Z Man: The Confluence


On the Bigger Picture.

Which just may not be all bad.

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  1. Personally I think it understates the matter. This isn’t a sea change to be measured by generations, but rather millennia. I’d say it’s the biggest deal in about 5,000 years.

    See…since human action is volitional and volition is driven by knowledge, huge things can happen when some things become known, that were previously unknown. Lots of things are becoming known, very quickly.

    It’s a big reason the Good Guys should be focusing less on going backwards, and instead decide what they wish to create. Never mind that those having their banshee dances around the constitution are actually willing to defend that which OVERTHREW the founding principles of this country. Quite an irony, eh? The only saving grace is that they themselves, those Constitutionalists, inevitably have their POV because they DO believe in those founding principles. But mostly, they’d rather fight than admit to the falsehoods they’ve believed.

    Maybe one day they’ll realize that they can be who they wish without a ruler and can still interact with others nonetheless. In a nutshell, that was the scam all along…you should be afraid of living your own life, by your own choices, for your own values.

    “Fear is a liar,” and so were those assholes.

    • What is with all the retarded anarchist nonsense on this forum lately?

      Up to a point, there is a competitive advantage in having a centralized decision-maker. I’d guess its a bell curve, with either extremes of gov control being less competitive than those in the middle. As but 1 example, all else being equal, who wins in a war, the side w/ conscription or the side without?

      If this isn’t true, give me 1 example of an anarchistic society that survived contact with a more authoritarian neighbor.

      • “Up to a point, there is a competitive advantage in having a centralized decision-maker.”

        Sounds right. Any particular reason you don’t wish to go beyond that point? You don’t use one of those newfangled horseless carriages, do you? Or if you can’t address that, address this…

        Who owns you?

        • Are you honestly saying you don’t understand why its bad to be non-competitive in a competitive world?

        • Jim,

          You didn’t respond to his question, didn’t “address this” as per your comment above, instead you deflected with a non sequitur parsing part of his previous comment.

          I’ve danced around some of your comments here and elsewhere different times and we’ve never really resolved anything. I have a direct question for you, and it has never been answered to any kind of satisfaction, let alone mine, by you or anyone, here or anywhere else.

          You have everything you want in the society you envision. You own you. To loosely quote Northgunner (and not picking a fight with him, just quoting him) “anarchy is freedom from rulers, not rules”. You are free to trade and/or barter with anyone you want, in any means you want. No one tells anyone what to do. Complete and real freedom and no cops just to please tFat.

          Now what stops me from coming over the hill, sticking a gun in your face, blowing your brains out and taking all your shit? I really want to know how you expect the reality you want, to work.


      • “If this isn’t true, give me 1 example of an anarchistic society that survived contact with a more authoritarian neighbor.”

        Somalia comes to mind.

        And the entire Appalachian experience, for starters.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    We have always been walking that razor’s edge.
    Now the average man is becoming aware of how
    precarious our position is.
    Thank Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer for that.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • Am I missing something? It looks like mostly negative stories show up, but the site does show up:


      • Bob, when the info first broke Natural News was deleted. I suspect after the complaints & threats that followed it was put back online. When I posted it was offline. So it is the Cat & Mouse game going on. We are in a childish game of provocatuers – agitators & cowards. You know the kind of stuff women do when they act cunty etc. When confronted it’s the ‘I don’t know what you talking about game’. You now the type & have seen it before. Truly sad that America has gotten this FUBAR & TARFU but make no mistake we are there. You noticed all the negative as well were placed right in there and damaging schadenfreude links like : Disinfo – Fake News etc. Truly a dystopic paradigm & none of it is good.