K Blog: Make Borders Acceptable Again


Or not.

Each path has consequences.

Whether you like them or not.

22 responses to “K Blog: Make Borders Acceptable Again

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

  2. payetteriver


    If this was a picture taken under Obama, nobody in the comment section would be defending this horseshit.

    • This has happened many times before, including under the Obama Administration, but because he was The Chosen One it was all good with them. CBP is within their rights and it is part of their mandate to do inspections within 100 miles of a border. Both SFO and JFK fall into that catchment area. On a PCS to Washington State, we were “inspected” at a popup station in New Mexico. Ironically, the non-US but legal residents (myself and others) were waived through, but they stopped and essentially harassed my husband, the only US citizen of the group AND a commissioned military officer. THAT was offensive. Lefties getting wee weed up because illegals transiting through the country might feel “unsafe” leaving a “sanctuary city” is perfectly okay with me.

    • Among the local leftists, Obama was the Deporter In Chief.

  3. Ex-el Presidente Vincente Fox, current el Presidente Nieto, Minister Videgaray et al seem to be getting pretty froggy lately with what is “acceptable” to them and talking smack about their “leverage”.

    What part of the BFYTW message didn’t translate?

    Honeybadger Deplorables don’t give a …

  4. I crossed into the hellhole called Fusa today.

    Was treated like a criminal, when re-entering Heaven to the North, I was welcomed, smiled at, and treated like a guest.

    and to think i wore that putrid uniform of the nazis at one time.


    • And you’re still a piece of traitorous trash. You’re treated as a criminal because you are one, crippled in mind and spirit.

      • you POS

        go to your MaxV civilian BS training.

        you’re gonna need it and a whole lot more if you ever come up against someone like me.


        • Actually I’d really like to ‘come up against someone like ‘you’. I know your type very well….all talk the bullshit. Your posts on this blog tell volumes about your ahem ‘intellect’, pointless rantings and gratuitous insults. Nope, you’re the piss your pants type and I don’t even need to see the yellow stripe running up your spine to know.

    • You were treated like a criminal. Your picture and prints are posted at all border crossings. Beware.You are a known warmonger.

      • lol

        they treat everyone like that,
        you wouldn’t know because you don’t ever get out of your own tiny world.

        didn’t you just get run through the court system?

        yet you still believe. lol

        the murkins are the dumbest people on earth.

    • Isn’t Justin Beiber running that place now?

  5. The Trojan Horse was delivered years ago. We all knew it & watched the train wreck I slow motion.

    ‘The Society of the Spectacle’.

    Meanwhile in Mexico – practice has begun.

  6. There’s an interesting paradox attendant upon the idea of “National Borders”.

    If you choose to have “National Borders” … you have to give up your “Private Borders”. That is, you have to give up some Property Rights; because those “National Borders” are paid for with money which is looted from YOU, under the guise of taxation.

    Of course, if you actually had “Private Borders”, around your own property, then your wealth wouldn’t be looted by .Gov. If your wealth wasn’t looted by .Gov, it couldn’t be used to sponsor the flood of immigration … and you wouldn’t need those “National Borders” after all.

    Clearly, “National Borders” offend against the notion of individual’ Property Rights.

    • Which is why there is an imminent domain clause in the Constitution (if you still believe in that piece of parchment). IF there ever was a case for imminent domain by the fed.gov national borders would be it.

      Grey Ghost

  7. The Usual Suspect

    Don’t come back, your not welcome !

  8. Interesting. I would not hesitate in the least to light up a motherfucker invading my personal space (for the mentally challenged tfA-t…that means ‘home’) but then go out in the world and do business at places where the entire staff is…..brown. Go figure.

    • yet you never had the balls to serve in the real military did you?

      you’re just another wannabe who doesn’t amount to a fly on shit.

      • “and to think i wore that putrid uniform of the nazis at one time”
        “yet you never had the balls to serve in the real military did you?”
        Which real military would that be ?