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10 responses to “Badthink

  1. Hopefully Republicans/ Conservatives learn the real lesson here: blacks don’t care about freedom, just free stuff.

    Time to stop worrying what black people think, as they are going to vote for the big government party no matter what.

  2. Yep. Milo is a racist, right? And a pedophile, a sexist, a dog-futter, and a homophobe.

    Have we left anything out?

  3. The ultimate cuckservative zinger, “Dems are the real racists!”

    So weak, so lame, so useless, just like the Republican Party.

  4. Charlie’s reply should have been along the lines of, “And you’re a dumbass.”

  5. Yes, I am a racist. What else ya got? See how easy that was? I can think like a racist, and be a racist, and as long as I don’t act like a racist, there is no law against what I think, and what I am. I was carefully crafted over the years by the Left, into becoming a racist. Frankensteins Monster, if you will. Amusing, how people create something, and then are so surprised and mortified to discover that what they created is not what they had in mind. Happens, every time you play G*d.


    A good sequel would be for Franklin to start the knock-out game on Lucy and for Charlie Brown to pull out his .38 and put two to the chest and one to the head. Just sayin’.

  7. As a former British colony, the US could be the next “associate member” of the Commonwealth – thanks to President Donald Trump’s reported love of the UK and Queen Elizabeth II.

    The plan, which is reportedly being backed by the Queen, is for the Commonwealth Society to open a branch in the US, according to The Telegraph…

    • “a branch in the US”

      Pretty sure that’s been happening right along, except maybe 1775-1785. You must be talking about the announcement of it.

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