Above, the WaPo’s new masthead.

Below, the reax:

RT: ‘Please buy our failing paper’ – WaPo trolled over dramatic new masthead slogan

Via Twitter search “wapo masthead”:





A personal fave:





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  1. The Washington Post
    Despotism for Dummies

    The Washington Post
    A Marx Corp.

    The Washington Post
    Together Stronger !

    The Washington Post
    News you can Trust !

    The Washington Post
    News We Make Up Before You Wake Up !

    The Washington Post
    Fake News from the other Jews

  2. WaPo coined “fake news” then said stop.
    I’d probably be giving several tag-lines except I laughed so hard I need to wait for a few blood vessels to heal.
    Because Jeff Bezos needs a blog but has money, not time.
    Fake news, but it is all titillating.
    We have the real Bat Boy and Space Aliens sources
    National Enquirer, but mainstream.

  3. Pravda merged with Izvestia.
    New anti-Trump talking points daily.
    As to feedback, we’re deaf as a Post
    The alternative Facts media

  4. You know you are terminal when a move is met, not with arguments, or analysis, but gut-busting laughter.

    If Bezos did dual coupon codes, 5% off if you kill/keep the Wapo alive, it would be dead by April

  5. The Washington Post
    “Death to Liberty and Long Live Alfred E Newman”

  6. Masthead madness is alive and well.

    ‘The Age’, published in Melbourne Australia (known since at least the 1970’s as the ‘Spencer Street Soviet’) changed its masthead last year to ‘Independent. Always’. Oh the ironing!

    It made this change in the context of rapidly declining declining print edition sales, declining classified print advertisements, poor digital subscription uptake and a series of staff layoffs – all underpinned by a blatantly socialist/leftist/progressive/liberal editorial agenda that sees most articles being rabid opinion megaphone pieces masquerading as ‘News’.

    It used to be ‘Abbot Abbot Abbot’ shouty headlines and frothing when he was the conservative Prime Ministe. But for the last 12 months it became ‘Trump Trump Trump’ shouty headline spleen-venting opinion pieces (when not publishing verbal diarrhea about all other kinds of hot-button progressive agenda and wymmens issues.

    It took a local plane crash, a local murder mystery and a visit by Israeli PM Netanyahu the last few days to dilute the usual 5 or so concurrently running headline articles on ‘ Trump trump Trump’.

    theage(dot)com(dot)au – where Chicken Little Lives.

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    The Washington Post
    Bezos should have stuck with laundry soap.

    The Washington Post
    We tell all the lies we can think of.

    The Washington Post
    Subscribe and get 10% off your next Amazon order.

    The Washington Post
    HilLIARy’s still good with us.

  8. Their website, AKA the Bezos Blog, is allegedly using Chinese bots to pump up visitor numbers. So, allegedly, is the NY Times site – and, allegedly, a few other leftist “news” sites. Allegedly.

    It might be something else, but when 30%+ of a site’s traffic come from a country that completely blocks access to that site, you have to wonder WTF is going on.

    I wonder if their advertisers know?

    Should be entertaining at some point.

  9. “And you believed us!”

  10. The Washington Post
    Ashkenazi Views

    The Washington Post
    Commie Views Made Into News

    The Washington Post
    Marixist News by Trotsky Jews

  11. The Washington Compost
    All the Fake News the Jew York Times Won’t Print

  12. Maybe $600 million (of our money) just wasn’t enough to buy what we want to hear.

    I have an idea. Maybe try producing something other than fake news and doing it without stolen money. We are getting to smart for this garbage anymore.


  13. The Washington Post Non-Toxic in Birdcages and Litter Boxes

  14. The Washington Post
    All The Lies That Fit

  15. Proxy masthead war with NYT.
    “Without Fear of Facts”

  16. The Washington Post
    We’re right, you’re wrong. Get over it.

  17. This little rhyme immediately came to mind:

    When the media lies, democracy dies.

  18. The Washington Post
    We dont break the news, we fix it.

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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  20. Gal 1:20 (not)… “Now the things which we write unto you, behold, before god, we lie not.”