Day By Day


From Chris Muir.

UPDATE 2345E 24FEB2017: Updated version below, per comment by CM.


10 responses to “Day By Day

  1. I’ve actually corrected this toon (See new toon up) Seems CNN was not selected. Which is different than being blocked, and no different than any President picking who he wishes to talk to.

  2. Trump and the Beltway MSM…all smoke, no substance. What happened to ditching Obamacare? Getting rid of the illegals? De-sanctioning Russia? Draining the swamp? Never mind. The Donald is really sticking it to CNN.

  3. This entire show between Trump and the media has been for the purpose of reducing the media back to its proper status in the kingdom as Court Jester –and to get the commoners talking about the shenanigans of the jester rather than the actual problems of the kingdom.

    Bread and circuses. Works like a charm as long as it can keep running.

  4. If I was President Trump, I would say to the 5th column media, it sucks to be you, I am not sitting in the Oval Office to serve a purpose for your agenda, interests, lies, and propaganda.
    I am The President of The United States who has been elected by the will of the people to the highest office of the land to represent and serve their best interests, desires, and safety, from the enemies of this great Republic.

    Sometimes you just have to state plainly you are head shitlord in a Republic of shitlords.

  5. Pizza Gate is REAL

  6. For those who, ah, may not be, ah, fully mature adults, the wreckage left by the Left, especially the last eight years of wreckage, is not going to be turned back, corrected, and righted, in a single month, nor a single year. I’m somewhat aghast at the lack of maturity on the part of some here, whose craving for IMMEDIATE results overrides common sense. It may take eight years to undo eight years. And keep in mind, great expectations are for Trump to not only overturn all the Obongo crap, but to move the cause of what we term liberty, forward. Both of these things may prove separate issues, and both of them will have to be carefully crafted to achieve maximum effect. Keep in mind that all the while, Deep State will be hostile, as will the Left outside of it, the MSM, with people like Soros and Obongo actively trying to undermine everything Trump proposes. Considering that, and the odds, I think a little gratitude is in order, and a lot of help for Trump, with an accent on the positive. Trump doesn’t have to do it, you know. He could just lay back, and play President. Instead, this 70 year old man is ACTUALLY STRIVING TO FULFILL HIS CAMPAIGN PROMISES. How’s about instead of carping from the sidelines, we get in this game, and see how much we can win? Remember the Patriots being behind 25 points in the third quarter? Somebody forgot to tell Tom Brady he was finished, I guess. Audentes Fortuna Iuvat.