Admin Day


Get out into meatspace.

I am.

Back later.

24 responses to “Admin Day

  1. same. take care.

    Just note the new pledge of allegiance the left has (note: i am not one to condone the speaking of any pledge except that to God and Family)…

  2. lon a follower

    Pizza anyone?
    So, who’s fault is it ? The muslims, the cops, the women, the whites, the blacks. Which collective can we make our enemy? Should we all just look in the mirror first and agree we have all been led astray to a certain degree?
    We are being reduced to the least common denominator (the individual)for good reason. Individuals are the rarest minority.

  3. meanwhile, back in the swamp…

    Obama is building a 30,000 person army of “lynch mob” agitators to start riots, civil war across America

    • Can’t wait to run into them. I think I have enough ammo for each and every one of them but just in case I run out of ammo, I will just stick the rest of them with a bayonet. I have a really nice one that came off a British musket from the Revolutionary War that is really long and triangular shaped. I think it could be properly called a “Pig Sticker”.

      • The thing is: They already know we have guns and ammo. Lots of guns and ammo. And they’re doing this anyway…

        Makes you wonder if they have a contingency plan… Or they don’t believe we will use our weapons… Which?

    • lon a follower

      T fat,
      your recent link to this site? I also had found this site a while back. Research this group, see the Masonic, follow the trail.
      Would not recommend this as a credible site to anyone, yet if you need to see evil, go down the many rabbit holes to be a witness of it. Take nothing at face value. Satan often disguises himself as a bringer of light.

    • Lest anyone here denounce her, remember she’s the only one who wrote a book (and case-by-case rebuttal of those Jews [Horowitz and Radosh]) who wanted to bring her to heel)  bringing all the Soviet influences on our government during WWII together.

      And she’s rightfully tied it into the Islamic ties and influences that half-black Hussein has allowed to take over counterterrorism projects. 

      GoV had her back long ago in 2013.  As much as CA goes to them as a source I suggest all here go to their site and “read all all about it”.

  4. Just did my meatspace for the day. Offered my Mechanic free firearms instruction.

  5. “Get out into meatspace.”
    No way ! There’s people out there who voted for Obama and think Hillary didn’t do anything wrong, and they’re driving on public roads !

  6. Have a safe trip home…

  7. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Pray for war!

  8. While the wife and kids are out of town soon I’ll be taking an upriver overnight hike by myself with minimal gear (knife, poncho, canteen with cup, two Mountain House meals and a Sawyer Mini filter). Can’t wait. I’m considering adding an extra MH meal and making it two overnights. Once you’ve spent the requisite time on the river (or ocean, or trail) it never stops calling.

  9. Cold, windy snowy weather/adverse shooting conditions. Bad shit will never happen on a nice sunny, warm day.It will be nasty,cold and dark. Nothing will work as you think it should. Acclimate yourself and your crew to nasty conditions.If you can function well in shit conditions,you will excel in dry,daytime conditions.Firearm safety is administered on every tribe outing. It is imperative to have all personnel on the same page with safety protocol.Our NRA concealed classes are filling rapidly. Large percentage of women in the first two.A qualified woman ,with a firearm they are comfortable with, is a welcome addition.Most of the farmers and ranchers have familiarity with weapons. .All women and children must have firearm training. We now have four very qualified male and female instructors. Four professional pistol,long pistol and short rifle courses. Two long rifle ranges. Tactics and maneuvers are always being upgraded. Carry every day. Make it second nature. Having thirty thousand acres is a plus.

  10. You can go to and get some real bargains, but you better act fast. Such as MagPul mags, 30 rounders, .223/5.56 10 mags for $79.99, with which by general delivery makes them $9.10 a piece. Remember when Cheaper Than Dirt tried to sell them for $95.00 a piece, during the last “Great Fear?” They’ve lost their shit, here in Texas. Closed two stores that I know of, and when I once called to get their new location, the brainiac on the phone couldn’t tell me where it was.

  11. Just so happened to click on CSPAN when K Ellison was giving his little acceptance sermon and I swear but I heard Morse code in the background. It wasn’t a repeater and went away when I muted the muslim. Weirdest thing.

  12. We meat spaced today. My wife made a reservation for a table by the window at… the dog track! Hey, don’t laugh, it’s a totally cool place, the food was great, had few drinks, and… we won big! That was a nice upcoming birthday present.

    Can’t grind the snowflake issue 24/7. Not healthy. We all need balance…

  13. After a brief instructional period when work was slow, a couple weeks back, a co-worker picks up her first ever pistol today. A nice piece of tactical Tupperware.
    Range day is next week.
    And now she wants her CCW (and lives in a CA county where she’ll be able to get it).
    Oh, and wants a shotgun next.

    Suck it, leftists.

    • I had the same gratifying experience. Trained up a female coworker and now she is a regular at the gun range with her G19 and S&W M&P-15. Also, a LEGAL immigrant coworker of mine is a new, proud US citizen, with a brand new 12 gauge. He’s on the hunt for an AR and G17 as well. And a third coworker is the proud new owner of a Tavor rifle. I encouraged him to obtain an AR or something he could use for the same purposes, and instead of being the typical AR/AK decision, he went and tested out the Tavor, and loved it.

      Like you said: Suck it leftists.


    don’t drain the swamp

    NUKE the fucker.

    DC has no purpose other than to enslave the planet or to destroy it.

  15. Concerned American…. gotta say, love that pic! I see balance there as well… 🙂