The Return Of Kim DuToit: Our National Schism


After caring for his beloved wife in her final days, an old fighter returns.

Check out his place for interesting insights and a civilized comments section.

8 responses to “The Return Of Kim DuToit: Our National Schism

  1. Isn’t being “civilized” what got us where we are today?

    fuck that noise

  2. No. Allowing the mewling idiots on the Left to define “civilization” is what got us here. Fuck that noise too.

  3. LOL tfA-t. The “civilized comments section” means that there’s discussion among like minds, free from screeching Moonbats. My posts, on the other hand, are anything but polite… and the comments, when directed towards Teh Forces of Evil, are seldom polite. Rather the opposite. As you will see when you visit.

  4. Outstanding.

  5. Been wondering what happened to the old curmudgeon. Sorry to hear about his wife. RIP. My ex-wife bit the big one in late 2015, and I went out and got a hamburger, with onions. Probably not the same thing. I grieved for about ten minutes each, when my Mother, and Father, and Daughter died. I have this theory. Life is short. Don’t spend a lot of time doing something that is not worthwhile. Unless your object is to waste your own life doing worthless things. At my back, I always hear, Times Winged Chariot, hurrying near.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Read you everyday, back when.

    Welcome back to the fray.

    My most sincere condolences on your loss.