Shaking The Tyrant’s Bloody Hand


Link-rich exposition from ChicagoBoyz on Putin, Russia, and realpolitik.

How does war of any size with Russia serve the interests of traditional Americans?

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  1. Publius X Maul

    Maryland is full of faggots and queers. The other states in the Fourth don’t belong with Maryland.

  2. Funny thing is. If the Ruskies did hack the election, it worked. Clinton won the popular vote.

  3. Publius X Maul

    It really is the Jew.

    I’m sorry if this hurts any boomers’ vaginas.

  4. “How does war of any size with Russia serve the interests of traditional Americans?” Move the rectile on the scope a little higher — “How would the US WIN such a war?”

    A nuke exchange is not winning for anyone on this ball of rocks. (Iran’s protestations to the contrary) In a conventional set piece battle the US does not have the logistical chops to win. If Ukraine is any example of the prowess of 4Gen war on our side somebody at DoD needs to reread the manual; it ain’t going so well.

    So factor all the angles and engagement looks like a loser. Best move is not to play?

    • Your reply seems to indicate a thought process that might consider there IS a reason to go to war with Russia.

      Where is there ANY reason to go to war with Russia outside of the a-hole cloud people stirring up shit? I can’t think of a single goddam reason why this country should be at war with Russia – and probably dozens of reasons why we should not.

      Here’s one that pretty much never gets brought up.

      Look at what has been happening to birth rates in Western countries, all the immigration bullshit that is going on in Europpe right now, female behavior – and now go look at the military (not civilian) casualties that Germany too during WW2.

      What type of MEN get called up for military service? It’s not the weaklings.

      Look at female behavior vis a vi masculinity as compared to weak mean.

      Getting into a war – pretty much ANY war where the most virile portion of the male population gets marched off to get planted in the ground – is probably a pretty damn good indicator of cultural suicide. It might take a while to completely manifest – but I would be willing to bet there is a DIRECT connection.

      I’m taking shit in some of the other threads here because I say the alt-right needs to get their shit together on some basic principles. Well one of them is something that libertarian and paleoconservative thinkers have said over and over again: WAR IS THE HEALTH OF THE STATE.

      Which is exactly why lefties of all stripes love it so much.

      The alt right really needs to get their heads straight on this shit.

      • the Trumpaholic “alt-Right” is currently being converged by Zion, just as the Conservative movement was during the 1990’s. And the whole point of a war with Russia is precisely to finish off the northern hemisphere White nations…Russia in particular, since Putin will not submit to open-borders ethnno-globalization and the White birthrate-killing kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism. In general, the Zio-warmongers think Israel is safely south of the main blast and radiation zones; in particular, most of the (((billionaires))) think they’ll be safely bunkered on their private islands and Paraguayan estancias.

  5. Publius X Maul

    Links are antiwhite (((MSM))) lies.

    Boo boo, Russia has a list of (((human rights activists))) who push “racism” myth in 99.999999% white Russia as enemies of the people.

    Don’t you get it yet?

    It’s whites vs (((them))).

  6. hummus abedin

    Get off my grass! Protests erupt in LA after off-duty cop was filmed pulling his GUN and opening fire at a gang of teens in scuffle after they ‘walked on his lawn’

  7. Thought I’d pass on some wonderful news!

    Burn in hell, motherfucker.


      socabill: I saw the story on Breitbart. Did you read the comments?! You would have thought wolves had eaten Lassie! Folks were slobbering all over themselves with the usual maudlin platitudes. This creep was an unrepentant Commie-liberal shill for the “fair and balanced” frauds. I’m still waiting for that rat bastard Commie Bill Press to assume room temperature. I just about threw an ashtray at the screen of my parent’s old Zenith B/W in 1966 when he cut loose on ABC in LA with some leftist opinion.
      For those who have seen the movie V For Vendetta, the one line which sticks is when the Guy Fawkes character states: “…words will always have their power.” FAUX is a Judas Goat which gave Colmes and his ilk a world-wide platform to peddle their Marxist political porn. Kill the messenger and there is no message. Commies gotta commie. Anathema sit.

  8. Everthing will be okay. John Podesta was hired by the Washington Post to explain it all to us knuckle-draggers.He was unavailable for comment. John’s previous employer.Ping Pong Early Child Development and Senior Care needed some diapers changed. Hillary had an accident. John is so good with the young children. and the senile,incontinent bushpigs. John saves all the dirty diapers for his brother. They make art out of them.What a good brother.
    Putin is the least of our problems.

  9. VooDoo6Actual

    Answer: It doesn’t serve any Americans interests. It only serves Globalist’s – Central Banking interests and ultimately depopulation Democide to control & reign in more power. All despots & tyrants know that Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Too bad you don’t reside here so we could deport you.
    But maybe when things slow down in a couple of years
    we could invade Canakastain .
    It would give us a place to put people like you, our very
    own frozen Gulag.