A response to those who think Calexit might happen.

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  1. “Fucking hell, people, if you could just vote yourself your own little communist paradise, does anybody seriously think MA, NJ, and NYFC wouldn’t have been independent countries like, 40 years ago??”

    You apparently haven’t traveled east in some time have you?

  2. colddeadhandsdays

    I’ve been saying exactly the same thing from the start. Almost no one has agreed with me. I see ZERO chance of just giving CA to the commies. I say we take it back. Y force now before they force us to. The fight is inevitable anyway.

    • You must of missed this little gem from the secession article..
      “Anyone on Team Freedom actually have the combat power to do so?”
      “Show your work”


      I do not think we need to take it back. It will come crawling back on its own. As of today, 02/26/2017, Mother Nature has raised the ante with a warm front into the Sierras. So, after several inches of new snow from the last storms on top of all the other snow, it is now over 60 degrees in the mountain areas. And, Shasta and Oroville Dams are near capacity. Their spillways going full tilt.
      With proper Divine Intervention, the wall of water would take care of Moonbeam’s and the Red-Diaper-Doper-Babies’ safe spaces both in Sacto and SFO. Now, if only it could be directed south to the Oscar night venue. That, my friends, would be worth watching!

    • And how, pray tell, do you suggest “we take it back”?

      Blah, blah, blah….not gonna happen.

  3. Its never going to happen. For one OTHER reason… look at the way they are already asking for federal funds for the flooding dam disaster.. No they wont turn off the money spigot, its all a ploy to get the whiny pink pussy. liberals wound up!!!

  4. MY

  5. Would the same go for Texas? Would it be blown to bits if it decided to cecede?

  6. Even more fun would be cutting the out of state power and water and EBT cards and just watching what happens….

  7. Just let them go peacefully, and we will be better off. Otherwise, the left will remain in striking distance of POTUS and Congress (the Senates is already too close).

    Let them go. We can reacquire California after it collapses.

  8. Some assumptions in the article, primarily re: active duty military.
    As the article stated, were this to happen during Trump admin, any military action depends entirely on how Trump, or any president, responds.
    There’s no guarantee a president such as Trump wouldn’t simply say
    “it’s their right, same as how this country was formed, let them go.
    In the meantime, any military assets there still belong to this country, pull them out and bring them here to the US”.
    BTW: all those Fedgov checks coming to the state? You’re on your own…how much of the state budget was that again?
    It’s always assumed any president would do a lincoln response and invade, however that is an assumption not proven till it happens.
    I suspect were this to happen on Trump’s watch he might recognize the long-term value of letting them go and enter their own destruction, ie: learn the lesson the hard way. How much of the state budget were those Fedgov checks & block grants again?
    I suspect a president would Lincoln the place primarily because they don’t want something like this happening on their watch and it smudging their political record.
    Something like this, if it’s the truth or to the good? Trump doesn’t give a damn what other people think, he’ll do what he knows is right.
    One part is correct, 5 minutes after they secede, the California Civil War commences in earnest.
    The moment the red portions of that state realize they no longer have to worry about Fedgov & the only thing they have to face is state-level Moonbeam & pajama boy? They will come for pajama boy & the rest of the leftists on a scale & fashion which will be likely beyond words.
    I’ve read other articles where they say there’ll need to be a wall on the eastern border of the PRK after they secede. That wall already exists starting at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mtns.
    The moment the PRK secedes, those mtns are the heart of red country in that state, they will become ‘no-go’ zones for the leftists secession + 5 minutes.
    Folks in those mtns feed themselves? Go read the history of the owens valley. LA and points south can kiss that water goodbye secession +10 minutes . Ditto for the Kern River. There’s half the water supply for LA & points south.
    Lake tahoe & all the wealthy leftists there? Welcome to Leningrad circa: 1940, enjoy your stay…..
    China lake & Ft Irwin pack it up and leave? Darned if those mtns now have ready-made bases….from the west they’ll have to slog through the Sierra Nevada mtns and those mtns have thier backs facing a free nation?
    That means pajama boy & the BLM have to walk through the mojave desert,trying to go around those mtns.
    20+ years ago it’s almost a given such an event would be ‘Lincolned’, the culture surrounding such an even now has changed along with what the PRK represents to this country. We are edging ever closer to the culture which existed in 1860, where the prevailing culture understood the right of states to leave a voluntary union was the truth.

    • You’re right on some of that, but you’re forgetting one obvious fact:
      your federal taxes would go up overnight 10% to make up the shortfall from losing CA tax revenues forever, while the state of CA would simply adjust its own tax base to gather the federal revenue formerly directed to DC, without having to ask for it back.

      In fact, they could probably cut the individual tax burden, and deliver the same services, including to the worthless layabouts, while simultaneously cutting business taxes, possibly to near-zero.

      The giant sucking sound would be all those businesses that fled CA, now fleeing you to get back to a tax haven. And we don’t even need to import Mexicans to fill the vacancies at the bottom.

      And the example of letting any state go would make Trump the Gorbachev of the 21st century. Hawaii would declare independence within a week, and Alaska within a month. OR and WA would go too, whether they elected to do it independently, or confederate in some way with CA. You’d likely lose NV, AZ, and NM, and CO maybe. Utah is always weird, so there’s no telling.

      Calexit would become a stampede, and in weeks, the country would be in turmoil. Including the control of a few tens of thousands of nuclear weapons, which tends to make people in other countries itchy, and not all of them love us very much.

      Which, as noted, is why it’d be stomped to bitsy pieces in about half a minute, pour encourager les autres.

  9. The guy pictured is out of ammo. And died of alcoholism in the 5000 block of Grand Ave. in St. Louis, Mo. three years ago. Agree about California. I liken them to the violent and retarded cousin who is with you at Niagara Falls. He climbs onto the railing, despite the warning sign, and tells you that if he just reaches out a little f a r t h e r……Uh, oh, flashback! I just remembered what thirty or forty men smell like in the jungle, who haven’t cleaned up in a couple of weeks. And when the monsoon starts, think of thirty or forty wet DOGS. Don’t worry, California will kill itself.

  10. Up is down. 2 of the girls (who aren’t jacked up on test shots) refused to wrestle “Mack”. WTF has this world come to?

  11. robroysimmons

    As the character Robert said in “Red Dawn”, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it.”

  12. Flakes,flakes
    They don’t do no good
    They don’t be workin,when they oughta should
    They waste your time They’re wastin mine
    California’s got the most of them
    Boy,they got a host of them
    Frank Zappa

  13. Weaponize the:

    We have them surrounded with their backs against the water. There will be one chance to get this done correct.

  14. “Somehow, we’ll ignore history, common sense, and naked reality (pretty much like CA’s political parties have done jointly here for 40 years, to be fair)”

    This is why it could happen. The rest of the article is just why its a dumb idea. As the author himself admits, being a dumb idea has never stopped leftists before. Hell, its almost like waving a red cape in front of a bull.

  15. If an evil dictator wanted to start a new country, he could take the entire southwest including California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Texas; put the Capitol in Phoenix. Keep the military that’s already there in place. Give commanders some sweet deals.

    Announce a 30 day grace period to leave without any hindrance while everyone coming in is subject to checkpoints for actual citizenship, current residency, and employment. Give mass notification that if you don’t meet those criteria and found in the state after 30 days, then subject to detention/expulsion. Raids and purges actually start early but on a relatively “light” setting on day 7.

  16. “So, when President Trump declares the entire state in rebellion to the union, and orders the crews of any numbers of those ships to launch cruise missiles into the state capitol building, the governor’s mansion, etc.”…

    As a lifelong resident of the State of Jefferson, I have to say that’s an idea I can really get behind.

  17. After reading the article, I would suggest that rather than trying to deter California from secession, it should be encouraged or at least not counter-signaled.

    California needs to have a right wing military governor for the foreseeable future. A secession attempt can make that happen.

    Give them enough rope to hang themselves.

  18. Stealth Spaniel

    I love reading Aesop! Whether you agree or disagree, he is always on the money. California is a lot redder than most people believe. If the eastern folks saw a line of marching pajama boys with sickles and little red books, the temptation would simply be too much. Free target practice and there will be pushing and shoving for a good spot. Aesop is right-it would be the shortest revolution in history. St. Mattis of Quantico is a God to the Marines-he won’t have to ask twice.

    • Bullet buttons and 10 round mags. They better make sure they have the needed permits for when the fuzz comes.

      • Bullets buttons are now illegal in California.
        What the State giveth, the State can taketh away. It all depends on which group of Marxist anchor babies are in charge under the Golden Dome at the time. Next year they’ll probably be going after Ruger No. 1s.

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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  20. Heh, pretty good.

  21. The People’s Republic of Mexifornia is as inevitable as the rising and setting of the sun. It’s only a question of demographic time: the White population of current California is @ 32% and in an accelerating, rapid decline.

  22. Except for the Military Bases, Napa Valley, and surrounding vineyards, give it back to Mexico.

    Guantanamo Bay has been American Soil for over a century. The Platt Amendment of 1901.

    So let the hombres run Hollywood. So many options.

    Land of fruits and nuts anyway.

    I think it could work with Kalifornistan.

    • CA doesn’t belong to Mexico, and it isn’t yours to give back to them. CA fought for and secured its own independence as a free republic. The only people you could “give it back to” would be the people here.
      Mexico trying to horn in, in any way whatsoever, would mainly be a green light to ethnic cleansing from the Oregon border to Tijuana, if not all the way to La Paz and Acapulco, and probably manage to unite, however briefly, the red and blue counties.

      Then they’d pull back, let the cartels and gravity work, and watch Mexico descend into revolution, counter-revolution, and anarchy, just like from 1910-1920. CA only has a couple of hundred miles of rugged border to secure at that point, whereas the other states would have 80M Mexicans trying to visit their cousins in Phoenix, Santa Fe, El Paso, or Houston. Good luck with that problem.

      Guantanamo Bay is American soil because you have little to worry about from Cuba. CA would see military bases on its sovereign soil more than five seconds after independence rather differently, I can assure you. The terms you got to leave peaceably would be rather similar to the ones offered by William Wallace in Braveheart to the English at the battle of Stirling, when he rode up “to pick a fight”.
      So, tell me, how many English naval bases did we leave them in the US after Yorktown?

      That’s why it wouldn’t be allowed to get that far in the first place.

  23. Well then, let me reply in kind:

  24. Washington State powers 72% of all of California’s electricity through hydro power . We get the rain and snow and they get the sunshine and air conditioners. That will end if they leave.

  25. I can’t seem to comment on blogspot these days, I’ll leave it here.

    No matter what the history idiots say, the secession score is 1-1. People keep forgetting the “Revolutionary War” was actually a war of secession, as celebrating INDEPENDENCE day suggests. There is zero moral justification in telling a bunch of people they are not allowed to operate their lives they way they wish, no matter how screwed up that is. Defining exactly who stays and goes, ensuring those we might say are “trapped behind enemy lines” can clear out if they wish, making sure northern areas they might not want to go along along have that choice, logistics of military bases and such is all niggling details that can be worked out if both sides wish it.

    • Congratulations, you’ve found an “If” big enough to drive an entire state through.

      You could saw your own leg off with a handsaw too, if you were willing to sit still for it, and both events are about equally likely.

      As noted above, it would be the unraveling of the entire country in weeks if not days, and while you might sit still for that, TPTB won’t.
      And the world would melt down afterwards in short order at the collapse.

      And then the world war(s) would begin in earnest.

  26. Not sure where to put this, but the CW2 is going to start with this:
    you’ll need to copy the link, but I think this is why we need to CCW.

  27. If California seceded, and the red-state portions of California decided to break away from Sacramento to rejoin the USA as a new state/states, I’m sure President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congresswould have no problem with welcoming them back into the Union (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). I’m also sure a number of SF ODAs would NEVER be infiltrated into the remaining rump state of the Peoples Democratic Republic of California to raise all sorts of merry hell behind enemy lines…

  28. There are a lot of Mexicans in California. They may not want to take on their own thugs in Mexico but may take their chances here under the right circumstances and with some help from the Mexican government, Mexican gangsters, Chinese agents, islamic terrorists, and American traitors.

  29. Whenever the topic comes up, I simply find it amazing that the default response is declare war. We fight wars abroad under the guise of self-determination, yet we would never tolerate such a situation here.

    Let them go. Lease the bases, or work some other deal out. Set up trade relations….they need electricity, we like wine and avocados. It isn’t rocket science.

    For God’s sake, why does it always have to be bloodbath? It was wrong in 1861, it would be wrong again today.

    • Oh now there you go, using common sense again!

      Good idea. Wait until the place turns into Alta Venezuela, then just waltz back in. Or not.

  30. You guys missed the point.
    This article is a Gem and my entertainment for today.
    I laughed until I couldn’t see my monitor and then fell out of my chair.
    Please pass the Kleenex.