GoV: Wilders May Be In Serious Danger


A report from The Netherlands.

Wilders has suspended public appearances prior to Election Day.

The Red/Green alliance has means and motive.

Opportunity is what they seek.


10 responses to “GoV: Wilders May Be In Serious Danger

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a simultaneous decapitation strike on many leaders/nations on the same day.

  2. payetteriver

    Unlike WW1, when tensions between states caused a massive war with geographic fronts, the alliances and tensions are now cultural fronts within each western nation. CW2 will be sudden, international and not immediately geographical. Only once factions assert territorial control will anything resembling previous wars mete out.

    I absolutely envision an Archduke Ferdinand scenario involving an assassination of a prominent pro-Western figure like Wilders or even a false-flag assasination of a prominent leftist. Here’s the fucking proof that such an event is being coordinated.

    Russia may be the only major power that doesn’t fall into partisan violence. Ironically, they may become the arsenal of Western Civilization, backing “nationalist” forces with material and intelligence. There is a reason why the media is doing everything they can to turn the American public against them. “We were always at war with Eurasia.” It’s not to get us to go to war with the Russians, its to get us to turn our backs on the only hope we have for countering the coming collapse.

    I cannot express how grateful I am for the internet community of which WRSA plays a core locus. The information and understandings I have obtained over the years are simply impossible to come across in other circles, online or off. The actions of a tiny minority of internet activists (could be fewer than 1000 people), shaping the behavior and understandings of millions (still a tiny tiny minority), are actually changing the course of world history.

    Veritas Liberabit Vos

  3. I’m only surprised the Guardian (communist) article mentioned the prior murders of Fortun and van Gogh by, respectively, a communist and a Muslim. Wilders? He’s thick as thieves with Zion, selfsame who flung open the borders of North America and Europe (less Russia) to the Muslim, Black, Mestizo, and Asiatic anti-White invasions. He can win, he can lose, he can be hit, it will make no more difference to the eventual outcome than Trump or Le Pen winning…all are cocooned by Zion.

  4. Poor Geert – Sad Panda…
    All part of the World Kabuki Theatre Tour Hegelain dialectic to divide & conquer. Poor Gert Sad Panda…

    NSA Never Busts israel. Ever!

    Ed Snowden, NSA, and Fairy Tales

  5. Pay attention, the cold war here went hot some time ago. It’s on a low burner though as full blown conflagration is not something TPTB want. Nonetheless some have already been burned. RIP LaVoy.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Hell, we are all “in serious danger.”

    May God protect and guide Geert Wilders