Making The Green Grass Grow


Empire, and its foibles.

All the world’s empires are fleeting.

Even Pax Americana.

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  1. It’s a shame wisdom comes later in life, when minds are sharp and bodies soft.


  2. If Pax Americana had actually involved peace, rather than attacking, infiltrating, or overthrowing the government of one country after another, it might have last 1000 years….

  3. Jesse James is full of shit, from the first paragraph. “Iran hasn’t attacked its’ neighbors in two centuries”. Pray tell, oh hater of everything Jewish, what was that little dust up between Iraq and Iran, circa 1980-1988? You know, the one where both sides attacked each other with chemical weapons, (WMDs’ in Iraq? What? Oh, yes, and Iraq used chemical weapons several times on the Kurds, too) buried each others prisoners, alive, in the desert because they were short of water, and caused more than a million casualties on both sides. Let’s also get something else in clear perspective. Most of the jihad and practically all of the world wide moslem terrorist crap ORIGINATES IN IRAN, SINCE 1979. Including proxy attacks by Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria against Israel for the last 38 yrs. Iran is gearing up for nuclear blackmail/war/intimidation as we speak, and which fool thinks that those maniacs will NOT use them, once online and deployable? That’s right, the fool that is fixated like an SS man standing out side a synagogue, on the evil Jews inside. While the moslems murder, rape, rob, and burn their way through the West, let’s ignore them, and make excuses, and concentrate on the Jews, because that’s what Jesus Would Do. Huh? You don’t say. You don’t say. Benny: “Well, Rochester, who was that on the phone?” Rochester: “He didn’t say”. Jesse James is both pathetic, and imbecilic. If you call the Russians enslaving most of eastern Europe from 1945-1991, and then “abandoning” eastern Europe (they were THROWN OUT) a lack of Russian adventurism, you expose yourself as a Leftist operative, Mr. James. Trying to convince people you only want to be reasonable and fair, and at the same time, lying like a rug, is pretty stupid.

    • To be fair to JJ, that was a guest post.

      • “You know, the one where both sides attacked each other with chemical weapons,”

        – were those chemicals not originated in the USA?

        “Iran is gearing up for nuclear blackmail/war/intimidation as we speak”

        – does not Israhell do the same?

        “While the moslems murder, rape, rob, and burn their way through the West, let’s ignore them, and make excuses,”

        – not unlike our own poLICE forces, huh?

        So much wrong here…

    • a) The fact you missed the giant 80 pt. font saying GUEST POST at the very top of the article, as well as the different name at the bottom of the article raises serious concerns as to whether you paid attention to much between those two rather enormous missed clues. The people I choose to post on my site come from different backgrounds and often have differences of opinion than myself. You know, because I’m not afraid of my own biases being challenged on a regular basis. Craig is free to say and believe what he will, and I’m free to post what I damn well please whether I agree with him or not. I’m sorry you’re so offended by differing opinions, perhaps you shouldn’t subject yourself to me or those I post anymore. For your own mental safety of course.

      b) Iran was attacked by Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war (Google is your friend)…are you also going to fault the US for responding to Pearl Harbor? Secondly, Iran never used chemical weapons, Iraq did. You can go look it up, there’s ample analysis on the matter.

      c) No idea why you went from Iran to ranting about Iraq and their WMDs that they may have had but no one every found. Part of the hate for the Kurds stemmed from the Iran-Iraq war and their loyalties, but you obviously aren’t familiar with the conflict.

      d) Saudi is a far more active in promoting and funding global terror, nobody seems to have a problem with them. Iran’s foreign policy directly mirrors our own in that regard, using proxy armies to influence/destabilize their perceived enemis. We have funded dozens, if not hundreds of terrorist organizations (AQ, Syrian ‘moderates,’ IRA, and dozens of others) throughout the last hundred years. I don’t condone it, but I’m not going to paint Iran as a demon without applying the same standard to the US and other countries who do the same. Pssssh, nuclear blackmail. You mean like our 9k nukes? Or Pakistan’s? Or China’s? Or Russia (gasp)?

      e) Nazis? Hahaha, ok.

      f) The USSR kept a buffer zone of states to protect themselves from a land invasion across Europe. It probably would have been a better idea if they had declared ‘manifest destiny’ and thrown all of eastern Europe on reservations ‘cuz ‘Merica!’ Go take a look at the Texas-Indian wars and then come talk to me. We should have been so kind as the Russians. At least there are fucking Eastern Europeans left. You will remember we parked bases all over Europe, Asia and half the ME, encircling them. 25 years ago, Russia again became a sovereign nation and has done what exactly in the last two and a half decades? We still have NATO and spend trillions surrounding them with weaponry when they literally are on the other side of the world. What are they doing that is such a threat to you? ‘Hacking’ the election? Oh, you mean they might not like us for messing in their backyard in Ukraine? Turkey? Syria? Why don’t you tell me who implemented and funded Bolshevism to create this giant Russian bogeyman you are so scared of?

      g) Call me Mr. Rug. I didn’t even write this damn post and you’re too stupid to realize that, so I won’t belabor the rest of the stuff. I don’t agree with Craig about everything, but this is so, offensively ignorant that I can’t even get into a sensible discussion on it because you’ve got a decade of hard reading to catch up on before you can keep up. I guess having a single standard to judge behavior by makes me the -ist of the day. I forget, was it Communist, Nazi or maybe just waaacis. Since when did questioning a nation’s foreign policy make you a nazi? I forgot, there’s only two nations that are the ‘elect’ in the world to chickenhawk republicans, the US and Israel, neither who can do any wrong whatsoever, in the name of our High Priests Lindsay Graham and John McCain, Amen.

    • Well now.

      Perspective, you say?

      Try USA! interference in Iran, the Kermit Roosevelt CIA sponsored coup.
      THAT is why Iran, 1979.

      Oh, and then there is that lurking elephant as well, the sunni/shia internecine wars. Been goin’ on for oh about a millenia or so.

      The USA! ally House of Saud is sunni you see, thus every shia majority country is attacked – Iran, Syria, Iraq , – and areas where there is a significant shia population are not ignored either – Yemen for example.

      Obviously muslims are the problem without a doubt. Let’s be clear on the nature of the conflict, OK?

    • and that nuclear blackmail thingy?

      We’ve been hearing that same BS for at least 25 years – Iran is only 6 months away from developing…

      Ever hear of the boy who cried wolf?

      So when that made up narrative loses immediacy, the same claim is made of north korea.

      So, which country is involved in nuclear blackmail?

      The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
      H. L. Mencken

    • Iraq attacked, Iran defended. SUNNI jihad frankenstein was removed from suspended animation by Saudi/Langley/Zato to break first Russia and then all secular rulers in ME. SHIA Persia/Hezbollah are reactions and all part of ‘problem reaction/solution’. The so-called Sunni-Shia split was basically dormant except among a fanatical minority until Miles Copeland and friends warmed it up. Your salty NCO musings are great but big picture is not your strong suit.
      BTW Iran was ruined by overthrow of Mossadeagh in 1953 by the usual suspects.

    • liar.

      the last “dust-up” between Iraq and Iran:

      Sadaam (Iraq, Sunni), armed and egged on by Isramerica, attacked Iran (Shi’a). Defeating this bald-faced War of Zionist Aggression cost the lives of more than 1,000,000 Iranian soldiers and civilians. Now Israel has 200-400 nuclear warheads aimed at Iran…Iran has nothing aimed at Zion-in-Palestine.

      Sunnis, formatted by Bush43 neo-conz and Mossad (Zionist)/Saudi (Sunni) intel, did 9/11. Almost all raghead terror since then has been Sunni. Not Shi’a.

      and Hezbollah (Shi’a), in south Lebanon, detests Israel because half their land is now a gigantic, festering refugee camp, populated by c. 2 million (Sunni) Palestinians ejected from Palestine by Zion.

      the last time Israel tried to ‘jack south Lebanon, Hezbollah gave the IDF a bloody nose. Now, via the hard school of defeating Isramerican/Sunni terrorism on Syria, Hezbollah is a hundred times stronger. I fear tough times ahead for Isramerica. And its mendacious apologists.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    Maybe when things get slow, we can invade Canada !

    • We tried twice! Had war plans in the ’20s to do it again and I assume that we have plans to do it today.

  5. I wonder if in 1776 the British had the overwhelming superiority the US military has now if the revolutionary armies would haw won out, I think not.

  6. Where I got a laugh is when the author pointed out the matrix of control that the Pax Americana has over ME oil. Great fiction, little truth. The reality is Russia (ne Putin) is systematically acquiring the pipelines through out the region. You can control the ground that the oil sits under but till it hits a refinery its nothing but well baked dino guts.

    • is not so much control of oil, is forced acceptance of petrodollars, yes?

      • that’s right. It’s only about oil at all because oil is the main international trade commodity. ‘Murka trashed Iraq and Libya because both tried to drop the petrodollar, w/o which our domestic debt-saturated, dollar-monetized Ponziconomy will go to hyperinflation and collapse. Iran and Russia are also going off the dollar. Thus the ZOG DeepState drives toward war with Iran/Russia. Trump will climb on board, or Trump will be removed.


    If only there was some sort of pipeline leading somewhere so this gas could be sold to somebody, or something.

    You might have to con the Americans into ‘regime changing’ the fuck out of some of the neighbors, first, but whatever.