Buchanan On Secession


Anyone dismissing secession must be planning to vanquish their political enemies.

Anyone on Team Freedom actually have the combat power to do so?

Show your work.

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  1. Publius X Maul

    California can go.

    • I could care less one way or the other if MexiKaliForniKation goes… other than we may have our own little revolution if it were to happen. For good? Bad? Who knows? But make no mistake, California is not your problem. In fact, the federal government, as much as it is a problem, it’s your States that are a problem cow-towing to federal over reach into the States… courtesy of the State citizens. And by the way, I posted on my blog a while back the biggest States federal TIT suckers, and it ain’t California.

      Anyhow, I don’t have a problem with States seceding… but… good luck.

  2. Thanks for “The Bonnie Blue Flag”!

  3. “Team Freedom” has never shown interest beyond being a keyboard commando.

    There is no “Team Freedom”.

    The only ones who had the BALLs to do anything were the Bundys and “Team Freedom” shat all over them…especially most of the clowns in this group.

    • Endlessly seeking complex solutions to simple problems, is comparable to proposing to solve problems with proven failed solutions… a slight paraphrase of the oft quoted definition of insanity.

      The sharpest knife cuts cleanest and heals quickest. He who wields it wins.

      The problem is evil and ignorance, the first wielding the massive power of the second to goad the herd to stampede. This is not the exclusive domain of Teh Left……..

    • Amen to that.
      I’ve been following this site for years, but have yet to witness any entity here participating in fighting the good fight.
      Hollow promises.
      When y’all decide to participate in preserving the Republic, outside of tapping keys, let us know.

      • They, on this board, abandoned the true heroes in the trenches up in Oregon.

        Too busy watching porn a d drinking their Ensure.


        • If those in Oregon had had the wits to dig trenches (or, hell, actually plan on packing in, say, lunches for more than a day), maybe it wouldn’t be so easy to ridicule their ridiculous Walter Mitty adventure.

          Although to be fair, when you bring 50% FBI informers to a barbeque, it’s a given that everyone there is going to get a weiner in the end.

      • There’s never going to be a “good fight” until people get their heads straight on what they’re fighting for in the first place.

        When the Tea Party people run around with signs that say “Stop Socialism! Save Social Security!” – we’re not there yet.

        When I spend the last 15 years of my life arguing out on gun forums why people need to stop supporting public schools because it will turn their kid’s heads into statist mush – and the typical response I get is: ” I know my child spends 8 hours a day being indoctrinated but we have a 10 minute conversation over dinner and I refute all of that every night – so we’re good….” – we’re not there yet.

        When it’s almost universal response among all the so-called “conservatives” that I run across that if we reduce taxes – we won’t have any roads or schools – we’re not there yet.

        Why bother picking a fight you know damn well you’re going to lose? That’s just stupid.

        • A long history of not thinking a thing wrong gives it the superficial appearance of being right… yet time often provides more converts than appeals to reason
          said by some long ago right thinking white fellow

      • Or how about you let us know? Will we be seeing you on the news tonight? Everybody likes to bitch about the other guy not throwing his life away. “On unto the breach! After you, of course…”

        • Grendel, exactly.

          And who here would be telling what they’ve done or plan to do?

          Two abbreviations for ya there, Neddie: OP Sec

    • More like Al Bundy. What a bunch of AMATEURS. For fuckssake over 2/3 of team freedom in Oregon were feebs.

    • I was pretty disappointed in the “patriots'” reaction to the Bundy’s’ actions. I really hope when the next one happens, that we get some real support out there.

      • Right.
        Because when someone makes a foolish and stupid gesture, everyone should back that to the hilt.
        Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeease, spare me that level of sophistry.

    • no, most of us supported the Stand at Bundy Ranch; I helped finance it. Same with Sugar Pine Mine. When it came to hijacking the Wildlife Refuge – after the Hammonds said “go away” – many of us refused support. And it proved to be a tragic farce.

    • Well Detroit, it shows just how totally ignorant you are with that ignorant statement.
      Your like a lot of Neanderthal’s who think the only solution is to drop everything, grab you gun and start shooting or all is lost.

      Well up your’s. Your insulting the intelligence and tolerance of millions of American’s who only want to do the right thing even if they have to suffer in the short term to come out winners in the long term.

      It will be the thinking men and woman who figure out over time and discourse that your kind of resistance a hopeless cause, as in definitely useless, in fact it is worse than useless, it is existential, because once a shooting “remedy” is chosen and employed, if you don’t fully grasp the enormity of the issues and problems faced before hand, and act accordingly, in the long run the victory you fight for and win will end up taking a dirt nap along with most who partake. Because you didn’t figure out how to avoid getting back into the same pickle you started from to begin with.

    • Your statement in an over-simplification and your assertion with regard to “Team Freedom” is very nearly false as a result. Please check your premise.

      Many people here supported both operations, whether in lock step agreement or not, with the tactics employed at Malheur. Bundy Ranch was an organic response and was, I believe, to a person, supported beyond expectations of all parties involved.

      I think you perform a valuable function here. Your constant criticism, combined with your habit of over-simplifying both the issues, and solutions serves to encourage us to become more thoughtful, seek those actions likely to achieve successful outcomes, and prods us to carry our own water in all actions that we have, or will undertake.

      Please do carry on.

    • Past results are not always indicative of future results. The Feds have been careful not to create any red lines. Violent revolutions often start from an outwardly peaceful society due to some galvanizing event that brings the dissatisfied together to revolt.

      The 1st Bundy event was supported by virtually everyone to the right of the Bush family, which is a lot of people. The 2nd one was a clown show. Seize a building in the middle of nowhere that no one would even notice if you didn’t post about it on twitter? Why? What was the win condition? What leverage did they have to bring about that win condition? Many problems

    • So what federal buildings have you blown up? Which federal employees have you assassinated? I don’t think violence is a useful tool unless it is obviously self-defense, which is why I don’t do those things; what is your excuse?

  4. Let them go, even make them go….best for everyone.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Team freedom is still
    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  7. “Today in America “it” has begun—and by “it” I mean the final crackdown of all dissenting voices against the “correct narrative” you’re being manipulated to know and emotionally feel about by your mainstream media elitists—one of whom, Miki Brzezinski (who declared Trump’s victory a “fake presidency”), just yesterday, spoke for all of her fellow media propagandists when she stated that: “Our Job Is to Control Exactly What People Think.”

    Nearly simultaneously with Ms Brzezinski declaring what the elite medias true objectives and motivations are, two of America’s largest dissenting alternative media sources, InfoWars.com and Natural News.com, came under life threatening attacks—with InfoWars.com being banned from one of the largest advertising platforms in the world for its support of Trump, and NaturalNews.com, for its telling the truth about GMO foods and vaccine links to autism, being blacklisted by Google and having 140,000 scientific research pages from its index deleted.”


    • holy shit, tfat; why the fuck can’t you be this cogent and real every time? We might even let you live without enduring scorn! damn, son, you done good.

      • I totally agree.
        Man that is top shelf critical thinking tftA-t. I too hope you keep to up.
        Lord knows with all the trolls and resistance is futile doomsayers, it is always a breath of fresh air to read cogent insights of others.

    • “Today in America “it” has begun—and by “it” I mean the final crackdown of all dissenting voices against the “correct narrative”

      The underlying premise, is the dirt people can not, under any circumstances, be permitted to resist and defy. It’s how you have to look at everything to understand fully and prepare yourself. Forget everything else.

      Us Men of The West are stronger than the enemy suspected. They severely miscalculated us. And us Men of The West didn’t have to fire a shot, yet.
      I think they are going to be radically surprised, like knocked back on their kiester’s if it comes to armed rebellion. But non violent resistance is an extremely effective tool in the kit of defiance, the options are almost unlimited, the effects are very powerful.

    • But like Hillary Clinton said of those “alt-right” sites, “they have no right to exist”. And the “useful idiot” liberals were all OK with that professed trampling of the First Amendment.

  8. Not completely pragmatic BUT, another way to think of this is too have all the Americans succeed & let our commerce – work ethics – morality – natural agriculture – prudence lifestyles etc. & live more righteous lives. Watch the socialism fail while the decent moral folks just keep they’re side of the street clean so to speak & watch the Fabian socialist’s – Fascist’s – Human Seclurust’s fail. At some point, Commiefornia is toast….

    • Better have some high walls or security fences.

      Look to South Africa for examples of how things will be.

    • What if instead of failing the gov and whoever controls it just devolves into an even worse form, and all you moral country people who didn’t do anything become their new targets?

      BTW, why so much hate for fascists? They were the ones who actually tried to fight back against the communists, unlike you “head in the sand” people. Do you honestly think Europe would be worse off today if the nazis had won?

  9. From the Buchanan post:

    “After yielding on the bathroom question, she put out a statement declaring that every school in America has a “moral obligation” to protect children from bullying, and directed her Office of Civil Rights to investigate all claims of bullying or harassment “against those who are most vulnerable in our schools.””

    Compare and contrast to:


    “The Chicago Public School District have told principals in the state to stop immigration agents from entering schools without a criminal warrant”

    Wow, the SAME public school system facing federal corruption charges less than 2 years ago:


    Looks like these schools are going to pick and choose what circumstances they want government intervention/enforcement: NWO rules on bathroom behavior = Yes; national sovereignty= No.

    That CLEARLY indicates which side a school plays its politics.

    Now apply similar situation where a county sheriff/commissioner or a governor (hey, I can dream) declares that no federal agents will be allowed to enter their jurisdiction to enforce the Gun Control Acts of 1934, 1968, 1986, etc?

    Who is most likely to get a no knock federal raid in the middle of the night for refusal to play ball with federal law?

    Yeah, we all know the answer to that question. What’ll happen even faster than a self-declared illegal alien “sanctuary” city getting its federal funding turned off would be the federal block grants to that 2nd Amendment locale losing its money first.

  10. Usually any suggestion of secession brings on the charges of bigotry and racism. But I suppose if California does, it’s a noble thing. Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence of a union of “free and independent States. Furthermore, the Constitution delegates no power to the United States to prevent a “free State” from leaving the union. California is free to leave and I won’t call them names or say they’re racist.

  11. Pat Buchanan kind of hit on something, something that gives a way to understand how legitimate secession, or as Bill Buppert is a great advocate of, Abolition of the State, is.
    Pretty simple. It is first principles.
    “— that social problems are best resolved by the smallest unit of society with the ability to resolve them.”

    Sure it sounds simplistic, and probably the most dangerous thought crime imaginable, which only gives the idea of self determination and sovereign primal principles of freedom that much more legitimacy.
    It is another thing too.
    And no matter your station or thinking about it, or not, it is the core issue facing us, it is interested in all of us wether we want to be interested or not.
    It is what is coming to a head here, it’s about to boil over, it is what the fighting will be about.
    It is the essential determining factor in our future as a people and a country, how we go forward, and how we conduct ourselves in revolution, peaceful or violent.
    Because this issue is going to result in revolution. In truth it already has begun with The Great Fuck You that put Donald Trump in power.
    That basic primal “smallest unit of society”, is the issue of the time.
    How us dirt people are to conduct our affairs. Are we to be left to our own determination, our does a leviathan of administrative tyranny rule our lives?

  12. The California bolsheviks aren’t going anywhere. It’s just political theater. They have too much influence on the electoral process and the courts in this country. They wouldn’t abandon their comrades in the other 49 states. Doing so would allow us to have too much power. And that can’t be allowed to happen.

  13. 1) Buchanan, as usual, is doing what has always worked best for him: issuing communiques out of his ass.
    2) Califrutopia is going no place.
    3) The CA secession movement would have trouble coming up with enough people to play a pick-up game of basketball.

    BTW, this is a no-lose proposition: Either I’m right, and I get to laugh at the continued hyperventilation over an idea that’s a non-starter. Or I have carte blanche to practice regime change, within the driving distance of a tank of gas, in a very near time frame.
    In a state which totally lost its collective shit over the antics of one, not-very-bright, ex-cop with a manifesto.
    Scroll down and read Tomorrow again.
    Good Christ, if even one in one hundred thousand gun store commandos do 1/1000th of something like that, Commiefornia will have a political lifespan measured in fruit-fly terms, and you won’t be able to find 30′ of rope anywhere south of Oregon for weeks on end, with all the ad hoc hangings.
    I only a few dozen who’d be down for it every weekend, and four nights a week, and I consider my social circle rather small.
    (“Let me get this straight: this is no longer the United States? There are dozens of states and millions of people who’d support an insurgency, no farther away than Vegas or Phoenix? And leftists are the enemy? And there’s no bag limit, it’s open season indefinitely? And the whole state is now weapons-free?!?
    For what we are about to receive, Lord, please make us truly thankful. Amen.”)

    Stop it, my sides hurt from laughing. You’re killing me.

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    California is dominated by Democrats because the population lives on the coast and thinks that they lord the sword over the rest of us. Welcome to the State of Jefferson, pajama boy. You won’t be taking our land. One shakedown in an earthquake and the psuedo Californios will be screaming and scrambling to get back to New Jersey or Hidalgo or London. Jerry Brown can join Keith Ellison’s new party. I’m sure that he is welcome.

  15. 2 eyes, ONE mouth, something something corresponding ratios……. Math guys like tFag and Detroit 3 haven’t managed to cipher out yet….