Two For Your Assessment

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19 responses to “Two For Your Assessment

  1. neutralize the cops and let things settle themselves.

    it’s the only way to preserve what’s left.


  2. A question I have been asking myself with regards to the second video is this, if Trump is removed from office by legal means ( whether the case is full of bullshit or not is besides the point) will his supporters lay down and take it because it followed the law or will they rebel? Personally I think that if he is removed lawfully folks will give up. Interested in other thoughts tho

    • Disagree.
      It will be the signal to go full retard on the entire apparatus.

      It will only end at that point with one sides’ leaders or the others swinging from lightpoles, and a body count that would cheer the heart of the most ardent anarchist.

  3. Barton b davis

    He was described as a former Mossad Officer. I had no idea CNN’s influence was so pervasive and far reaching.

  4. I don’t care if he was “former Mossad,” it all sounds like Marxist propaganda.
    The first video has great potential for continued intelligence. Notice the network has reactivated and has current product?

  5. What I don’t understand, if the leaders of the leftists are known and have been shown to be facilitating riots and violence, why are they not charged and brought before their peers for trial? It seems, according to Hagman, this is common knowledge. Part of me wants to believe and hope, then my other side says we are being majorly duped.

  6. Seen the first video by Hagman. Good breakdown and summary among many patriots trying to do the same.
    Second video, ‘what’s good for the gander, is great for the goose’.

  7. Lol. Mossad guy talking impeachment. Gotta have POTUS doing the “Greatest Ally®” shuffle destabilizing the middle east or he gets golden showered. The Saudis, Sunnis, and their chosen friends need that pipeline through Syria, and DNC/GOPe PACs need the money laundered into their campaign slush funds to reaffirm their grip on the controls of USS America. Can’t have those hummus bowls getting kicked over.

    And to this day, there was not one single Iranian on any plane September 11, 2001. Not. One.

    All eyes on Kushner.

    We’re all stars in the dope show.

    • Over a half dozen of the ‘hijackers’ are alive and well today.
      One actually is an airline pilot. Who stole their identities?
      I would try the country this speaker is from, first.

  8. thesouthwasrght

    IMO if Trump is murdered or kangaroo courted roughly 10% (6.3 million) of his supporters will deem it cartridge box time.

  9. I fear for President Trump’s life. The affray to follow will be catastrophic.

  10. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Speaking of the Mossad

  11. Interesting terms the mossad officer uses at about 2m4s mark. “Our President” in reference to blackmail. Is the guy an American now?

    • Yeah , noticed that too. Fuck all these foreign fucks putting in their 2 cents. They are all afraid of losing their ‘consulting’ gigs , especially Israel with all the ‘anti-terrorism training’ they provide for US Leo , which is one of the reasons many of the pigs look on the citizenry as Palestinians.

    • Had the same question… maybe he meant to say “our Bitch”.

  12. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Two Israeli Mossad agents intercepted attempting to bomb Mexican congress.

  13. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    The Israeli “art student” mystery

  14. First video is telling me it’s the Fascist’s plotting to topple Trump, Headed up by Obama, Soros and the rest of the boys in the band.
    The second video swears it’s the Communists, Putin, and trump snuggling up to him..

    So either Obammas better hurry up and do his thing, Or Putin better make his move….
    This all sounds like its right up there with the church of Kurt Kobain, Elvis and the aliens abducting him, Fluoride in the water, Chem-trails and area 51 hiding ET..

    So is everybody just flipping a coin to see which yellow brick road to go down?