GoV: Höcke’s Fate – Why The AfD Rendered Itself Less Effective

A long but important guest post on what happened to the man delivering the speech above.

And why the upcoming German elections are likely to be a fizzle, even if Angela is sent packing.

Germany and France are the prizes sought by the Red/Green alliance.

You’re next, BTW.

God bless the Dutch and Geert Wilders.


5 responses to “GoV: Höcke’s Fate – Why The AfD Rendered Itself Less Effective

  1. Stealth Spaniel

    WW2 ended 72 years ago-the world needs to move on-including the weasels in Germany. A lot of good people suffered in WW2, and not all were Jews. The Jews started out as Hitler’s personal whipping post, but pretty soon, a lot of those who died in concentration camps were not Jews. So Hitler was pretty much an all opportunity murderer. If you, as a middle/lower class German stood against the monstrosity that was Nazisism, you lost your ration card, your freedom, and your life. Usually in that order. The fact that anyone was brave enough to stand against Hitler says a lot about the German soul.
    Importing murderers who will do Hitler+1000 is not an answer. It simply perpetuates the problem. I’m hoping that there is a resurgence of patriotism for what Germany truly is.

  2. Yes good luck to them. Hope they get things figured out. Maybe they could start by allowing mucho mas Africaners back into Holland, as things are pretty bad there now.

  3. Germany’s attempts to get rid of the AFD will be in vain. By the time of the September elections, Europe and the Eu will be in flames. First is March 15 in the Netherlands. Geert will win if he survives. His security detail was caught giving his movements to ISIS. When he wins, chaos. Hell, between Sweden and Paris, riots are near daily now. That will turn to civil war when Le Pen wins in May. Whoever wins the German elections wins nothing. AFD wins by default.