Max V On Training And “Yelling”


On what happens and why at MVT classes.

My experience, and that of many others, was nothing but professional behavior by Max and team.

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  1. hummus abedin

    Obviously, it is whiny complaint by
    lodged by closet snowflakes that
    have never been in combat, fired on, shot, and mortared or shelled in some manner.

    Yes, I have been.
    And I was scared each time
    I soldiered and functioned through it.

  2. From reading this, now I want to take one of the MVT courses even more. Luckily, with MVT being mobile, I should be able to get around to a few within the next year or two.

    • I’m fortunate that I’m only about 2 hours drive from MVT, WV. I’m signed up for my first course at the end of April, which is Combat Rifle Skills. I most definitely will write a review and fling it far and wide on social media.

      • That’s great. Texas is the closest one to me so eventually I’ll have to scrape the money and take a week off work and make the long drive. I know it’ll be worth it but I’ve searched far and wide for alternatives in my region there is never anything. The Deep South is sorely lacking in high quality MVT-type training opportunities.

  3. Hoo boy! If you got people doing the snowflake because they get yelled at in exercises, the snowflakes got lots bigger problems than lack of training. I raise my voice to my own family, frequently, and they know I don’t give a shit about their feelings, when I catch them off base. In turn, they frequently shout back. Clears the air, and we both get our point across. I couldn’t begin to count the little dears I put on a Greyhound Bus in the seventies, in basic training, because they had never heard harsh and loud language before. MVT is doing the right thing, and if someone don’t like it, too fucking bad. Come CW2, and combat, city and country, there’s going to be a lot of nasty and loud language. Coupled with short rations, fucked up drinking water, disease, death, dismemberment, and every other hideous thing that goes with it, people are going to have to grow up, and quit sweating the small shit. You’ll find that the base of most objections to harsh and loud language is peoples idiotic pride. “You can’t tell ME I’m wrong, and chew my ass out!” Wanna fucking bet? Pull your head out of your ass, and you’ll find it even quieter than it was, when it was up there.

  4. Watch the first 30 seconds of this Milsim event.

    This is just simulation, imagine how pissed you would be if guys were actually getting shot.
    Grow the fuck up.
    Now I dont want some jackass playing the drill sgt, but yelling is part of fighting.

    • watch all 5″+ of these Muslim events, Hezbollah vs. Isis…many interesting details, but I’m particularly impressed by the mag change right at the end of the 2nd vid. MVT could yell at me me for a month and I couldn’t do it that fast, and this under combat conditions:

      • “Spetnaz” reload.
        Use the new mag to remove the old one, then rack the charging handle.
        Its very fast, AK specific, and can be learned by anyone.

  5. contains admission that women have no business in combat. need to adjust and not yell at women or they will cry.

    • We don’t get to choose when “combat” happens. This was training, and as such, the focus is on the student learning. I was in the class with this woman, and would have no problem with her on my team around the property. Headed to the ME?? That’s another story but then, I don’t need to be there either. That wasn’t the purpose for the class.

  6. Publius Maul Right

  7. My experience at Max’s was nothing short of the most transformational experience of my life. The level of excellence I experienced is the overriding determining factor above everything. It humbles you and transforms every preconception. That search for excellence is second to nothing. It is what winning is. You see it everywhere. The focus and attention to detail and what matters takes no back seat to any other factor. That alone is worth the price of admission to Max’s singularly acme school of live combat.
    In no uncertain terms from my experience, (and Max screamed in my ear I was a “Crazy Motherfucker!!!” during live fire and movement exercise), if Max has cause to yell at somebody, there is rational cause for doing so. And then, only to be heard over a dozen guys each doing multiple 30 round aimed mag dumps and themselves yelling as movement under fire communication in order to be heard and understood over a dozen rifles firing, everyone wearing ear plugs and or muffs, and target fixation.
    It is a fluid dynamic inherently deadly environment where a bunch of strangers come together cold turkey, literally trial by fire, to learn something in a couple days what takes years for the .mil to teach and instill in professional solders.
    The class room is the school of true cadre, of camaraderie in a deadly pursuit of excellence under the most lethal serious business imaginable.
    Max listens to 5 people at once and registers everyone in his awareness. Max listens with his ears, not his mouth. A man with grace, and underneath the polite considerate appearance is a guy who don’t put up with any bullshit. You don’t mess with that kind of man.
    Max has created and developed a system of instruction and learning unique that can only be experienced to understand. He has accomplished something almost unobtainable in military science history. Take the citizen, and not tried to mold the citizen so much, as adapted the military art of training for combat to the unique characteristics and natural nature of the armed citizens requirements. As Max says, it is a holistic approach.

    It is unimaginable to me where or how somebody can mistake communicating under that kind of thunderous noise and physically strenuous concentrated class room as being picked on. Get a grip if you say or believe otherwise. In context, that’s more reprehensible than red diaper baby crybullies and their safe places whining about “white privilege”.

    To see for yourself the effort, the organizational aspects, the time and expense invested, the forethought to have even attempted in this political climate of overbearing government such an endeavor, the winning is the only thing because fuck you thats why mentality, the attention to detail, the focus of everyone, the stone cold respect for the ever present lethal environment, the fun factor, an adrenalin rush filled fantastic good time had by all fellowship, no words define the whole experience.

    You learn how to survive, how to function, what to expect, how to live and fight another day. And you learn how to be effective, to kill in armed combat. You learn how to defend not just yourself but those you care for. The great unknowns, and the unknown unknowns are washed away.

    It is priceless to me. The finest tribute to Max and what he is doing is that you can’t put a price on it, it can not be compared to or judged by anything else, the actual cost is so it is possible as a citizen to obtain these things that are basically unobtainable to us dirt citizens outside of living through actual combat long enough to learn how to survive and fight.
    How do you price that?
    How is it possible, what validity, to be judged by petty grievances, politics, and envy?

  8. I’ve been to MVT many times.
    My father was in the Korean War
    My mother was in the Women’s Army Corps and in Berlin when the Wall went up.
    My step-father was in Vietnam and a drill instructor after.

    Trust me, Max is a lightweight.