Geographic Dispersion Of WRSA Readers To Date In 2017


Compare all of 2016:


So sayeth WordPress.

Not bad.

26 responses to “Geographic Dispersion Of WRSA Readers To Date In 2017

  1. lol, like anybody expected a different metric ?
    Lmao – Good one ! ;-P

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    My eyes ain’t what they used to be–but I swear–I see a big VOID of intense readership in lands formerly known as EUROPE.

    Could be a real big part of the issues they are having there.

    Mebbe they don’t like hearing what we got to say…but where’s their infinite


    for OUR VIEWS?

    • “I see a big VOID of intense readership in lands formerly known as EUROPE.” Agreed. Although I think the focus here is primarily on U’S. issues and what we can do here, which might not be as relavent or of interest to people from other places as much. It might be interesting to see the results for in regard to views from Europe. Also curious as to what sites the Europeans use. For so many in France to have support for Marine Le Pen or the Dutch to have so much support for Geert Wilders I have to believe there are online places of political discussion over there that they go to.

  3. In soviet amerika, blog read you!

  4. Looks like you lost some ground in Africa…just sayin’

  5. Am I to assume that there are no WRSA readers outside the U.S. as shown by no visible red outside the U.S.?

    Curious also to are those really individual Internet addresses that check in here, individual visits from each invidual address no matter how many pages they view each visit, or are they simply total page views counting all the pages looked at by all the visitors? I am not quite sure how these numbers are counted.

    Anyway, pulling out my calculator (because although I am a bit OCD I am not an Autistic Savant): 1,455,153 total visits so far this year divided by 53 days so far this year (22 Feb) = 27,455.7 visits per day, times 365 days in this year = 10,021336.7 visits total projected for this year at current rate?

    Wow. Whether 8 or 10 million That’s a lot. Unfortunately the number of visitors vs contributors is par for the course in that you have a lot more lurking than posting. (Although I do wish some people here would just shut up some times if they have nothing positive or useful to say…)

    Thanks for the fine job you are doing running the place allowing people to exchange views and ideas and experiences without letting it get too crazy… 🙂

    • POd American

      I also did the math and making assumptions about reader hits per year, the lurkers are increasing.

  6. WRSA’s Law:

    Blog traffic equals what Bracken says divided by how much ammo is available times the number of cities burning.

    At this rate, by end of summer you could replace CNN.

  7. Hey, that’s ME on Florida’s east coast!!! Right under the bump that’s Cape Canaveral AF Station… (look closely, you’ll see me waving and carrying the flag.)

    Congrats, CA. Well deserved, well earned. You’re a daily stop on my keyboard travels. And frequently quoted on my FB page.

  8. One lonely patriot in the socialist outpost of Kanuckistan.

  9. OT.
    I see a golden op for MaxV. Texas has a massive feral hog problem — .
    1) They are no longer hogs. They are OPFOR.
    2) Find a willing rancher trying to get rid of them.
    3) Range training is now a live fire – mobility exercise.

    Looks like a win-win all ’round. 🙂

  10. Where is Isle de Tfat? Such a font of wisdom and steadfastness should be readily visible, even at this scale.

    • outlawpatriot


    • tfA-t ventured into the states today.

      i wasn’t disappointed with the societal freak show and utter poverty i witnessed. tattoo parlors and coffee shops on every corner, with hair salons, liquor stores, and bars, did i mention bars? bars. bars. bars. and then a wal-fart and burgerworld at the other end.

      What A Country!

      • Assuming you made it back to Detroit, Michigan (I say that because in a post you mentioned Cooley and Finney High Schools). Although I guess what you describe would apply to most American cities. Although Wal-Marts and fast food places (and unhealthy fat people) are pretty much everywhere in America these days.

        I’ve noticed liquor stores and bars (which provides temporary escape) and lotto tickets and storefront churches (which provides a hope of a better life one day in the future) thrive in poor areas. Hair and nail salons (because no matter what a girl’s gotta look good). Also the poor areas seem to where the adult bookstores and massage parlors are allowed. Not to mention the no-tell motels and the strip clubs (because some girls gotta work to support their child and/or drug habit).

        There are so many able bodied young adults hooked on drugs. A whole army’s worth of military aged males and females in their fertile years with their minds and bodies messed up and rendered useless to be anything other than a liability on society. It is terribly sad and frustrating.

        I myself live in the Detroit metro area, so I guess I’ll be one of your 100-200 million to bite the dust in the coming dust-up. I myself hope for a better outcome and a better future than that. If I am wrong… oh well. It was fun while it lasted. Maybe some time later a future generation can start all over again and give it another try. 🙂

        • “Maybe some time later a future generation can start all over again and give it another try. 🙂”

          Sorry, Wendy, but…

          …according to the miserable, misanthropic cynic, psychopathic stooge of Satan, TeeheeheeFAT, will end just the same.

          It’s not his insistence on this reality that irritates me so, it is that he has nothing to offer, no greater vision, no remedy… that, and his arrogant braying jackassery, his undeserved and assumed air of superiority, and his dismissal of millions of people to death because he doesn’t approve of them.

          Sound familiar?

          And, again, sorry Wendy, but Human. Nature. precludes the possibility that a future generation will possibly “get it right.”

          Is this prick right? Absent a moral revival, a return to a reliance upon something greater than MAN… yes.

          But his jeering, scoffing and hooting is that of the tantrum of a rebellious child rather than an offering of help, hope or salvation.

          I trust the contrast of motives and intent is sufficiently clear.

  11. Publius X Maul

    When I had a blog (for only 2 months) I had hundreds of readers from Russia, Hungary, Poland, etc.

    I must have been doing something right.

  12. Hmm. The Boyz are usually the Best, but I’m not so sure about this. I’m glad I’m a simpleton—I don’t even think about dealing with thugs. Dealing and thuggery are opposites.

  13. Africa, I noticed that too. But im looking at the Middle east… Looks like you need a little more diversity and tolerance to get those readers. ( back.)

  14. Trump effect.

  15. I will remind you to increase the budget for goats to contribute to the Muslim outreach program, at the next meeting.