An Optic That Most Should Be Able To Afford..


A versatile MR scope, along with a review of same.

When your Burris MTAC 1-4x is just not enough glass.

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  2. A FAL or CETME that’s a good shooter with peeps might be improved with a ‘scope like this. MSRP of ~$400 will be discounted enough somewhere to fit rings into the four hunnert bux budget. 30mm barrel instead of 1″ is nice for brightness and elevators. Previous cheap-enough/good-enough ‘scope was fixed-magnification 10x Bushnell 3200 ~$200. This is a tough price zone to find “good enough”, but I want cheap enough that I only cry a little when it gets wrecked while using.

  3. Hey, that article looks familiar. Just as a heads up, everything is still good to go on that rifle and scope. Last time I shot it I hadn’t touched it or looked in my data book or thought about it in 6 months, went right out and was on target at 800 yards in two shots (5 MPH wind) off my patrol pack, on a 12×16 steel plate. This was without knowing the exact range to the target and using the BDC. There was some stuff on the internet about G2’s having an issue running PMAG’s, haven’t had any problems myself. Any questions just ask.

    • Where is it made?
      Is the glass Chinese, Japanese, or western (US, Germany, Swiss)?
      By the price I would think Japanese glass but some of the Chicom stuff has been pushing up in price based off the features that are being put into them.

  4. CA, serious question. Should I consider joining the Army JAG Corps? I’m getting close to being too old, but not yet. I’m talking about active duty.

    Consider me a man who essentially agrees with the main ideas of this blog. I get it.

    Join the Army now?

    I welcome every man’s thoughts.

    Any men who served? I know many say “fuck that I did my time and fuck the government” or something similar.

    Even if Trump is not genuine, at least he was elected by the right people — the dirt people. Am I naive to think I could be helpful (a good one on the inside) under our new Commander in Chief or given whatever is coming the next 10 years?

    Do I sound crazy or naive to consider this?

    I have kids. But I re-read the Crisis (Paine) recently.

    Working for corporate (((law firms))) certainly is not particularly fulfilling or meaningful and gives me ZERO opportunity to use my “good guy” knowledge or skills, at all. In fact, it requires (((bullshit))).

    We get only one life. I want to be one of those who served. I should have joined when I was 18, but that idea simply never occurred to me given my white suburban Gen X roots. (My dad did not serve. Never got any suggestion within 30 miles from any family or career services at my university).

    Is all of this moot given what’s coming? Money as we know it to pay government employees will not exist? But there will be some kind of army paid somehow?

    Or just to my belongings and family at this point?

    • If you are a lawyer now, I would be thinking of other trades.

      Not being a dick, but the heyday of that profession has passed.

      • Yep. Find something you like doing that is actually somewhat useful, go start a small business. You’re halfway there with the know how. Do some stuff part-time like wills ect. to make it work if you need to. Don’t work harder, keep more of what you work for. Seriously. It also is a game changer realizing you aren’t working for a scumbag, and your performance directly impacts how you excel…not how well you brown nose. My two shekels…

        • I like guns. I want to start a company making Kydex holsters, but they’re already 75 children doing that from mom’s basement selling identical holsters for $39.

          I tried to get a job working at a gun store. Could not believe my resume and plus I know a lot about guns. Rejected. thought I was joking since I’m a top 5% law review lawyer.

          Want to become a welder and a gunsmith or a car mechanic. Real man jobs. Too late – the war starts in less than five months.

          • Become a welder or a car mechanic.

            Think there are people here who would advise against gunsmith.

          • I don’t think the war starts in five minutes. So it’s not too late.

            I sit at a desk and work on computers all day. I have a barn out behind the house where I have welders, and machine tools – and I work on cars ( I do most all of my own repairs – and this is on recent year cars). Want to learn how to weld? Go buy a welder and start learning. Want to become a gunsmith? Buy a lathe – take some courses and get your hands dirty. Same applies to most things.

            Far too many people these days think they have to go to school to learn anything – it’s just not true.

          • Ok, HERE’S where I’ll jump in. By trade I’m an electrician, but boot-strapped my way up to multiple degrees and work in the engineering field (management consulting, financial analysis, strategic management, other bullshit… you get the idea).

            But I found an old-timer welder, who basically took me under his wing, taught me how to weld, fabricate stuff, everything from 20-gauge sheet-metal all the way up to 1/2″ steel plate. In other words, everything people will see in the real world, though not industrial applications where radiography is the rule. Find a welding shop in your area, work a deal to be a laborer in return for them teaching you how to weld. Start with MIG, then stick, then TIG. MIG and stick will allow you to weld 95% of the jobs you’ll see (though not as “sexy” as TIG), is fairly cheap equipment and supplies, and it can all be thrown in the back of a pickup or large sedan, and carted to wherever you need. Keep in mind, having the skill won’t mean shit if you don’t ALREADY have the gear and supplies…

            Five months IS enough time to learn how to do it… but you have to decide to DO IT, get out there and make it happen. If you have the funds to buy the gear (but don’t have a shop to teach you) there are a butt-load of Youtube videos that will teach you the basics, and you practice from there. A good Lincoln arc-welder can be had for ~$150-200 on craigslist, a good oxy-acetylene torch rig is similar, and after that it’s picking up welding rod and gas cylinders.

            If you want to do it, then get busy. Get your gear, start practicing. In a SHTF scenario, nobody will care if your welds are stacked-dimes… they’ll care if they HOLD. And that, you have time to learn.

            Ok, I’ll shut up now….

          • If you want a rural lifestyle, learn how to install and repair submersible pumps in water wells. Go to work for, or start your own pump company. There’s a shortage of pump men, and well drillers. The industry is aging because few youngsters want to get off their butts, put up their video games, and go outside to earn a living.

        • You can’t just “do wills” part time . the only people that have money to pay someone to do a will(Jews) hire the bigtime Jew lawyer in town. There are seven Jew lawyers in the country who do all wills for (((people with money. )))

          As a white man it was a solo lawyer in the city you cannot get any business whatsoever. There are nine Jew lawyers get all of the business from the people who can actually pay a lawyer. As a conservative I cannot do personal injury and other Jewish areas of law which are bullshit.

          As a lawyer your success even as a small business owner is tied to system him in a bullshit Jewish way like the way the argument over trumps so call travel ban and the nearest for circuit kind opinion even Keller Scalia opinion weak sauce fuck pussy bullshit

      • I know. I thought you were a lawyer too? I’m totally fucked. In a big city with no support from my family from my desire to move to the country and learn to be a real man , woman who doesn’t understand a damn thing is mad at me for trying to teach them for three years. No support whatsoever for trying to go to a blue-collar job that I actually want to do. We are faced with leading our women who have no understanding. What a fucked up time to be 41 years old. Oh, my ex-wife and the divorce judge don’t understand what is coming either. Boomer dad of course does not understand as no boomers do. So I get 17 years as a lawyer in a somewhat normal world nut with express antiwhite man discrimination ( no chance at the life that bloomer lawyers had) and now that I’m old with back pain it is time for the war, finally. Fucking bullshit.

        Tfat, there are truly conservative lawyers in my generation who get it. We are just as helpless as anybody else to change the system and are trapped just like everybody else. We decided to go to law school when 18 years old and didn’t know shit about all the fucking shit I know now obviously you fat pussy fuck.

        • You are not totally fucked.

          It just feels that way.

          You have intelligence, self-discipline, and a willingness to keep bashing your head into the wall again and again and again – for 3 years (4 if you were one of the really crazy and went to night school).

          Unless you were one of those who enjoyed law school :-).

          You have the ability to pour enormous volumes of made-up shit into your head, retain it long enough to get into the exam room, and then use it over the course of 2 or 3 days to put enough smart-sounding shit onto your test papers to get that license.

          These are not trivial things.

          I had it lucky. Something changed at BigCo, I had the chance to get aboard, and I got.

          Absent a BigCo in your present or immediate future, I’d start at the very beginning … [cue Julie Andrews talking to the Von Trapp kids…]:

          1) What would you do with your life if you could do anything you wanted?

          2) Take those answers, write them down, and sort them for initial feasibility (e.g., “be a unicorn” probably should be near the bottom of the list, etc.).

          3) Now take another sheet of paper and write out your finances. How cheap can you live and not go to jail (or wind up with judgments against you that you will have to pay)? Hint — 3 will drive 2.

          4) Go back to the wish list and find those top 3 or 4 answers. Run them through the “is there any effing way on the earth that I can swing this?” filter.

          5) Repeat after doing more detailed research into the better candidates.

          You can do this, and you can (and very likely will) do it while becoming a lot more satisfied with your life (or at least a lot less dissatisfied).

          Remember a phrase I learned from the great Billy Beck:

          “Your one and only life”

          Make it, live it, love it.

          You can do this.

          • Not “Totally Fucked”, temporarily fucked until you fix it. The world needs smart people who want to do good things. A lot of lawyers are good researchers, and generally-good at solving puzzles that don’t have borders or all of the pieces. Smart kids need good examples, not always your kids.

            C-A, your list is excellent, so I’m stealing it for local distribution.

            Why would anyone want to be an employee of .gov or when he might be a contractor and make more money (not always more money per year, but I really like to make 10x my average annual income for 6 weeks, then do things that don’t make money) with less risk? Living in the 15% tax bracket is easy, when you lower your expectations.

          • Thanks. Down to my last $4,000.00. No capital.

            Next move is in with parents or live in (paid off) car. (Current woman / mother of third child rejected idea of getting some land and a trailer in the mountains of NC back when I could have done that with $34,000 (last of former savings) five months ago.). Gave $400,000 to ex wife last 8 years — after tax dollars.

            If I sound crazy.. you can’t imagine.

            Ex wife took about $600,000 of what should be wealth I’d have for my kids. All gone.

            I can survive fine. Harder to also protect 3 children with no money.

            Still no dollar collapse. Everyone else seems to be just fine with their corporate jobs and BMWs, especially the women.

            • Have you thought of moving to another town to practice? There are plenty of non-Jew lawyers in my area of North Georgia. If they are Jews, they hide it well sitting in the Presbyterian and Baptist church pews.

              There seems to be plenty of work for title attorneys and development is picking up. Housing is picking up again. You already have an excellent means to make a living and generate wealth.

              It’s true, money ain’t everything, unless you don’t have any.

          • My favorite saying was.

            “this isn’t a dress rehearsal – it’s showtime”

        • There’s room for small businesses that need legal advice and K stuff done from time to time, at least around here. I’m sorry you’re situation sucks. Having said that, figure it out. You’re smart enough to put the time and effort into LSATs and the bar, and we both know that’s no small feat. It was a suggestion I made and run with it or don’t. You’re the master of your fate, make it happen.

        • If you can’t get all the way out to the “country” – then at least get to a suburb where you can get some land. Consider it a training ground on a small scale for actually being in “the country”. You might have a far better chance of convincing the wife of a move to the suburbs – than all the way out to “the country”.

          I live on half acre. I built my own house , built the barn – have a tractor – guns – etc. If I moved to a more rural setting – I would have a lot of the skills already I would need from what I’ve learned here.

          If I was living in the concrete jungle – I would not have had the opportunity to even learn the stuff I have. Halfway there is better than nothing.

    • cops
      .gov employees

      good luck when the lights go out. 🙂
      you certainly made a lot of NOT friends.

      military is going to be abandoned overseas or just executed en masse.
      think about it. troops are at the mercy of their corrupt commanders.
      all leaders at this point are rotten and are not to trusted…
      haven’t you learned anything?

      best bet learn to build/repair/grow and of course,

      shoot move and communicate.

      • Don’t you think that cops and military with access to heavy equipment and a lot of trained friends have a better chance than regular civilians with nothing but ignorant families when the lights go out?

        Another thing I’m talking about is using either the military or a local police department for the training.

    • Anon on this one

      Hey Anon, I know that feel.

      There are people @, and working on setting up a legal defense fund for traditional Americans who get in trouble for bullshit (defending themselves against commies, whatever). A lawyer with beliefs and the willingness to do this type of work is needed. Check them out, reach out to get vetted, network with the locals, and you could be the guy. And yes, get out of the city and at least to the burbs, as one commenter said below.

  5. Keep in mind that these scopes are marketed to those engaged in the SPORT of combat shooting. From personal experience I can say that small objective lens scopes are worse than worthless in low light situations NODS not withstanding. A 40mm obj. lens quality scope (nothing below $450) should be considered minimal equipment as an all round optic.

    • The PFI scope is a 3-12×42 model. I would rather have a steel peep than 1x glass/red dot for distances where I can ID the target. This may not always be the case as I get older eyes.

  6. Believe me, I *understand* being on a budget, but I absolutely hate BDC reticles. They’ll get you close, but never exactly pinpoint accuracy because of differing barrel lengths, bullet weights, bore to scope height or a dozen other factors. I really suggest getting a scope with a MOA or MIL reticle that you can put on any rifle with any caliber & it’ll still work. The thing is, you have to put some rounds downrange to confirm your come-ups and record them. It can be as basic as putting a piece of tape on the side of the stock & writing the DOPE down with a sharpie. You’ll have the information you need for your rifle & your ammo.
    I’m not connected with but i suggest you try one of their SS scopes. I bought one in November & is working out pretty well ( Thirty millimeter tube, first focal plane optics, available in MOA or MIL and affordable. It’s a couple hundred dollars more than the one referenced above, but I believe, a much more versitle piece of equipment.

    • I have a 10XSS on a 20mil rail~ R700, it shoots well @800

    • With all due respect, this is not a precision scope meant for target shooting. It is completely designed around the concept of rapidly engaging humans at ranges that the average 5.56 equipped rifleman cannot. Key word on rapidly. Also, a main reason I chose to sell my FFP optic, MIL-MIL equipped precision rifle, is the fact that this rifle doesn’t need the amount of preparation and constant practice to maintain the level of precision shooting skill to hit targets at extended distance. Granted, this is not a precision target rifle, but the rifle and ammo combination are capable of 1/2 MOA accuracy. And, you can still dial your DOPE into this scope as well. So there really is no difference between this and a traditional all MIL reticle, other than the fact that you would have to reference a DOPE sheet, and I wouldn’t to start getting rounds on target at distance. Like I said in the article “American SVD”. Don’t confuse that with target shooting at long distance.

  7. I’ve had a PFI reticle scope sitting on top of my AR for the last two years. Love that scope and reticle. Not as “busy” as a Horus (they are great too) and a heck of lot cheaper.

    Grey Ghost

  8. ” I want to be one of those who served. “

    Retired First Sergeant, 21 plus years, my thoughts to you are this: Respectfully, Sir, there are many ways you can serve without trying to put on a uniform and go AD. There are many people who would benefit from ‘pro bono’ or greatly, or semi-reduced services from a person like yourself.

    From what I hear from guys who are still AD or having recently gotten out, the chickenshit is so deep it’s unbelievable. The pay ain’t to hot; the chow typically sucks (unless you’re on an AF base, heh), and you never see the end of chicken shit make work sensitivity training and details, even for the officer corps. The Officer/NCO club system has been tamed to the point of needing subsidies because nobody wants to go there for an informal gathering or party. The commissary is as expensive as civilian supermarkets and the Post/Base exchange system can easily be beaten by ‘big box’ chains like Costco and Sam’s Club. Maybe that will reverse itself with SECDEF Mattis, but that change will take considerable time, as much of the leadership currently serving remain because they agreed with the last CINC’s ideas of what the military should be (across ALL branches).

    I’ve had a couple nephews who seriously considered a commission after college; both of which I might add are in superb condition, 3.8 to 4.0 GPA students, life long hunters/shooters, and love doing ‘survivalist stuff’ on occasion. One went to Quantico for the OCS summer camp; the other talked almost endlessly with the Army and Navy. Both came to the conclusion the military of today is not what their fathers, grandfathers, and uncles experienced, and didn’t go. I look at their decisions today, and continue to applaud them.

    My .02

    • Thanks. Need to write more when I get to a computer. I was hoping that Trump and/or Mattie might change this but you addressed it. Yes I know just like everything else if you go to the army’s website you see nigger woman in front and clear with white man faded in the back. This is done on purpose. Every single photograph. It looks as if there are no white men in the military.

      The goddamn fucking United States military uses the same Jew marketing firm as target and Facebook.

      I am more sort of asking whether any of you knowledgeable folks thinks things really are going to be changing soon. I want to join trumps army.

      Or a private army or gang that has a chance.

      • Look at images of combat units. There are a few Hispanics, a few/single Black, and an occasional Asian or Amerindian, but most are hard-hitting White men. The pictures the military propaganda corps put out are what the CiC would approve of, and until 4 weeks ago that was 24 years of socialists and collaborators in that Office.

    • +1 on USAF chow. I was a little heavy (#1 below h/w max) after 6.5 years of 5-wheel-chair and meals every 6 hours. Lots of fresh fruit & veg, real meat in real amounts (never rare), tending slightly to Southern cuisine. We fixed the heck out of the gear, often without budget or real TM’s, while well-fed. Go get ’em, Captain.

    • You are one of the ones I’m jealous of. So you retired at the age of about 38 or 40 and now you run a business doing training. I was a super fit person I was 18 and I should’ve joined then but never thought about it at that time

      I want to be like one of the guys on YouTube with a gun review channel who is ex military.

      Too late.

  9. SemperFi, 0321

    In all honesty, how many of you can memorize all that shit while under stress? Anyone remember KISS?
    I have an older S&B 1.5-6x with a simple stadia line reticle on my M-14, it’s more like a simple binocular rangefinder, and it gets confusing trying to remember what all the lines do and what the spacing is. Especially when you own more than one rifle with rangefinding scope. Copy picture of reticle, make notes, and tape to buttstock with clear tape.
    I bought a SS scope yrs ago, traded it to a Marine buddy who understood mildots, way too complicated for me.
    I actually got to use the original VN issue M40 rifle while a S-2 Scout with 1/9 in 1973-74, with it’s plastic Accurange reticle. Now that was simplicity, but in it’s time, it was all we had.
    We’ve now overcomplicated everything to the point of insanity, if you don’t use and train with it every day, you can’t remember how to use it in a week or month. And for some of you it’s the cat’s meow, others, not so much. It all depends on how much you like playing with new trick gadgets. Some of us still like simplicity.

    • “We’ve now overcomplicated everything to the point of insanity, if you don’t use and train with it every day, you can’t remember how to use it in a week or month” That’s why this scope is a great option, you don’t have to. Any rifleman should be able to range his target, in fact you need to to hit anything, irregardless of what reticle or sights you are using. So if your going to range the target, why not just line it up with the numbered line in the scope that is already there? And as far as the two sets of distance numbers that are used depending on your elevation above sea level, your either above 3000, or below it. It’s not that hard. Anyone who is out in the field worrying about bad guys is probably doing land nav anyways, so he ought to know his elevation above sea level, or close to it. And with all due respect, anyone who can run a PRC whatever and chew Copenhagen at the same time without choking on it can easily run one of these scopes. Semper Fi

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Back in those days, my MOS was also 0351; 106rr, 3.5″ and M274A5 mule driver. Then switched to S-2 Scouts, for the thrill of running in small teams.

        • Shocktroop0351

          I envy you getting to use a recoil-less rifle. The day I was told I was going to be a 51 I thought I won the lottery. I thought for sure I was going to be an 11, which I would have enjoyed, but 51 was just a whole lot of fun.

    • I’ve always been a big fan of KISS

      In the dense woods, scopes are just more shit.

      Why would anyone not operate in the cover of woods anyways?

  10. First Focal Plane +++
    30 mm tube +
    42 mm objective ~~
    $399 +
    BDC for the math challenged (gets strategic metals
    Far better than Iron Sights
    Gets the average Joe into the fight.
    Just add trigger time.

  11. I had the pleasure to review a couple of PFI’s older rimfire optics a few years back (both models they had at the time, a 6×40 and a 3-9×32 model, both with the “Rapid Reticle”). I met a representative of theirs thru a forum we were both active in, and as I was doing a lot of “precision rimfire trainer” work back in the day (2009ish), he mailed them to me to demo.

    I was pretty impressed. Glass quality was superb. Adjustments worked as advertised with the specified repeatability. The Rapid Reticle is a good idea, but it suffers from the flaws that all BDC reticles have…. more so perhaps because the high velocity .22 ammo that these scopes were meant for use with is about the most inconsistent damned ammunition on the face of the earth.

    With that said though- I wouldn’t be the least bit hesitant to put a PFI optic on a rifle. Don’t go by the distances assigned to the BDC hashes, go out, shoot, put the scope thru its paces and figure out what’s what for the rifle and ammo you’re shooting.

  12. I have a 762NATO BDC dial on one of my Lplds, takes but a second to crank in the yardage (everything under 500 is combat zero) works like a charm every time.

  13. I’m so confused… can I quickly zero and center a lawyer at unknown distance using a $400 BDC reticle like this?

    That’s a jo, I say a Joke, Son!

    Srsly, I have the same KISS reservations I always have to scopes with gridirons on them, given my limited range time and multiple rifle platforms.
    Just trying to fit this optic to one rifle/application is a puzzle.

    Now, if I could put one on each of my rifles, of either chambering, bolt or auto, and wring them all out with a dedicated load….

  14. I have a scope with BDC reticle on my AR 15. It’s not as precise as other setups I have, but I can bang the shit out of 9 inch steel plates out to 600. Quickly. If I want to take the time to dial the dope I can get more precise, but that’s not the purpose. As far as getting rounds on (bad guy sized) target quickly there’s really nothing faster. Minute Of Lawyer all day long 😉

  15. Trajectory and reticles are only part of the task of connecting at half mile + ranges. Range and field time with varying environmental and target conditions coupled with good glass and an optimized cartridge all become critical. You have to be able to see the target subject to mirage, dust, light and contrast, camo, etc. and while feature laden, cheap scopes often can’t deliver under less than perfect targeting conditions. Young eyes beat old eyes. Setting the scope up with a tall target test and getting good turret repeatability can help as viewing 1000 yard targets through the optical center is often better than targeting at the bottom of a Christmas tree reticle. Matching turret and reticle units is also useful to keep math out of scope adjustments. A spotter with a good optic is another almost mandatory frustration dampener.

    If one doesn’t have an AR10 variant a 6.5 Grendel upper can be put on an AR15 lower and has an identical trajectory to the 175gn 308 and the high BC bullet eclipses both the 556 at all ranges and the 308 past 800 yds with lower recoil.

    The Primary Arms ACSS version of these reticles is less cluttered and has intuitive human ranging features. They have a version tailored to 556 as the trajectory of the 556 diverges from the 308 reticle beyond 600 yards. Athlon also has some nice inexpensive versions of these scopes. They are all built in the same Chinese factory but different importers will have varying QC and warranty levels. Another good scope in this price range is the Weaver 3-10 Tactical Grand Slam mil dot (second focal plane). It’s Japanese glass makes up for its basic feature set and it is light and well built.

    Ranging with angular subtension on unknown target sizes at extended ranges can induce distance errors that exceed the danger space yardage bracket on a vitals sized hit zone beyond 800 yards. A good laser range finder can help. Here again cheap range finders can often lase to extended ranges but the crappy spotting monocular make target designating difficult.

    These types of scopes are a good way to try long range practical shooting if you live somewhere near a long range or near outdoors that support it. The Chinese scopes that survive early hard use can be a decent value but for other than the occasional user their cost is high enough that better glass at 2-3 times the price is often a better lifelong investment. 30 years from now your eyes will appreciate the payoff from higher spec optics.

  16. “If you can put 3 rounds under 3 inches with a deer rifle at 100 yards any day of the week, you can use this rifle system.”


  17. How durable are these types of optics? I’ve been using them for years on deer rifles, but not jumping in the dirt with them. I have GRSC 1-4x and Vortex 3x prism scopes, but I haven’t beat them up either.

    I’ve seen the pictures of Aimpoints and Trijicons beat to shit and still functioning. A broken scope today is just an inconvenience to send off for repair, but are these durable enough to bet your life on when customer service no longer exists?