Gab Tutorial


A walkthrough of the social media platform designed to be the anti-Twitter.

In multiple ways.

We’re on Gab at @WRSA.

9 responses to “Gab Tutorial

  1. I tried to get on it awhile ago. Received a snarky message that “you are #225,010 on our waiting list”. Still waiting.

  2. Steve Parker, MD

    I just now followed @WRSA at Gab.
    I’m migrating away from Twitter. The censorship getting intolerable.
    At Gab I’m @steveparkermd. But I gab more about fitness, nutrition, and diabetes than freedom and guns.

  3. @ProGunFred

    See y’all there.

  4. Folks who get a waiting list message should check their spam folder. A lot of people’s invites get sent there. It’s only taking a few days to get in.

  5. Yeah, uh, No. Sorry, Boss, but I’m not going to wade through 5,000 words telling me how to do whatever this is, in a language that is completely baffling to me. One fine day, the geeks of this world may realize that they’re just a little too technical, and a little too wordy, but I’ll be long dead by then. Of course, they won’t know how to break what it is they’re trying to say into something that the average person can understand, so nobody’s perfect. I just finished a bout with McAfee and their magic spell, fuck up my computer by installing the new version, and multiple billing fantasy, horse shit, so I guess I’m not ready for more techno projectile vomit. I do have a question. How come we seem to have all the time in the world to do something wrong over and over and over again, but we never have the time to do something right, once?

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Signed on several times over the past few months. Same same. Said they’d get back to me. Meh…..