourself into that which you don’t wish and so shouldn’t be. It’s the biggest secret going, the one holding back the dam—it’s not because of the others that you shouldn’t be a force-initiator; it’s because of yourself.

        • Boss, I’m with you… “a sad former believer”. But take heart things are getting worse in the 4th circuit court of appeals:

          If that shit is affirmed by SCOTUS then I suspect the shooting will start sooner rather than later. The only question then is which side are the cops on when it comes to the gun issue and it ALWAYS comes down to the gun issue with the left.

          Grey Ghost

          • But…but…Heller….greatest 2A decision evah!

            Just watch.

          • Mr. Ghost, you don’t have to question which side the Cops are on. They are on the side of exercising the power government over their neighbors. If the court says they can get away with exerting more control, they will do it.

            If / when things get sporty, Officer Friendly will NOT be on your side, no matter what you do.

        • Correction; shoot Washington off his horse in the ‘1750s.’ 1755 to be exact. On campaign with British General Braddock (killed) to stop the French from building Fort Pitt on the confluence of the Allegheny and Ohio. French and Indian War. Washington was 23. Also known as the Seven Years War in Europe. Technically, the first World War.

      • The 800 pound gorilla in the room that’s being ignored is that pesky little Founding Principle regarding the sworn duty of the People to hold those men not paying attention to the guidelines and limitations said Constitution severely accountable, as in ‘the force of arms.’ Last time that happened, it was a small town in Georgia in 1946.

        Amen, could not have said it better. We have no one but ourselves to blame. And WE are going to have to fix it because the next gen is to busy playing Facefart.

        • “Sworn duty”?

          I never took an oath as one of The People.

          Did I miss something?

        • A duty is deliberately assumed, it can’t be imposed by any other people. Telling people they’re slaves because they’re black no longer works, so they switched to telling them they’re slaves because they were born in North America.

      • Great points. American men have failed in our duty, at least up till this point. The next decade or 2 will be our chance at redemption. If we fail, there won’t be another chance.

  4. The Constitution is just a charter for government. That’s all it’s ever been.

    • K, CA, let’s say you have a child. Did you take an Oath to protect it, or is it you sworn duty by affirmation of claiming the child as your own?

      I never took an Oath as a citizen either….just the military one.

      • I have a duty to protect my child by virtue of my paternity.

        I have a duty to protect my country when either I take an oath to do so or otherwise affirmatively affiliate with that place/people/government. Simply being born here in FUSA does not obligate me to protect that which I did not create or even have input. I sure as hell don’t have an obligation to protect the goatrope gangbang known as Federal/state/local/tribal gubmint, and any obligation created by my oaths as lawyer and prosecutor have been renounced before God as having been based upon fraud in the formation.

        Put another way, in the benevolent despoty of Peterstan, citizenship will be earned upon attaining adulthood. Pre-adults will be wards of their parents, and adult non-citizens will be residents and/or visa-holding visitors.

      • The point is that an oath is not an out-of-context absolute. You swore to protect PEOPLE, to defend those people the best you knew how, the best you could.

        So protect ’em, which is what you do and what you teach. That to which you were swearing is being done. The parchment was just the best way to word it at the time. Turns out you can do that well enough without the parchment. Don’t initiate force and defend with lethal force against anyone who does.

        Most everyone believes that with no rulers, the very toughest of the worst gangs will rule the world. But one thing we’ve learned is that, as expected, there are shitloads more good people than bad people. That’s why it’s such a shame that we have governments–all governments–protecting and rewarding the bad guys, while holding back and punishing the good guys.

        The hard part, though, is that it’s the good guys’ faults. Their lives were their responsibilities all along. Once that’s known, it’s as close to a duty that anyone can get.

      • I don’t participate in the vote of whether Shifty or Lefty should be mob boss, which does nothing to reduce my moral right to prevent them from hurting me. Human tribes can’t be bigger than 200 members due to human brain limitations (Dunbar’s number), so there is no moral case for a polity larger than a tribe, or that anyone sold the future adults into slavery prior to birth. Morally, tribes can always be exited by adults.

  5. Reference Hammurabi, Moses, Plato, Augustine, Calvin, Hobbes (that would be John and Thomas, respectively, not a cartoon child and his stuffed tiger, though the latter may serve at some points), and Locke, along with six millennia of recorded human history in your arguments, you probably aren’t tall enough for this ride.

    ***** I’d add Hegel & Machiavelli to that fray…

    Individualism vs. Collectivism: Our Future, Our Choice

  6. FrozenPatriot

    To anyone who claims that the current USC/BOR is NOT the apogee of human governance, I ask:

    What has proven to work better to preserve more liberty to more people for more time?

    To those who wonder what went wrong: a deal was struck between those who produce and those who took an oath protect the producers against all enemies foreign and domestic infringing upon the deal. We producers produce an abundance and give a portion to the watchers on the wall in exchange for security against foreign invasion and usurpation of delegated constitutional powers. We producers held up our end of the deal — as evidenced by the wealth and living standards most take for granted. Any usurpation of the USC lies at the feet of those who swore an oath to uphold and defend it.

    Nice job.

      • Again, the 800 pound gorilla rears his head. The South was completely correct in the manner in which they left the union. The North, due to hubris, greed, and a healthy case of ‘you WILL do as I say, to the point of death….’ invaded a peaceful country.

        More’s the pity that England didn’t come to the South’s aid.

        • I know, my friend.

          There’s many years of painful schooling ahead.

        • Randall Flagg

          It may have been completely correct in how it left the union, but it was not at all correct in the underlying reasons as to why it left. And for that, not only do we have a bohemoth .gov, but must now kowtow to Slavery, Inc.

          • The Founders were OK with slavery.

            Read the USC/BOR.

            “Regulate the terms and conditions of chattel slavery” is not an enumerated power of either the executive, judicial, or legislative branches.

            They have been lying to you.

            • Randall Flagg

              Whether the founders were ok with slavery is irrelevant; by the time of secession, they were all dead. Prior to secession, the tide against slavery had been turning for quite some time and the northern states were right in no longer allowing it. And let’s not kid ourselves here: stop the romanticizing of the south. Many here complain that our problems of today are because of too few having too much power. But that’s precisely what lead to secession in the first place. What was the total population of slave owners of the antebellum south? 6%? And yet that was one of the defining issues of secession, and which got a lot of poor, non-slave-owning folks killed.

              • And that’s why the objecting states used the constitutional process established by the Founders and amended the Constitution to prohibit chattel slavery, right?

                • Randall Flagg

                  Like the BOR, any such amendment would (and should) have been entirely superfluous. Are you telling me that you need a paper document to tell you that chattel slavery is wrong? It always was and I could care less what the founding fathers thought of it, for or against. In that regard, the south was always, always, always doomed to fail because its entire existence was premised on something so morally reprehensible as chattel slavery.

                  Maybe we’re on the same page here, arguing slightly different points, but the USC, especially in light of the 1st Amend, was doomed from the start for it implicitly denied what was stated some 13 years prior in that “…the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle[d] them….” Instead, it was implicit in the USC (and later the BOR) that such rights derived from man and man alone. (This is all very Protestant in nature, by the way, but I digress….)

                  Turning back to CSA… while they had every right to secede (and properly did so) under the USC, had the Union not intervened and/or the CSA (er, I mean plantation owners) won the war, does anyone have any idea what they would look like today? Here’s a hint: look at Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia.

                  • Chattel slavery was and is wrong.

                    The Founders accepted that wrong as part of the price of Union.

                    The DoI was superseded in fact by the USC, and remains a dead letter but for the equality piece.

                    Are all men created equally?

                    • Are all men created equally?

                      Yes, equal before the law, and before God as sinners all, but freely offered Salvation by Faith.

                      Not in ability, intelligence, morality

                    • Not equal before the law.

                      Claims to the contrary notwithstanding.

                    • “Are all men created equally?”

                      I believe, if my history comes to mind correctly, that Jefferson wanted to word it differently so that it as more clear.

                      Such as: All men are equal before the ‘law’ and will be treated as such, because common sense shows us that in the possession of traits, potential, intellect, and physical abilities, no, all men are not created equally.

                    • I did not know that.

                      Good on him.


                  • Stealth Spaniel

                    If the Northerners were so against slavery, then maybe you can explain to me the difference between a plantation slave and a chain gang member? Because a lot of those “freed slaves” ended up right back in chains, in prisons run by the conquering Northerners. They also worked a lot of agriculture that the conquering Northerners took over from vanquished/dead Southerners with no recompense whatsoever. The North was so obsessed with slavery, that they segregated the blacks into “their” areas as soon as they could. Kudzu? A plant imported by the North to cover up the scars of the Civil War; except it destroyed lots of acreage because it’s a weed. That’s what happen when all those Harvard folks played landed gentry. And who said Yankees could or could not “allow” anything? By whose authority? The South was educated, polite, hard working, and rich-no wonder Lincoln couldn’t wait to destroy it.

                    • Bravo, Dear Lady.

                      Hypocrisy is universal.

                    • Randall Flagg

                      “If the Northerners were so against slavery, then maybe you can explain to me the difference between a plantation slave and a chain gang member?”

                      Don’t know. Let me go watch “Cool Hand Luke” one more time… that took place in Maine, no?

                      “And who said Yankees could or could not “allow” anything?”

                      To the victor goes the spoils. Sorry, I don’t make up the rules.

                      “The South was educated, polite, hard working, and rich….”

                      Wow… talk about wearing rose-colored glasses.

              • You really think the North forbade slavery because of some deep moral certitude? Let’s compare and contrast:

                The South was well suited to large scale agriculture, hence the development of the plantation system.

                The North was ill suited to large scale agriculture, and instead developed along industrial lines. The use of chattel slavery was of no use in such an economy. In chattel slavery, labor and capital are combined. This was unworkable to the “captains of industry” so they used slaves of another sort, the wage slave. These could be cast aside with little thought when the became crippled in their labors. The industrial magnate didn’t have to be bothered with housing and feeding his labor force, not like the Southern plantation master did with his.

                If it was a moral crusade, why did Lincoln not issue the Emancipation Proclamation until the war was half over?

                The North was essentially imposing a mercantilist system on the South: Southern raw goods to the Northern manufacturing base, turned into manufactured goods for the global market. The South threatened this arrangement by selling its cotton on the open market, where European countries could be the high bidder.

                I will agree though that introducing African slaves to North America was a colossal mistake, for many painfully obvious reasons. But the Northern victory in the Civil War was the second deadly blow because it led directly to the birth of the Federal Leviathan that runs roughshod over us to this day.

                • Randall Flagg

                  “You really think the North forbade slavery because of some deep moral certitude?”

                  Never said that. However, by 1860, at least they were on the proper side of the moral coin. How or why they got there is irrelevant.

                  “If it was a moral crusade, why did Lincoln not issue the Emancipation Proclamation until the war was half over?”

                  Never said it was a moral crusade. In fact, never said anything regarding the morality of the north to impose its will on the south. Go read what I wrote; CSA properly seceded under the USC, and had every right to do so. But don’t kid yourself; secession was brought on at the behest of wealthy land and plantation owners, not the common schmuck.

                  “I will agree though that introducing African slaves to North America was a colossal mistake, for many painfully obvious reasons.”

                  Now there’s an understatement. Hence my comments re: Slavery, Inc. –that’s big business today, which the U.S. taxpayer has well paid past forty acres and a mule, and just like the Energizer bunny, it keeps going, and going and going….

              • First off there, jackass, the South had every right under the fucking Constitution/BoR to leave the “union” with their slaves if they wanted too. And in case you can’t figure it out, slavery was legal under the Constitution. And believe it or not, slavery was NOT the only reason the South wanted to secede, sure it was in the “articles” but it was just the straw that broke the camels back. And your fucking yankeedom does not have clean hands when it comes to slavery either. Why was it that Lincoln had to destroy half of the country to “get rid of slavery” but every other country at the time came to some other means (not a war) to get rid of slavery. But get this through your dim brain, all those none slave owners of the Confederate Army died because they believed in the DoI/Constitution/BoR AS FOUNDED not some LINCOLN perversion of it.

                Let’s not kid ourselves here: Let’s STOP romanticizing the Lincoln leviathan for something it is not, a bastion of liberty and freedom.

                Grey Ghost

                • Randall Flagg

                  “First off there, jackass, the South had every right under the fucking Constitution/BoR to leave the “union” with their slaves….”

                  Yup, that’s what I wrote. I suggest you read a bit more slowly. Helps with reading comprehension.

                  “And in case you can’t figure it out, slavery was legal under the Constitution.”

                  Never said it wasn’t. However, it was ALWAYS immoral. Period. The fact that you bible-belt Protestant sumbiches can’t (or won’t) figure that out is beyond me. Indefensible.

                  “But get this through your dim brain, all those none (sic) slave owners of the Confederate Army died because they believed in the DoI/Constitution/BoR….”

                  Yeah, sure they did. All of them were Lee Greenwoods.

                  “Let’s STOP romanticizing the Lincoln.”

                  Sure thing there, cap’n. However, I’ve never put him on a pedestal, so not really sure where you’re coming from.

          • And therin is the issue which is not discussed in polite company between Yankees and Southerners.

      • FrozenPatriot

        With all due respect, I’m not sure what that has to do with contemporary oath-takers ignoring their duty… Someone else in history ignored their oath, so that makes it okay?

    • Publius X Maul

      Need a benevolent king who is elected and shares the same race as the homogeneous white nation and truly loves his people. See Sweden et al before Jew takeover.

      The (((left))) is correct to be quaking in their boots. Trump is not Hitler but his woke supporters wish he was. Also (((they))) know what they did and they know that now #weknow.

      Democracy is tyranny when minority invaders subvert.

  7. It’s usually the lefties who cry, “Well, it didn’t work ‘cos we didn’t try hard enough … double-down on it.”

    It could be that, like forest fires, societal devastation is a necessary condition for future growth.

  8. This question is out of my league. Though I do like the restoration principle mentioned in the article.

  9. T-fat, once again I spit my beverage up. Your a fucking piece of work. Pure genius!


  10. Without the full 2nd Amendment, the USC/BoR is just idealistic graffiti on a parchment barrier.
    The 16th and 17th (and the 19th) amendments should be repealed at a minimum.
    The “current” living document is a dead letter.
    Pinnacle? yes. But we’ve fallen at least halfway down the mountain.
    Nothing repealed or cancelled the part about gold and silver only. But we don’t have it.

    Every bending of the constitution was sold as good, if only the Feds had the power… And a vain people who thought them self too good to be corrupted by power, or to prevent its takeover by the corrupt.

    This is like saying the Gospels are false because 100% don’t immediately convert upon reading them.

    Words can only change minds and hearts. If we want them to and let them.

  11. name (required)

    If we people are willing to take up arms to defend our nation and our rights, the Constitution and BOR are good guidelines for a feed government. If we aren’t willing, the Constitution and BOR are worthless. It’s not the words on the parchment that matter.

    • They matter.

      And what matters even more is 228 years of case law.

      Constitutionalists never seem to grok that they and they alone are looking at what was written way back then.

      • Agree,CA, more than you know…case law that was ignored, violated, and otherwise used for asswipe doesn’t give FREEFOR’s side a lot of confidence. The words, they matter, and if we held our ‘elected’ representation accountable in the most strict interpretation of the word, I think we’d not be where we are today.

        My .02

      • Comes down to Individual choice. To me both are huge significant. One of the three God,Family, County.

        Without them,,our choices would be being made for us.

        Or I’m wrong.


  12. Good piece!

    How many times must it be said, the blame does not lie with the Constitution or the Founders. Read the Second and 10th Amendments for examples. It clearly says what we NEED and KNOW it to say.

    The fault is not in a piece of paper. It’s in us for never doing the necessary things especially when they were easy but even now that they are hard.

    What else do people expect? That George Washington and his army return from the dead to kick Commie ass on our behalf? We’re dealing with a people that wouldn’t curb stomp a 60s radical in moderate comfort and won’t vote against them now because “muh benes.” This nation was forged by men who ate shoe leather for lack of food, marched for days in winter, against impossible odds winning nothing more, or less, than their freedom (no payday, no entitlements, no participation trophies).

    It was a Republic, if we could keep it, and we couldn’t because American Idol was on and most are 50lbs+ overweight.

    We deserve what we’re getting in spades (people planning a genocide against us in plain sight and using our labor to do it) but don’t anyone dare bellyache about the Constitution!

    • Oversimplified.

      The document had no meaningful checks against bad behavior in office. De-election and impeachment were foreseeably weak sauce then and assuredly impotent remedies 228 years of experience later.

      Then there’s the whole Federal judiciary issue….

      • The document restrained government as to render bad behavior moot.

        What is FedGov without a private central bank, standing army, and income tax? Not to mention social programs that make professional voters. These are powers the Founders never intended the Federal government to have.

        Financing this was so hard they even turned our money to paper. Such a thing would be impossible to imagine circa 1776-1779, that a people would be that stupid. Yet here we are!

        The judiciary is certainly a problem. But how did they get so powerful? Not a Constitution that reserved power not delegated to the states. Nothing is law anymore, it’s all policy and feelings.

        Complete your exercise and find the most perfect system with the most perfect documents/laws and the humans that have lived in this country 1862-to date will still fuck it up.

        • POd American

          “The judiciary is certainly a problem. But how did they get so powerful? Not a Constitution that reserved power not delegated to the states. Nothing is law anymore, it’s all policy and feelings.”

          Read up on the battles between the sleazy ambitious Jefferson and Justice J. Marshall. That should answer your question; constitutional overreach by the executive branch started this trend….it’s still being practiced today!

      • Impeachment isn’t there to get rid of bad guys. That’s why it never gets rid of bad guys, duh. It was in case some good guy wouldn’t go along with the program. We may see this proven yet, maybe within four years. If not, the alternative is even worse.

  13. The Jew is begging for the next Hitler. I figured it out. They hate themselves. That has to be it. Occam’s Razor.

    • that’s a large part of it. And usually – as in Hitler’s case (see also: Christ, Pfefferkorn, Torquemada) – it’s one of their own. “Persecution” then affirms Chosenness. Later configured into A#1 Victim Group Entitlement.

    • If the Jews of the United States were rational, they would have done their best to maintain the ethnic ratios present in the middle-20th Century: 90% White (Latinos are not White) because this provides the safest environment for the intellectual Hebrew to prosper. A “diverse” USA provides the most unstable/possibly-hostile/economic-collapsing climate for Jews, especially when they are blamed (correctly) for the legislation leading to the unstable hostile diversity and the bad economy/unlawfulness resulting from the curdling of America. Of course, blame should be more-focused on the Communist/Socialist sub-group, but those are excellent at blending in with the larger population. The post-collapse trials should fix this, right?

  14. Hahaha, you know the answer. “The problem isn’t the document. We just gotta force everyone to go along.”

    Tough to figure out why that doesn’t work. .for a three-year-old maybe.

    • Oversimplified. We don’t need to force everyone to ‘go along’, we need to ‘force’ those who take an office to uphold both the spirit and letter of the now much maligned Constitution. If that were to occur, all those ‘rugged individualist anarchists’ would have the most amount of individual freedom on the planet to ‘out good’ while still having tools for infrastructure, national defense (I don’t believe in a draft, either), classical education, and so on.

      • Well yeah. Generally speaking…for any Good Guy, if everyone thought like him, things would be great. Problem is, we’re trying to live here on Earth, now.

      • About as easy as removing all the guns from violent felons’ hands. Just because you can describe the goal doesn’t mean you can implement the goal. Forcing officeholders to behave is unrealistic. Better to eliminate the office and thereby eliminate the troublesome officeholders.

      • Good men will always have the problem of stopping crime bosses. Good men shouldn’t handicap themselves by voluntarily supporting a breeding ground and nursery for crime bosses (government). Stop paying taxes so that crime doesn’t pay, and the rational high-level criminals will stop comitting those crimes.

        • We differ in opinion; I, for one, believe you can implement a solution when the problem is clearly described, which it has been. The sticking point (another 800 lb gorilla) is that 99.9999999% of people today, including the readership here, aren’t willing to sacrifice what they have for future generations.

          But let’s say we got rid of the office. The Presidency. All Senators. The Judiciary. What then? How would you suggest the vacuum be filled? I’ll bet everything I have that if you don’t fill the vacuum, someone else will, and it’ll be worse than many can imagine…

  15. The USC/BOR is merely “A” framework by which we might govern or be governed. It’s one of many frameworks. As stated, it’s a piece of parchment. The failure is ours.

    • Oversimplified.

      The document had no meaningful checks against bad behavior in office. De-election and impeachment were foreseeably weak sauce then and assuredly impotent remedies 228 years of experience later.

      Then there’s the whole Federal judiciary issue….

      • Are you saying it’s simply flawed or purposely insufficient as Boston T Party’s said?

      • within the ‘framework’ it it contains the mechanisms by which we might change it including ‘enforcement’. If enforcement is ‘weak sauce’ this is still our fault.

        It’s our gov to abolish or change or ignore or burn down. The document provides avenues by which we might change ‘enforcement’ or anything else.

        My answer was simplified because it is that simple.

  16. “In a revealing interview, Neil Howe—the co-author of The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny—candidly discusses his perspective on Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist and former head of the online news site Breitbart.

    Bannon is a proponent of the theory that history generally moves in 80-year cycles, with each cycle ending in a crisis that destroys the old order and ushers in something new. It’s an idea proposed by Howe in The Fourth Turning.

    In widely reported remarks, Bannon believes the United States has had three “turnings”—the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression/World War II—and is now in the midst of another emanating from the 2008 Financial Crisis.

    In an exclusive interview with RiskHedge’s Jonathan Roth, Howe confirms he knows Bannon and they have worked together on documentary film projects in the past. “I didn’t find anything sort of out of the ordinary about him politically,” relates Howe. “Like most other Americans, I didn’t know what alt-right was until I read about it in the media.”

    Howe portrays an interesting portrait of the man now advising President Trump.

    “I think the main thing people should understand about him, which I think maybe has not been portrayed in the media, is that he’s not so much a policy person or a person with fervent policy or political beliefs; he’s fundamentally a culture person. He has ascetic sensibilities. He’s really interested in sort of how socially and culturally Trump’s coalition hangs together,” says Howe. “I do think that Steve Bannon, along with a few other people on sort of the conservative side of the spectrum, took an interesting lesson from The Fourth Turning and that is our prediction that this era would see the successful merging of economic populism and cultural and social conservatism.”

    In the wide-ranging interview, Howe also details his own views about the possibility of civil war in America by discussing the mood in the United States just prior to the Civil War in 1859–1860: “Right up to the end, no one really realistically thought that actual war would happen. It just seemed incredible.”
    Listen to the full, informative interview with Mr. Howe above.”
    (35 minutes Audio)

    • Publius X Maul

      Yep. We are in 1937. This time will not be white on white fratricide.


      Thanks, internet!!!

      Smile, Jews!!! 😘

  17. As I’ve heard it from others, the constitution either authorized the tyranny we currently enjoy or it was powerless to stop it.

    If they get around to doing another version after most of the population centers have been reduced to smoldering ruins, there should be an instant, non-appealable death sentence for any judge that re-write s a law or grants the government any additional power.

    • Practical accountability measures are one of the classes of issues botched by the Founders.

      • Why can’t we keep what works and improve on what did not? This is not that complicated and common ground is desperately needed.

        • Tell me what “works”.

          • “We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equally; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence.

            • but all men are not created equally.

              or there would 7 billion successful people on planet Earth…


            • Well those three things are in total dispute right now:
              1) Life – the left says they have to kill babies, the right not so much
              2) Liberty – the left says that anybody can pee in anybody’s restroom, the right says not so much.
              3) Pursuit of happiness – this is just Jefferson’s way of avoiding the right to own property. The left believes you have no right to property as all property belongs to the state; whereas most on the right believe it ALL STARTS with the right to own all types of property. Humans are not thought of as property today (except for ISIS), though for many thousands of years leading up to the 19th century, slavery was a legal and accepted practice. Not necessarily morally defensible but legal nonetheless.

              “… Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Jefferson – DoI

              Contrary to Aesops’s bootlicking of the Lincoln Leviathan which has brought us to this point in history, it is clear the founders did not believe they were the smartest men on the planet and that it might come to pass that what they did via the DoI/Const/Bor might not hold up. In fact they admitted this by the sheer fact that they made the Constitution “amendable”. My position is that it hasn’t and won’t hold up. And yes with hindsight, Aesop, it is easy to see the failing of the Constitution. If you truly believed in small govt then I’m sure we can come up with something a lot better than we have now with enumerated penalties for violations of said articles in the “new constitution.” Now we can either do it the “hard way” via a lot of death and destruction or the “easy way” via secession and a new govt that enshrines natural law, small govt, property rights, and life.

              Aesop, the U.S. empire is failing and nothing you say can stop it.

              Grey Ghost

              • 4) Race. America must remain a White Nation of Western Culture. The Left believes all races are equal and America belongs to Somali Muslims as much as White Christians.

                5) Religion. America is traditionally Christian and/or Free Thinkers. It cannot become Muslim as they are opposed to both of the above and the entire Western Enterprise.

                That the Founders weren’t more clear about these, taking them as givens, had helped lead to our current downfall.

      • After having just done what they did, maybe their safeguards seemed practical.

        Today? Just me, or is it a little more complicated?

        One brainwashed generation brainwashing the next for god only knows how long certainly hasn’t helped…

  18. Publius Maul Right
  19. “To anyone who claims that the current USC/BOR is the apogee of human governance, I ask:

    How is that actually working for limited government, fiscally responsible advocates of private property and personal freedom?

    Answers should be detailed and feature citations to supporting facts.

    1) It simply is, as any sort of comparison to the rest of the world and history makes self-evident. I’ll take the gauntlet up about exhaustive references at a later date, but suffice it to reduce the question to the same one posed years ago by Bill Whittle:
    Which way are the rafts headed?
    His was specifically in reference to standing at Key West, and seeing whether people in Miami were building rafts of flotsam to float to the people’s paradise of Cuba, or coming here.

    2) That said, this hasn’t worked well for what you laid out, for at least four generations. Gen 1: Progressivism in its earliest iterations destroyed the original mechanism, with the XVIth-XIXth Amendments. The rest has been gravity working after the original push over the precipice.
    Gen 2-4:The socialism-lite of FDR; then expanded under Kennedy-Johnson(-Nixon); and lately everything since Reagan. There are penalties for one-party rule of the House for 50 years or so, and that’s a lot of it.

    3) That being said, say there’s some balkanization. How will each little duchy govern itself, respecting those same principles? (Or will they throw half the BoR under the bus, because it’s just too hard?) What glorious improvement(s) will be decreed/voted/debated/killed for, to ensure that it works? How will it deal with internal dissent and external conflict? What could anyone posit with a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving so much as a decade, let alone centuries?

    The considered silence on that last question, for years now, is deafening. But the would-be Nagans from every political corner pop up like toadstools on a damp lawn, day in and day out, shyly anything-but-eager to lay out why they want half your stuff, under any scheme, with themselves at the top.

    I noted in a previous post that we didn’t get to this overnight, so it follows we’ll need the same amount of time and energy expended, if not more, to get back out. Thinking there’s some magic unicorn overnight cure for the current ills is childishly magical thinking, of the sort that led to the Children’s Crusade. Anyone following that pied piper will end up as the followers of the Children’s Crusade did: dead, or sold into slavery to the very foe they sought to oppose, and becoming less anally retentive with each passing night in master’s harem.

    We have a budding civil war brewing, whether the majority chooses restoration or total destruction, because the other side wants to pull it all down too. But as I said, only one of those leaves the bare prospect of something at the end worth having. Scorched earth is solely for suicidal madmen.

    Pray, choose wisely.

    “A republic, if you can keep it.” – Ben Franklin, on the form of government of the United States adopted at the Constitutional Convention
    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

    • Respectfully, without a self-disciplined polity, the best that can be structured is armed isolation at multiple levels from the madding crowd. Presumably, that is what the breakaways will structure once the DC government concedes their new status.

      More later, but I think the rafts (and pathways) are headed to the EU these days. Might those ‘migrants’ (and those headed to FUSA be motivated by something more mundane than freedom and best-evah political organization?

      • CA, We the People were supposed to be the check and balance. You know this.


        • How did that work, Dirk?

          Was it apparent within the first 20 years of the document that it was not working? See, e.g., the Alien and Sedition statute.

          Was it foreseeable by the Founders that de-election and impeachment would not work? They did, after all, have the benefit of classical education and superior intellects.

          Is it even possible to have a governance structure that depends on “the people” for its sustainment?

          Which people?


          A sad former believer

      • Precisely as noted in the quote of Adams.

        And while the gravy train of rampant socialism is absolutely a draw, it is such mainly to the illegals; the legal immigrants who wait for years in line to get in are far less likely to be coming here for the free ice cream and government cheese.
        Were we to repeal the 1965 IRCA, and stop letting chain migration go to the worst by family, and restore our own sovereign choice based on common language, ideas, and dreams, not to mention likelihood of staying off the dole because of education and profession, the current disasterpiece theatre could be undone in a generation. And we’d be back to getting the pick of the litter, instead of a cat’s breakfast of international ne’er-do-wells.

    • And that’s why putting God back into well everything and holding our leaders accountable is important.

  20. “To anyone who claims that the current USC/BOR is the apogee of human governance, I ask:”
    I would ask induct me into a form of government ‘better’ than the one conceived anywhere on the planet. But I will have to concede based on boundaries posed by the query due to time constraints to go thru the realities of some other 120+ government forms extant on this ball of rock.

    But I will offer this. The failure of ‘governance by the people’ starts at the local level. Saw it live and raw at a council meeting where the mayor was attempting to foist a public improvement district on our little neighborhood. The jest of which is we would render yet more liberty to the local authorities. The sheep were willing to go with it until several of us pointed out that once ceded that authority could impose any special tax for ‘improvements’ whether we wanted those specific improvements or not. Then it all fell apart.

  21. SemperFi, 0321

    Well, I see no one is following lesson plan.
    And as usual, just spewing old dogma isn’t an answer either.
    As much as I’d love to see things fixed to a more reasonable level of compatibility, it isn’t possible anymore. We have become too diverse, all across the board, and country. Every single person out there sees themselves as their own special interest group, deserving of being heard first above other lesser citizens (and non- citizens) and most in this country don’t even have a clue what it was like to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school. Remember the part about “one nation, indivisible”? Because that place doesn’t exist anymore either. We used to see ourselves as Americans, first and foremost, an American. Today it’s all hyphenated this and that, even blacks don’t see themselves as American, but rather Africans first. Then there’s all the religious experts who do nothing but argue which one of them is really more chosen than the others, and then the sexually confused gender benders, and…………….etc.
    So trying to take on the challenge of herding a bunch of hyphenated cats and making them realize they’re still cats is beyond my mental capabilities.
    And since our entire country operates at full steam on corruption, who’s going to take on and change that, or the evil banksters, and alphabet agencies, because until you fix them, there will be no rule of law or living by the USC/BoR.
    I don’t see any of these issues being resolved until the brass cools off……..

  22. outlawpatriot

    Ok. For the sake of argument, the USC and BoR suck.

    You replace it with what? And God damn it, don’t tell me nothing. Only certified fuckin’ morons would subscribe to such a thing. 🙂

    • Two sets of rulebooks:

      1) Internal: In OP-Stan (area controlled by friendly forces, which is a prerequisite to any of this), here is what the government will do, along with the explicit death penalty provisions against government actors for violations of same. Dirk and I will work on the 2-page penal law and a VERY limited court system.

      2) External: Terms of association to include trade, conflict resolution, and mutual defense provisions. Five year renewal periods, with demonstrated material breach sufficient to abrogate treaty.

      Both of which informed but not controlled by what has come before, with a brutally candid assessment of why those prior attempts at governance failed.

      And NB that the Panarchists et al are free to do as they please. Who knows? Folks in the more formally governed areas might learn something. After all, I didn’t rape, murder, or steal today not because of the State, but because such things are inherently wrong.

      • “. . . with a brutally candid assessment of why those prior attempts at governance failed.”
        Excellent, necessary idea. A good place to start would be with what drdog09 above @Feb 22 16:06 pointed out (albeit, I suspect, without fully grasping the fundamental implications): “once ceded that authority could impose any special tax for ‘improvements’ whether we wanted those specific improvements or not.”

    • Replace with what?

      Oh! I know!

      Replace it with another ruler!

      Because that works out so well! Always!

      for those who refuse to receive instruction

      • Oh! But you will have a ruler. Whether that ruler is to your liking, or not, is another matter. Guaranteed. Unless you are meanest, baddest, motherfucker on the block… then you can be the ruler.

  23. There are a million reasons and answers to this but the reality is we are getting what we deserve for being lazy Americans instead of responsible American Citizens.. act like a slave and you will be treated as one, act like a free man and they will try and kill you. Chains or a marker.
    In my lifetime we have surrendered more Liberty that they have ever taken away.

  24. Speaking of punditry; controlling the people is “our job”:

  25. OK Aesop.
    I’ll take you up on that challenge.
    Ditch the USC. The states once again returned to individual nations states pre USC. Which, the 13 individual nations, sent their representatives to Philly to hash out and improve on their (today much maligned and oh so dreaded compact “theory”, which the truth of it was it was working very well but needed some adjustments) confederation. It was THE reason for the congress, IT WAS what they were sent to do. Not create the instrument of centralism the USC is. Go back to first principles of the Compact of the individual nation states, ( as Baron de Montesquieu pointed out so well the physical size of which was the determining factor in prohibiting Hobbs Leviathan state), which the states wanted the constitutional congress to improve, and not create what Gary North correctly pointed out was an instrument of administrative tyranny aka The US Constitution.

    The Declaration of Independence, and the century’s long history of the Second Amendment are the only viable basis of a Republic the majority wanted, not the Political Polytheism and centralism we got with the creation of the USC.
    The USC, getting rid of it and replacing it with the original states very much practical and working, get that, it was working quite well, Compact, in one fell stroke ends federalism. As long as federalism exists, all those wise men are right about the leviathan. Nothing will change peacefully, peaceful redress is not possible with federalism, the leviathan state can not be stopped peacefully in this body of people called America as long as federalism is the ruling power. Will of the governed, representative republican form of government, agrarian culture, unfettered economic freedom, (the key component of liberty), self determination, individualism, freedom of religion, etc, are incompatible with federalism.
    I know that is simplified truth.
    But at the end of the day, if my contention is not right, why are we having to fight a federal monstrosity that is out of control and turned into the very thing the 1st revolution was fought for?

  26. The first thing is to admit and deal with the fact that the urban v rural divide is now too much to bridge and there are two completely different cultures in the US.

    Amiable divorce – even if it is only one party declaring – is the start.

    Party A does the restoration of the USCON/BoR WITH enforcement provisions that scare the bejeesus out of the would-be tyrants as noted above. The lack of consequences for ignoring the law is the fatal flaw in v1.0, but that bug gets fixed in a big way in v2.0. Product improved.

    Party B continues on the path of neo-feudalist, transexual, multicultural, progressive debt slavery and fiat feel-goodness only to find out Amazon drone delivery of fair-trade coffee and decolonization of the heterocage do not a nation make.

    Then we all count the days for when one party invades the other after reality slams into them with the force of 1,000 suns because the oil, food, natural gas, and water stop flowing. From there, who knows?

    This is not nuking the whole thing, it’s preserving what’s left by the people who want to preserve it, in peace. Whether a side tolerates the other living separately in peace is the big question.

    • You’re beyond “amiable divorce”, and only someone who’d never seen one in civil court at the individual level would postulate such a non-existent unicorn.

      But let’s play: Just for starters, you figure the Minutemen missiles in silos in the Dakotas are going to be community property, divided equally?

      And once four to seven other nations see that shit going on, and realize things have gone pear-shaped on a worldwide basis, how long will it be, do you suppose, before you’re talking about an amicable separation of a radioactive wasteland covered with millions of corpses, because the world will not tolerate that level of uncertainty regarding such a huge collection of WMDs, purely from enlightened self-interest and naked opportunism?

      Think, dammit.

  27. Rather than rehashing this every few months, come up with something better than… Ganghis Khan.

  28. josey whales

    I think my head is going to explode. This is the same dick measuring contest that makes Republicans, Right Wingers, caliber aficionados (insert your favorite adj. here) inept from their infighting. Motherfuckers wanna argue on who is going to make the best new government. State’s rights, no bill of rights, no no no USC. Really? Ever hear of Democrats bitching and moaning about other Democrats as a rule. Not much. Everyone wants to be right, to be the hero. Take that shit inside and improve yourself. Few to none of any of us are making it out of here alive. Spend your time bickering on other things, like teaching your children and their children. The future lies with them, not us. Educate them what you think went wrong. ( I’d say when we stopped shooting rotten motherfuckers in the head personally but that’s another reply) Work on your mental state, your relationship with God, your preps, your fucking zero would be good to. We all agree this is going to be bad, really bad, friend against friend, neighbor against neighbor. You OCD motherfuckers are busy arguing and planning how to spend the lotto money you aren’t going to win. And planning to have a plan. We have to win the game first so work on a plan to win your AO, we can meet up after and figure this shit out, and for the record, I’d say probably a good place to start is where those old white guys stopped.

  29. “Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.”
    – Patrick Henry – March 23, 1775

  30. And strangely enough today is Washington’s birthday. Did not know that.

  31. The Usual Suspect

    This is the money quote here = There are a million reasons and answers to this but the reality is we are getting what we deserve for being lazy Americans instead of responsible American Citizens.. act like a slave and you will be treated as one, act like a free man and they will try and kill you. Chains or a marker.
    In my lifetime we have surrendered more Liberty that they have ever taken away.
    We need look no further than ourselves, Oh and Fuck you T Fatee you
    loser, did a man in blue hurt your little feelings ?

  32. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  33. “Are all men created equally?”

    Yes, in this meaning in this usage.

    “In human social interaction, being equal does not mean being identical. No two people are identical. Equality means that with respect to other humans, and in interacting with them, the moral stature of each is identical in the absence of any contrary evidence. This is because in relevant respects, they are both free-willed autonomous individuals.”


    “It doesn’t matter what rights are. What matters is that they are the same for each person, again in the absence of any contrary evidence. This is what it means to say, “All men are created equal.” Slavery is an instant denial of rights, because it instantly denies the equal rights of the two parties.”

    Both from

    • “All men are created equal” is problematic language in its concision, and I get the point made in your quotes.

      But….do we have the intended end state of equality before the law today?

      Did we ever?

      • It all depends, begins and ends with morality, as The Founders so assiduously pointed out

        Human. Nature.

        So, we really are fucked, having embraced our nature and denied God.

        We, Can. Not. Do. This. Alone.

        The wages of Sin is Death… the original Sin is disobedience and placing the things of this world above the things of God.

        If a man loves the world, the love of The Father is not in him.

        • Ultimately this is the correct response, thank you 06. We are fallen creatures and we simply cannot get out of our own way due to our fallen nature. In 1 Sam 8 we read about God telling what will happen to the people when they choose a king rather than recognizing God as their King. It nicely spells out the problems and consequences of tyranny.

          Anarchy won’t work because of our fallen nature: men are NOT fundamentally good. The Scriptures are very clear that NO ONE is good. But we also see that human leaders will ALWAYS fail us. So ultimately we are caught between the proverbial ‘rock’ and ‘hard place’ [of governmental tyranny or fallen individuals seeking self-rule] without any clear direction… except for God.

          No one is getting out of this life alive (unless Christ should return soon) and ultimately, this is just your training ground for eternity. I seek to walk honorably before my God, and should that necessitate taking lives of men engaged in evil towards me or “my neighbor” then so be it. Part of walking honorably before my God includes having an impact on those around me, especially those who ‘have ears to hear’ and belong to Him. So whether with words or with actions, if I keep my priorities straight and honor God, I am doing the best for myself and for this world that I can.

      • >>>But….do we have the intended end state of equality before the law today?
        Did we ever?<<<

        No, of course not. The reason isn't because of the "intended end state," but rather because of "before the law." Having rulers and ruled MEANS that there is no equality in the social context of which we speak.

        There's the additional problem that for lots and lots of people, as your steady stream of commenters affirms, equality before the law–or in any other respect in this meaning–is NOT the intended end state. That's why they may yet prove to be mortal enemies on top of being utter fools.

  34. The USC/BOR needs a few minor tweaks, mainly clearing up the original meaning. It only needs 1 major change though:

    Amendment 0 :”Non-citizens have no rights including the right to life. Anyone publicly advocating for non-white immigration, cultural marxism, or feminism will have their citizenship revoked after a 1 week period to allow flight from the country.”