On The Russian Way Of War


Worth slogging your way through the medium in which the article is available, this essay by the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia helps to understand both what has recently been, as well as what may soon be again.

Study catalyst:

How well would the FUSA .gov be able to counter a campaign as described, given the irreparable harm it has inflicted on its own credibility over the past fifteen years?

UPDATE 1245E 24FEB2017: For those who don’t want to bother with that kludgy link, here is a .pdf of the magazine. Cited article is on page 23, with an important follow-on at page 30.

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  1. Careful there.
    The host page may be a trigger.
    Joomag.com ?????

    144 pages long.

    Could this be the next Unrestricted Warfare?

  2. Russia is doing this in microcosm in Syria./ S//

  3. The irony is killing me. Many probably read this article thinking the USA is outclassed by these forward-thinking Russians without realizing that the Russians are talking about tactics used by the USA. The lessons from this article were learned by watching us destabilize nations 1st then send in our military as “peacekeeping” forces.

    As for how well our gov would do countering such tactics, we are in the process of seeing. The forces which gulled us into using these tactics against others is now using them against the Trump administration, and how that turns out remains to be seen.

  4. To readers who actually go & read CA’s links: The site is a bloated publication engine that could only have been contracted & paid-for dearly by the pound. Do yourself a favor; once you’re there at the article look on the left side, click on the downward arrow (’bout 4th one down) and download the whole issue as a PDF then read it off-line. You’re welcome.

    Don’t miss the follow-up article on pg. 30 of the magazine on understanding Gerasimov & the Russian view on how they view things like annexation (you know, ’cause we did the Balkans up so well). Keep in mind when it comes time for the McCain-Graham War Bond Sales Drive.

  5. Hey heads up, google seems to be messing with the search engines, making it more confusing and or difficult to get on certain sites.

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