No. Just No.


KdT on the real issue with autonomous cars.

Persistent surveillance.

Think through all of the implications of that phrase.

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  1. It’s 2030…Elderly person with chronic and very expensive health problems is on the way to the hospital. The AI driving the vehicle evaluates the situation in terms of social welfare, and plows into a telephone pole. Societal welfare maximized,

  2. Muzzle Blast

    WRT autonomous cars, I’ve always wondered if you want to use one to go grocery shopping while having overdue library fines, will the car take you to the supermarket or the library?

    Substitute any for library and contemplate the question a bit more …

  3. It’s being done already. Trust me. I see it every day. It’s just that the “autonomous” bits haven’t quite been installed yet… 😉

  4. That pic illustrates one of the problems with ‘self-driving’ cars, namely if you think distracted driving is bad now, this will make it worse – much worse.
    The only state that’s really even addressed the issue in any real way is CA, and their standard is $5 mil in liability insurance and the ‘driver’ must be able to assume full control at any time. Which means, what if the only ‘driver’ is illegal? As in no license, intoxicated or underage? Another problem is what if a ‘self-driving’ car gets in a wreck? Who’s responsible? The ‘driver’? The owner (whoever that is)? The automaker? The maker of the ‘self-driving’ equipment? The programmer(s) of the software? All of them? Especially if the wreck is terrible – like what just happened in New Orleans. You know there’s going to be ‘buck-passing’ in such a situation.
    The techie goo-goos haven’t imagined a ‘self-driving’ 18-wheeler with it’s human ‘driver’ sound asleep plowing into a school bus full of kids – I have, and I think we all know what kind of firestorm THAT will create.
    While I may not agree with his politics, this guy knows cars, and also understands many of the problems:

  5. Another problem.
    The car in front of her blows a tire. As her vehicle’s software/hardware starts to react, an until now unknown glitch throws a wrench in the works. She must instantly grab the wheel and take evasive action. Only she hasn’t actually “driven” anything for two years. Her perishable skill has done just that, so instead she freezes.

  6. Prolly would be more accurate if she was on a cell phone

  7. The old Chevy trucks and Type II Beetle bug I drive are meatspace personified. The are practical cost effective sustainable tools like a shovel an axe and a rifle, they are tools in my never ending defiance of the state, the crony capitalists, the banksters, everyone with a hand in my pocket and trying to lay chains of slavery upon me and my self determination.
    AI has one purpose, and one purpose only. To impose a higher order of industrialized tyranny upon us dirt people.
    Everything else is window dressing and bullshit icing on a cake made of ruling class feces.

  8. Judging by the tag on the car in front, the girl in the drivers’ seat is a Swede with an embedded chip in her hand, heading to see her new Moslem boyfriend who just weeks earlier, raped her into submission. He told her she cannot drive so she’s compliant.

    • Might as well be a chip embedded in her head.
      Think of the millions of willing idiots.
      That is the scary part. Forget the red diaper babies and their demented shakedown crowd. They are outliers, the media only created a narrative which gives them the appearance of a movement far larger than they are, thats optics and agitprop. The corporate slave class is what you got to be concerned with. They not only have “main stream” cred, they are a powerful economic plurality.
      Us Freemen of the dirt people are going to have to face that horde at some point. They will do anything to keep their safe zones. In particular the fundamental concepts of liberty like self determination, self sufficiency, individualism, and the most feared component, self defense with dreaded guns.
      It is critical to understand these people are so inured, so attached, to their slavery, they have evolved into the totalitarians among us, they will do anything to protect the gentle chains of their bondage with the State. In other words they will fight to keep their slavery. And vice versa. It is a symbiotic relationship. It is how the State and it’s appliances of administrative tyranny have not only flourished, but have evolved since before the ink was dry on the parchment.

      You guys see where this is heading don’t you?
      AI controlled vehicles will not be dangerous, human controlled vehicles will be declared dangerous, thus outlawed. And those who drive human operated vehicles will become more evil than people with guns and fee will.
      In effect it is the same as the corporate slave class has attempted with guns, the air we breath, the food we eat, how we teach our children, how we heat our homes, they have even tried to outlaw the weather, our religion, our very property and what we do with it. Even our thoughts must be outlawed.
      This is where the administrative tyrants and their willing dupes want to take America. The US Constitution has provided the perfect instrument to do it.

      Look at the War of Northern Aggression, it is prime exemplar of the corporate slave class and the administrative tyranny of the State in harmony.
      Ask yourself where all the Union solders came from, how could so many be such dupes to turn against their own countrymen for something as benign and natural as the people of the South desire to live in a nation based on the precepts and catechisms of self determination and Agrarian way of life based on Christian principles?
      What the South desired didn’t physically threaten anyone. It followed “Constitutional” ideals of will of the governed and consent of the people, their innate primal freedom of self determination. Where is the threat, to justify a war of internal genocide, by the north?
      Is it probable the same corporate slave class could wage a second war of aggression? After all, it has never stopped it’s war of aggression against an America that only wants to be left alone to tend to it’s business as it see’s fit. A body of totalitarians who never cease to meddle in everyones affairs, with a supremacists moralistic attitude it is always justified in imposing it’s will on everyone else. But it’s worst crime is it is an instrument of imposing tyranny passive aggressively. It is cunning. It’s beliefs are more important than people.
      The AI controlled vehicle is the penultimate symbol of that arrogance and worship of the administrative state.

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    It’s the reason I still drive my 2006 Honda Element, which is roomy and comfortable for me. I almost got seduced by a Chevy Volt. The Volt is fun to drive: hit the gas pedal and it zooms off. It feels solid, like a Mercedes, and it is comfortable to ride in-even the back seat. This baby had the bun warmers, and considering our cold Cali weather lately, made me smile. The previous owner had the freeway lane stickies, which the state has now tied to the car’s title, and would’ve been a bonus driving anywhere. It was a 2015 for $15K and the salesman offered it to me for $13K cuz it was the end of the month. I was in a lather over this shiny toy with 26,000 miles on it….until the salesman started pulling up the previous owners info. I’d love 108 mpg but I am unwilling to surrender my identity. The previous owner’s info was all neatly stored.

  10. Once the government can produce some studies with a conclusion that less people will die on the highways with self driving cars it will then be mandated that all cars are self driving only, just think seat belts and you won’t be able to drive no other.

    I can’t wait for the day when we have drone tanks and drone foot soldiers, a completely robotic military, I wonder what oath the robots will have to swear loyalty too? Skynet anyone?

    And since soon robots will be able to do what ever job a man or women can do what would we need people for anyway, maybe people could build robots but then again won’t robots be able to do that too?

  11. To paraphrase Verner Vinge, ubiquitous surveillance is the last stage of a dying society.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Yup. 

    Anyone here have “Smart Meters” for utilities forced on you? Same thing except that travesty has been under our noses for years.  Go to uTube and check out some of the horror stories about devices, especially in Canada. 

    Next thing you know you’re gonna have to have some kind of ID chip implanted like some mutt to be able to “buy or sell” (gee, where have I heard that one before?). These fuckers have been on the market for decades. I can just see Soros and Sons (L.L.C.) having wet dreams about it. 

    Now onto something else.

    An altogether, albeit surprisingly, fair and nuanced look into Steve Bannon from the NYT.  Will wonders never cease? Perhaps pigs really do know how to fly now and again.  

    Good read into the mind of Trump’s #1 guy.

  14. michael houston

    what i see as really useful….is that someone could load said car full with explosives and have them delivered and detonated all without having to find a suicide driver…..hey now this is progress…..

  15. there’ll also be an override for (((.gov/Central_Control))). As in: you think you’re going to the grocery store…but TSHTF whilst. Autonomous car will then take you to the nearest FEMA camp. The one where the door only open inwards.

  16. I remember back in the 1960’s we watched those education movies about the future. Multi-lane freeways and self driving cars. Made it look so modern and practical. It’s convenience is now obvious and for whose convenience.

  17. One more thing. Only 2 1/2 days to go until we all can say:

    “Free at Last! Free at Last! Thank God Almighty, Free at Last!”

    (at least until next year’s Negroe worship kicks in again.)

  18. SemperFi, 0321

    Lets say I was interested in purchasing a late model Toyota 4Runner, how does one go about finding out which yr and models already have this crap in them?
    Or can they be “sterilized”?

  19. Micheal Hastings was unavailable for comment. RIP.

  20. “Mr. Wilson, we need you to sit on the floor while we search your house; you are going to the gun store too often.”

    Seriously though, the usa is less than 25 years from all privacy being gone thru technology. when cash is banned, you know they can control everyone in the country and its coming. those “daddy what was freedom like” cartoons will be reality.

    • Publius X Maul

      We can use our own cash or barter system.

      All it takes is productive people doing it.

      (((They))) cannot remove “cash” from the world no matter how much (((they)))) try.

      Of course we need the military and police on the right side. A new way of determining title to property. No foreclosures or evictions for failure to pay in Jew (((money))).

  21. The whole damn car command sytem can also be hijacked,nope,not for me either.

  22. It’s a tough call. Someone should ask an expert—is a tatoo or an implanted chip more efficient?

    Hardly matters since fighting information is like fighting gravity.

    ‘Course if it weren’t the case that someone would use the information against a person, then keeping it private probably wouldn’t be such a big deal. But that’s utopian they say, not down-to-earth like that the Constitution will do it.

  23. The thing about self driving cars is you put a manakin with your regular phone in them and have it drive around doing your usual chores to create an alibi for you.

    Or it could be used in other ways ….

    It can make for a nice force multiplier

  24. Guess there’s worse things than being dead within 10-20 years…..

    Fight back, you sniveling sumbitches!

    Quit the endless listing of all the evil bullshit and, at the very least, refuse to comply/submit!!!

    The other end of that continuum should need no further explanation.

    • Trying Brother the thing is it’s hard to barter, build, or begin resisting when so few around you are on the same wavelength…It takes Community and that is what I’m working towards…

  25. Anyone who’s been willing to carry around a cell phone with them for 20 years is mentally prepped to let their autonomous cars drive them to the camps. Forget how much ammo they have as a screening question, do they carry a phone everywhere?