ZH: How Tennessee Could Be About To Start A Constitutional Crisis


BLUF: Convention of the states


See also: FP: California Really Has What It Takes To Secede

NC Constitution’s ban on secession could be dropped; h/t FNC

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  1. The FP piece is utter codswallop, without the fishy goodness of actual seafood.
    FP, nota bene is nothing but the WaPo’s attempt to “Me too!” their way into the game of State Dept. punditry, along with such established left-wing house organs as Foreign Affairs. It is thus the journalistic equivalent of a poli sci degree from the local junior college.
    The sub-header is the money quote: But is America’s largest (sic) state ready for the wars that would follow?
    (AK is vastly larger, and so is TX, BTW. CA is merely the country’s largest economy, AFAIK.)
    And “the wars that would follow” would be immediate, comprehensive, and unending, in exactly the same way as my oft-cited examples in Beirut and Sarajevo, and for identical reasons.
    Not least of all because the US isn’t going to pound sand and kiss off 1/3rd of the Marine Corps, Vandenburg and Edwards AFBs, China Lake NWS, naval bases in San Diego, Long Beach, San Francisco, multiple installations on the Channel Islands, and the Army’s NTC, not to mention 3-4 yuuuuuuuuge Pacific ports.
    The only thing that’d stop them from a decapitating strike on Sacramento fifteen minutes after the vote, would be the coup launched by the inland portion of the state ten minutes earlier, followed by an immediate petition to re-enter the union once the communists were all hung, drawn, quartered, and thrown into the Pacific, and Baja California was safely in the hands of the Army of the Republic of CA, to be used as a bargaining chip and enterprise zone for all the soon-to-be permanently dispossessed and deported Mexican nationals.
    The eastern side of Baja would be an international eco-preserve that would make Greenpeace and the Sierra Club cream their pants, and the west cost of it would be an endless strip of surf, sand, and five-star resorts at one-star prices, which would put Vegas, Atlantic Cigty, and the French Riviera out of business overnight, and give Mexico double the revenue they currently get from US remittances. (If only we could find someone in the US government with some experience running yuuuuuge resorts…). The power would come from Mexican oil, traded at one barrel per job, in perpetuity.

    And as noted, even the lame FP piece notes in closing that the whole idea of CA secession is basically wishful thinking.
    And if it happened, in the five minutes before they were shot in the face, the leadership in Sacramento would have the same look on their face as the dog who caught a car, and was wondering what to do with it next.
    Which is why you don’t give hammers, matches, and dynamite to toddlers in Pampers.

  2. Re: The ZH piece, it’s not a constitutional convention. It’s an article V convention of the states. Completely different. Completely.

    • What’s written in the Constitution has never stopped “them” before from usurping the intent or written word. While there may be a difference, will the “representatives” actually follow the rules of the “different” types of conventions. They didn’t the last time a convention was called in Philadelphia.

      Grey Ghost

  3. Husbands and wives are free to leave each other and even take up with people of the same sex so under current reasoning why should any of us be required to stay with a federal behemoth.

    Now it’s up to you to convince your neighbors to leave the abusive relationship where the partner has whored herself out at every opportunity.

    • Yes, you’re free to go. Small problem with that analogy: You don’t get to take the house, the kids, the neighbors, and the neighborhood with you though.

      Anyone in CA who really wants to leave, will be pointed towards the nearest international airport or port of entry, and told firmly and sincerely, “DLTDHYITAOYWO.”

      What they do with their personal assets is their affair.
      The military bases, and all those miles of the Defense Interstate Highway System, paid for with federal bucks? Retained by their co-owners, in perpetuity.

  4. A balanced budget is already the law so let’s pass another law only this time super duper double dog mean it.

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