Codrea: Federal 4th Circuit Decision Validates The Doomsayers On The Heller Case


They can rule scawy bwack wifles as not protected by the 2A.

Both the King’s Courts and the King’s Men have a small problem remaining, however.

You might recall the term “polygonal battlespace”.

It will become more polygonal as time passes and optempo increases.

32 responses to “Codrea: Federal 4th Circuit Decision Validates The Doomsayers On The Heller Case

  1. Add this to all those bigger infringements that happened in 1934, 1968, 1986, etc.

    If your governor had a pair of balls, you’d have full auto inside your own state and the fedgov would be told there’s no interstate commerce/transfer going on and to bud out –just like they do with pot in Colorado.

  2. POd American

    What the black-robed asshats stated in their opinion had NOTHING to do with the wording, or meaning, or spirit of the law, with the 2nd amendment.
    BTW, the SCOTUS got in wrong in the wording of Heller too, and we all know it.

      • lastmanstanding

        Outstanding Od! 9am mst and I’m out the door to ‘get me sum!’.

        Couple inches of fresh snow and clearing skies. Got biz to do, big Friday pt, rounds to send down range/repurchase on plus side and a walk in the mountains to end the day.

        Biz before pleasure for now…’don’t go down without one helluva fight’

    • Yep.

  3. How many fucks do I give?



  4. So where in the restrictions on government of the Constitution and further additional restrictions declared in the Bill of Rights does it grant the authority to the judicial branch to interpret, define or rule on any part of the document that restricts its authority ?


    That makes any judicial ruling on anything contained within it an unauthorized expansion of illegitimate judicial authority
    Lots of people, agencies and politicians ignoring lawful laws these days to suit their own ideas so where do you stand on obeying unlawful ones ?
    Better figure it out.

  5. I have bought a few toys thru the years. One is a Norinco that looks like an AK-47. Another one is a Ruger Mini-30. One is black and “looks mean” the other is nice and pretty with a nice wood stock and looks a lot like a rifle my grandpa used to have. What’s the difference since they both fire the same bullet and the colors are different. One would be banned as a Mean & Ugly Assault (looking) rifle. The other looks nice and pretty therefore is OK. The asshats making these stupid laws do not have a clue what they are doing.
    Just my 2 cents worth for the discussion.

  6. Someone should introduce the powerful robed figures to the Scarry black riffles they so want to get rid of…. That being said when can just drone you with a hellfire missile what difference does a flipping horizon range weapon make in the battlespace . War is 3 dimensional and a ar15 ain’t gonna cut it unless you can see them.

  7. They can only take what you give them…. or allow them to have.

  8. Mr. Codrea is such an admirable dreamer. But really now…maybe the right judges will fix this? Hell, it’s still an unknown whether the most remarkable president in history can fix this. And much, much worse…it’s still an unknown whether or not he wants to.

    Lotta known unknowns out there. I can tell you this much…if WTI crude doesn’t drop below 50, and fast, we’re going to war. That’ll be a polygonal battlespace, to twist the phrase, since there should be at least three sides. And if Alan’s still kickin’, maybe four. Hey, it’s what he always wanted.

  9. “ALL OF THEM” Really? So, when the evil black gun is outlawed we’ll all still have evil black guns? Do we all have unregistered SBR’s and unregistered full-autos now?

  10. I don’t know, every single state that has banned them to date the people there just bent over and took it and said “well at least I got to keep my (fill in the blank) guns…but one more infringement and then I’m going to go all 3% on them!” I know its fun to make comments like “they tried to come for our guns in 1776 and it didn’t work out so well for them” but it’s not 1776 anymore and Americans don’t have any fight left in them unless you call taking over a remote Wildlife Refuge with no clear plan until finally screaming like a madman on the phone that the feds were moving in to kill you when they decide to finally end your fantasy camp. I mean did anyone listen to the live feed? It’s painfully embarrassing, if I was in the anti-Patriot camp I would be playing this on a loop to recruit people. You can enjoy all 4+ hours of it here, seriously give it a listen:

  11. The Usual Suspect

    What is the difference between that scary AR-15 and a 10-22 ?
    Nothing !

  12. Another circus court decision.
    Couldn’t we just abolish all the circuit courts? What purpose do they serve? What added benefit do they provide to the judicial system? Why is the Federal government appointing judges to meddle in local affairs?
    So glad we moved out of Marylandistan.

  13. OH….and by the way the ‘oath keepers’?…..bunch of REMF’s that just like to blather on and feel good about themselves while doing…..NOTHING!!

  14. Yet more evidence of Lincoln’s leviathan running amok.

    IF this 4th Circuit decision goes to SCOTUS, I believe SCOTUS will uphold the 4th Circuit en banc decision. THEN will you upgrade the threat level?

    Grey Ghost

    • Threat levels are personal. Me? I’m at “It’s July, 1939, and I am a Pole trying to both get ready and enjoy what remaining peace there is.”

      I agree with your forecast – even with Gorsuch on the panel.

  15. just plain todd

    CA, that there is masthead for a week. its july 1939……… i would love to enjoy my retirement, but i don’t want to die of parkinsons,alzheimers, be stroked out, etc. better to die years early, than minutes late. hopefully its for a good cause, but wtf. the older i get, the less i know. kings to the north and kings to the east. i don’t see the USA mentioned in the last pages of the good book. if i was God, i would put the USA’s enema hose right up its ass……..kaliforniastan or DC. tuff call. maybe 2 hoses. thanks for all your work.

  16. This decision gets ignored by the SC, or validated, you have just witnessed the death certificate of the US Constitution being signed, endorsed, and filed. It was on life support anyway. The old girl was bound to go, anytime.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You and I know it. but the masses are still busy believing the system is working.
      Still getting stupid emails from friends who believe the republicans are the good guys in white hats, and laughing at the dumbass democrats. We will never undo or fix this 2 party system, it’s too ingrained in their brainwashing.

  17. The wisdom of a bygone age should be remembered by more citizens.

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms. . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
    — Jefferson’s “Commonplace Book,” 1774-1776, quoting from On Crimes and Punishment, by criminologist Cesare Beccaria, 1764

  18. I could have sworn that the Miller case in 1939 was decided on whether or not certain guns like a sawed off shotgun were in current military use and thus available under the 2nd to the citizenry. Now its, all guns have military use, thus all can be banned.

    So much for legal precedence. All that matters is 5 of 9 judges agree.

  19. The 2nd only mentions Arms – The Batfaggots only control Firearms – Arms are not the same as Firearms.

    But the country is ignorant as fuck so…