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  1. Not directly related but today’s masthead is thought-worthy.

    • A former Arizona police officer, who killed six people during his 12-year career before it ended after the latest shooting, is now selling firearm training simulators that jolt people who hesitate to shoot.

      “James Peters, former police officer with the Scottsdale PD, applied for “accidental disability retirement” in 2012 after he shot a 50-year-old man in the head with a rifle. The deceased, John Loxas, who was holding his baby grandson in his arms at that moment, had a record of threatening neighbors with firearms.

      Peters reported seeing a black object in Loxas’ trouser pocket, believing it to be a handgun. It was actually a phone, but Peters learned that only after killing the man in what he called an action necessary to protect the baby.

      The officer left the service and was not charged over the shooting, although Scottsdale paid a $4.25 million settlement to Loxas’ family. Prior to that incident Peters, who served some of his career as a SWAT team member, was involved in six other shootings, it was reported at the time. Five of them were fatal, with none of them ending in prosecution….”

  2. I’m not going to join in the cop bashing. It is the same Blosehevik crap from the ’60s and ’70s — invariably by the same people.

    Are they saints? No. Are they demons? No.

    What they are is the Joe who lives next door. They had the same public “education” brainwashing, and watch the same TV shows, and have the same moral relativism, and are just as out of touch with reality as many (if not most) ‘Murkins.

    Being the Joe who lives next door and being just like everybody else is what makes them scary.

    Just like “militia” who want to play soldier but hate the military and who couldn’t be bothered to join at least the National Guard (that would have been too real), the cop bashers want to play “Liberty Man” without having bothered to become a reserve cop/deputy to find out what shit they have to put up with every day from the other “liberty movement” called *criminals.*


    • SFC’s aren’t known for going up against ahthoritah.

      “I’m not going to join in the cop bashing. ”

      then I’ll do it for you.

      Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, February 23, 2017:

      Mercer County, New Jersey: An officer was arrested for simple assault for allegedly beating his wife.
      Update: U.S. Customs & Border Protection: A now-former agent was acquitted of attempted murder and aggravated assault for an off-duty shooting.
      Chattanooga, Tennessee: An officer was fired after making a false arrest, violating use of force policy, and harassing a man.
      Crockett County, Tennessee: A deputy was indicted on federal charges for providing protection for drug trafficking while on duty and in uniform.
      Burnett County, Wisconsin: A deputy was arrested for OWI with a child in the car and placed on leave.
      Los Angeles, California: An officer was placed on leave after a video went viral showing him fire his gun in an off-duty confrontation with teens.
      Update: Orange County, Florida: A deputy was suspended 40 hours without pay for berating a tow truck driver and flashing her badge to intimidate him out of towing her vehicle.
      Moore County, North Carolina: A school resource officer was charged with numerous counts of sexual misconduct against students. He resigned.
      Ingalls, Indiana: The chief was suspended for five days by the town council for “15 to 20” reasons and “past actions.”
      Update: California Highway Patrol: A now-former officer was acquitted of child molestation charges.
      Madison, Wisconsin: The City agreed to pay $3,350,000 to the family of Tony Robinson, who was unarmed when he was fatally shot by an officer.

      Here are the 12 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, February 22, 2017:

      Coloma Township, Michigan: An officer was arrested for allegedly stealing drugs from the scene of an overdose.
      Custer County, Colorado: A now-former deputy and D.A.R.E. officer has been accused of having sex with a then-17-year-old student. He now works for the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office. He has been placed on leave.
      Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The City is being sued by the state ACLU for racial bias in its Stop and Frisk program.
      Fremont County, Colorado: A deputy was suspended for evidence tampering in a murder investigation. The alleged murder weapon was found by a new tenant of a private storage facility that had previously been rented to the deputy. The victim’s family alleges a cover-up by the department.
      Montgomery County, Ohio: A deputy was charged with assaulting his wife and step-daughter. His wife lost three teeth during the incident.
      Haverhill, Massachusetts: An officer was arrested for OUI after hitting two cars while he was off duty. This is his second OUI offense.
      Punta Gorda, Florida: An officer was charged with manslaughter for shooting Mary Knowlton, 73, during a gun demonstration.
      Clayton County, Georgia: An officer was arrested for family violence. His wife alleges multiple incidents of abuse.
      Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Two officers are being investigated for DUI and one of them is accused of working a shift while intoxicated. Four Milwaukee officers have been accused of DUI so far in 2017.
      Pasadena, California: An officer was placed on leave after the ATF searched his home.
      Nashville, Tennessee: An officer was arrested for theft. He allegedly stole a bottle of Jack Daniel’s from a driver after a DUI crash.
      Update: Benton County, Arkansas (First reported 02-26-16): A now-former deputy is facing additional charges of sexual assault against a teen during a traffic stop. He had previously been charged with child pornography possession and sexual assault for incidents with the teen off duty.

      from left to right


      any questions?

      • What about joooooish cops?

        • what about them?

          a coproach is a coproach

          • Aren’t you going to blame them for something?

            • Just to once again set the record straight.

              I have no ill will toward the Jewish blood among us.

              I simply point out the verifiable fact that many who control the reigns of power claim to be or hide behind the Jewish faith. To deny this, is to deny reality. Are all Jewish people evil? Of course not, that’s just absurd.

      • No. No questions. Like I said, same cop bashing, same people./ S//

      • I have such a hard time with your hatred of the police, sir. There are bad police no doubt. There is bad government directing bad police no doubt. But there are seriously violent thugs in our society that can only be contained by seriously violent cops. I am not personally able to deal with these thugs. As they say, People Sleep Peacefully in Their Beds at Night Only Because Rough Men Stand Ready to Do Violence on Their Behalf. What is your solution to that problem except police.

        • Three changes would help government agents get their perspectives back:

          1) Eliminate qualified immunity from civil suit and “Only ones” treatment under criminal law. Badges really don’t create special rights, or at least they didn’t used to until spineless legislators started to create “cop only” rules.

          2) Reform standardized police training on mindset from “You must submit” to “We are public servants, and we will treat you respectfully until you show us that you must be handled differently”. If you doubt the problem, talk to former .mil combat vets who had to behave that way to the Afghan and Iraqi indigenes, and now watch “tough guy” non former .mil cops treat Americans like skels.

          3) Having accomplished #1, allow municipalities to hire private security firms with their own insurance and a customer-focused business approach. The project of being replaced will focus minds greatly.

          “Fuck the pigs” comes in significant part from a “fuck these civilian assholes” attitude from police.


            CA: As I have posted before, there was a time in this country where we were taught to be public servants. It was drummed into my head when I was a recruit at the Sheriff’s Academy in SoCal in 1973. Those days, as I have pointed out, are gone and will probably not return.
            Three things:
            1) Since agencies recruit from Amerikan society, you are getting the same socially-conditioned people you see every day. Police agencies are a reflection of us. And, look what “us” has become. Sir Robert Peel spoke the truth when he stated: “The Police are the People and the People are the Police.” This, in my opinion, is why the badged-up thugs who murdered Kelly Thomas were acquitted
            2) Agencies are having a devil of a time recruiting qualified, educated men and women who want to do the job. So, the job will end up attracting the dregs and the psychotics who will be “pushed through” training to fill much-need slots out on the street.
            3) The minute states, counties, cities move towards private contracting for security purposes, the police/public employees unions(usually backed by the Teamsters and SEIU) will howl like coyotes and mount the mother-of-all-PR campaigns. Their useful idiots in the service-group sector such as the VFW, American Legion, Elks, Masons, Rotary Clubs, etc. will be right there as their Greek Chorus. They will “educate the voters” about the “dangers” of these fiscally sensible policies. I have seen this happen with my own eyes.
            I wish I had the answer. To be frank, I have given up. My foray back into the public education sector as a Teachers Aide up here in Rawles Land has confirmed my suspicions. Most of our corrupt, syphilitic society is beyond saving. I keep my tribe educated and aware. I watch, wait, and prep. I avoid public-sector contact on any level. Once the balloon goes up, cops will not be the big worry. They will be running for their lives. Bleib ubrig.

        • weakness invites thugs – both badged and tattooed. one in the same these days…

          I’ve always been able to sleep just fine, wherever I find myself. Hmm.

          after the culling, there will be no more weak people…

          • It wasn’t a speeding ticket, that couldn’t generate so much pain. You poor, suffering thing, was the cop from The Village People that broke your precious little heart!
            That mincing little bitch…

            • suffice it to say. never call the cops.
              don’t talk to them.
              don’t be around them.
              go the other way when they show up.
              they have a way of escalating the stupidest shit.

              oh. and SFC. I was a member the Sheriffs County Watch program, so don’t give me your dung about not volunteering and putting myself in the cops shoes.

              in the end. I learned a valuable lesson.

              NEVER TRUST COPS – EVER

        • joey montana

          Cops want to play GI Joe, subject them all to the UCMJ for starters.
          Have term limits, IQ floors not ceilings and a national, publicly accessible Brady list where anyone who wears a badge has an reputation evaluation. Lastly, jail time for touching any bodycam. This BS that they can commit heinous acts against Americans and lie about it should equal prison, just like you or I. Why should this govt oppressor be allowed to lie even once? Is this what we accept now as honorable conduct?

    • Liberty Man, my ass. Are you fucking high? Pigs don’t give a fuck about my liberty or yours. Time to take the red pill, man.

      Just Google Robert Higgs and no good cops for the truth.

    • My thoughts on policemen can be summed up as follows. If the good guys were the “vast majority” as is often stated, they would police themselves to such an extent, there would be no bad cops.

      I think and act accordingly.

    • POd American

      Here are some cops that should be hung, and then drawn and quartered in the best medieval tradition.

    • Fred Seymour, Jr.

      I agree Steven, I have many friends in law enforcement. Tough job maintaining the thin blue line. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  3. The question posted on the masthead was a probative and excellent observation. One which should be considered.

  4. Communist arguments don’t pass the sniff test.
    The second Act, passed May 8, 1792, provided for the organization of the state militias. It conscripted every “free able-bodied white male citizen” between the ages of 18 and 45 into a local militia company. (This was later expanded to all males, regardless of race, between the ages of 18 and 54 in 1862.)

    Militia members, referred to as “every citizen, so enrolled and notified”, “…shall within six months thereafter, provide himself…” with a musket, bayonet and belt, two spare flints, a cartridge box with 24 bullets, and a knapsack. Men owning rifles were required to provide a powder horn, ¼ pound of gunpowder, 20 rifle balls, a shooting pouch, and a knapsack.[5] Some occupations were exempt, such as congressmen, stagecoach drivers, and ferryboatmen.
    Every man between 17 and 45, at least, has a right to a fully automatic M16 or M4.
    One problem with the (((practice of law)))) today is briefs are too long. This is a result of the Jewish takeover of the government.

    • The Militia act of 1792 was abrogated (abrogate means abolish) by the Militia Act of 1903 (also known as the Dick Act). Since then the National Guard is now the militia./ S//

      • Actually NO. The Dick Act codified two (2) militias. The contents of the original Militia Acts known as unofficial. Then official which were state organs susceptible to federal call up that became the National Guard.

        Don’t believe me, read the act — — Sec 1.

        As far as my research has led me unofficial militias have not been banned. Texas has its own state army unanswerable to federal call up.

        • To whom does the militia report?

          • Best I can answer is to the President of the United States. — “The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States;….” — Art II, Sec II

            But the question as posed by Barry I find no legal act banning Miltias. The National Defense Act of 1916 specifically mentions militias as part of the military composition of the US defense. National Defense Act of 1920 amended the 1916 act yet makes no reference to abandonment of the Militia. The National Defense Act of 1933, Sec 58 states “shall consist of members of the militia voluntarily enlisted therein, who upon original enlistment shall be not less than eighteen nor more than forty-five years of age, or who in subsequent enlistment shall be not more than sixty-four
            years of age, organized, armed, equipped, and federally recognized
            as hereinafter provided,”, which is the first mention of integration into Nat Grd. Yet wording still indicates Militia stands apart.

            Supposition: 1) As the USC materially references existence of a Militia it becomes legally problematic to eliminate the presence. 2) As a Militia envisioned ‘the whole body of the male population…’, a male was in the Militia upon majority. An exercise in looking at the legal relationship between Miltias and Selective Service might be interesting. 3) The more interesting question is having declared ones organization a ‘Militia’ by fiat becomes callable by POTUS?

        • The thing has been amended many times. Your “unofficial” is now called inactive (or “unorganized”). So, the basic enlistment is for eight years. It can be split up, normally 4/4 or 6/2. Do your active time and you can join a reserve unit, or be put on inactive. Inactive is still subject to call-up. Sans re-up, once the eight years is over you’re “cast into the outer darkness.”

          The various States’ militia (where they exist) are unarmed and still answer to the Governor.

          “Joe’s Armed Gang” answers to nobody and I will agree they are unofficial.


      • Publius X Maul


      • Publius X Maul

        Nothing after 1792 comports with the Founders’ intent. Read Scalia between the lines.

        • The Militia Act of 1903 passed Constitutional muster. Nobody challenged its various amendments. The National Guard is The Militia.

          Founders’ intent… pff. Take it up with the Supreme Court. The “Founders’ intent” changes every time SCOTUS changes its mind.


          • Barry,

            Still peddling the bullshit. No different than the crap in that rag you published at Bragg.

      • Publius X Maul


        The militia is nonprofessional by definition.

        The militia is all white men between the age of 17 and 45.

        All members of the militia have a duty to own one “good” fully automatic M16 or M4.

      • Barry,

        “….the Militia Act of 1903. Since then the National Guard is now the militia.” Bullshit Barry !

        You make a closet argument for gun control claiming, as the left does, that the common citizen is not allowed to “keep and bear arms”. Only your militia, the “Guard” can have arms per your and the left’s Freedom-attacking, anti-2A arguments. However the Militia Act of 1903 designated the militia as TWO groups, the UNORGANIZED MILITIA and the organized, or states militia. Another fact that you intentionally ignore (of course you wouldn’t be a liar now, would you Barry ?).

        How convenient of you to ignore the National Defense Act of 1916. An amendment to the Militia Act of 1903 that would allow the POTUS and thus Big Army, to federalize what once was the state militia, effectively removing their status as “militia”, and send them overseas, in direct contradiction to the United States Constitution. Specifically Article 1, Clause 8, Section 15: “To provide calling forth the Militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions.”.

        NDA of 1916 was conveniently written into law just in time to allow the deployment of ARNGUS “militia” to Europe. Thus allowing the left’s Woodrow Wilson (Amerika’s first Communist) to embroil the fUSA in the “Great War” (Think Lusitania). The Great War where the slaughter of millions of the western allies had bled the allies dry of manpower. More fresh blood was needed to defeat “the Hun”. And by God, Amerika would provide it ! The 18th century concept of “militia” was effectively dead. The states’ militia would now be nothing more than an extension of the fedgov behemoth. Courtesy of NDA 1916.

        With the NDA of 1916 the scoundrels of CON-gress effectively eliminated what once was the militia, as constituted in 18th Century terms i.e., men in arms who were formed to protect their towns from foreign invasion. They, the CON-gress and The First Communist Woodrow Wilson, usurped (meaning to encroach or infringe upon) once again the Constitution with NDA 1916. Now the fedgov could federalize and deploy the, ahem, “militia” (hahahaha) outside the borders of the Union. And why not ? They, fedgov, were paying and organizing the states’ former militia known as Army Guard. With NDA 1916 fedgov now had TOTAL control of those once dedicated to only defending their homes from invasion.

        Since 1916 Army National Guard IS NOT “now the militia”. It is 1/3rd of Big Army….Regular Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve !

        A Guardsman wears over his left chest on his Jungles/BDUs/UCPs/ODPs or what the flavor of the week is….a US ARMY nametape ! He doesn’t wear an OHARNG, CAARNG, NYARNG, VAARNG or “MILITIA” nametape over his heart. He wears the fedgov US ARMY nametape designating him a member of Amerika’s vaunted VOLAR. Army Guard is totally funded by the Feds. All full-time staff from company level up to and including the TAG are active duty, Title 32. Your National Guard is nothing more than one part of Big Army. A part of the fedgov behemoth. They are not now and haven’t been “militia” for more than 100 years !

        You were a weasel when you wore the uniform and you’re a weasel now. “….the National Guard is now the militia.” BULLSHIT Barry !

        • “You make a closet argument for gun control…”

          I don’t make that argument. The Militia Act of 1903 makes that argument. At the same time the Militia Act of 1903 abrogated (abolished) the Militia Act of 1792, by logical extension it obrogated (annulled) the Second Amendment.

          Yes. The NG is part of “Big Army.” That was the intent of the Militia Act of 1903.


  5. 1. SFC Barry’s research is thorough.
    2. In political theory every lawful male between 17-45 must own an
    AR15/M16 or an M4.
    3. The Army National Guard is a professional military, under Title 32
    commanded by the Governor, under Title 10 subject to Congress and
    the President.
    4. The Organized Militia is the National Guard, the unorganized
    militia is everyone else.
    5. There is the Regular Army of enlistees and the Volunteer Army of
    6. There are no Joe Freedom ‘Murikans in Congress. (IMHO)

  6. Guys, why play some goddam version of fantasy football with pieces of paper when just yesterday I was being told by the same crew that the Constitution paper doesn’t matter?

    Do you have a rifle?
    If not, fucking get one.
    Then: do not give up your rifle. Use the fucking thing if you have to, but do not give it up.

    Now, Does anyone need instruction on how to use a crescent wrench while I’m up?

  7. European American

  8. Voor,

    5. “There is….the Volunteer Army of draftees.”

    What ? Have you been drinking ? How the hell is conscription voluntary ? Guess you aren’t aware of all those draft dodgers (volunteers) who fled to Canada to avoid “volunteering” for your “Volunteer Army of draftees”.

    You and your boy barry should get together for a drink or two. You can then manufacture your bullshit together. Making it a bit more effective.

    “Volunteer Army of draftees.” WTF ! Now I’ve read everything.

  9. lon a follower

    EVIL is not picky. EVIL exist through mankind in all vocations, all colors.

  10. joey montana

    What amazes me is the talk on this forum about liberty yet some cop worshipers won’t come to grip with the fact their oppressors all wear badges and are beholden to the very pig government that steals our freedoms on a daily basis. You think a cop is going to give up that government welfare and protected status, not to mention playing with all our taxpayer owned equipment , asset theft or the posh retirement plans we little people don’t get to participate in but pay for?
    Must be nice living in the service of the king. All cops are full of shit and lie to themselves about their true nature. Next they’ll want laws that prohibit you from criticizing them, no wait….
    To you, SFC who forgets the oath he swore to uphold, badges don’t earn special privileges or grant excuses to lie while on the taxpayer dollar. The cops are slave patrols who sleep and eat in the masters house, a club that we aren’t in. Choose your sides wisely, dying time is coming and the rat fink swine will experience true justice. No cops in my NPT, they can’t be trusted.

  11. J. Karns, Captain - Retired

    The SFC says…………” the cop bashers want to play “Liberty Man” without having bothered to become a reserve cop/deputy to find out what shit they have to put up with every day from the other “liberty movement” called *criminals.*”

    I am extremely critical of ‘cops’ and for solid and good reason. I find that the larger percentage of ‘cops’, despite their Oath to support and defend the Constitution, do not take the Constitution into any consideration at all in their ‘work’.

    I also find that a massive percentage of ‘cops’ are extremely predatory in thought and action, have an attitude and belief that they are somehow ‘special’ and above the same rules and laws that they enforce and that they can do near anything they want to do because they are ‘entitled’ and have ‘authority’. These type ‘cops’ (and there are a massive number in all agencies) see themselves as some sort of ‘warrior caste’ (which false ‘caste’ is constantly fed and bolstered by cheering, clapping, wide-eyed ‘muricans and various and sundry authoritarian-collectivists in all levels of society and govt) who are bound to act as ‘Law Enforcement Officers’ rather than as ‘Peace Officers’.

    A ‘LEO’ enforces all manner of predatory victim-less ‘crimes’ and revenue generating anti-liberty statutes without regard to the situational need or benefit of doing so or that there is often no danger, no negative intrusion onto another individual nor any actual ‘bad-act’ being committed by the ‘perpetrator’…because, well, they can exert their authority and ‘it’s the law’, right or wrong.

    Unquestioning and instant obedience is all to often demanded and expected and any hesitation, any questioning of the ‘LEO’s’ actions,reasons and the legitimacy of the intrusion is most often met with ‘cop’ frustration, ‘cop’ driven escalation and when, as all too often occurs, the ‘LEO’ enters this stage and either consciously or subconsciously understands that his actions are defenseless at the bottom-line, then escalation and use of force in a de facto ‘contempt of cop’ scene ensues.

    Contempt of Cop, dont’cha know…..

    I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

    Oh, and I spent 15 years in the active Army, Army Reserves and Army National Guard with a number of those reserve component years spent in overlap with my 23 year career as a ‘Peace Officer’. As a ‘cop’ I held rank/positions of Deputy, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant and ultimately as Captain, a rank I held when I retired. All ranks promoted to were merit-based and competitively-tested for (not appointed).

    So then, my critical assessment of ‘cops’ is tempered with the fact-based knowledge that as time has passed and as ‘cop’ expectations, demands and training have ‘evolved’, it has become all but impossible and all but prohibited to act to keep the peace rather than to be a predatory ‘law enforcer’ and I can assure you that the textual Constitution plays a role in decision making, policy, practice and operational actions and deployment that is nearly as rare as hen’s teeth.

    It is what it is and what it is ain’t pretty and it does not bode well for the survival of this Constitutional Republic, let alone to individual liberty being respected, secured and advanced.