SLL: Plot Holes


Opening graf:

The Michael Flynn Affair is one of those movies where you figure out a jumble of things that don’t make sense as you walk out of the theater.


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  1. Trump is chained to the bankers.
    The bankers run the world.
    Goldman Sachs runs murka.
    The whole scam is working perfectly.
    Like these guys give a shit about you.
    The murkins are the dumbest people on earth.


    • BOHICA

      There may be a tiny window to destroy every one of fuckers who have taken over your lives and futures.
      When the riots are happening across the country. That will be your time to do the hard work. If you hesitate or fail, you will be enslaved till death.

      • Subtlety is just not your strong suit… as compared to your penchant for absolutist, cliched trope-ism.

        Chances of your being ‘right?’ Pretty good, given all the unknowns, and despite all those you cannot possibly know that you don’t know, which are therefor subject to the error thereof…(I know, correct grammar is so stilted and indecipherable to the uneducated. So much easier to type “go fuck yersef!!!”) Go ahead, call me a “grammar nazi” to prove your ignorance and insecurity… or, as usual, call me an ‘old timer’ and tell me it’s bed time… That’ll show me up for the more than seven decades of accumulated experience and wisdom I just might represent.

        Mr.Gore weaves a more intricate, interesting and plausible set of scenarios than your boiler plate, trite, meme-step, shop worn bullshit.

        • whatever.

          I’ve noticed how so many write similar opinions AFTER i write mine.


          I think not.

        • That tfA-t dude, or whatever moniker he uses, is obviously irrational if not a downright psychopath. I’ve punched his buttons on occasion just to humor myself and found that he’s not only irrational he’s incredibly thin skinned. He needs help.

        • He actually wrote something constructive and informative the other day. It was pretty good. He’s back to kill all the things again as the only solution.
          It’s not cultural rocket science it might come down to existential extermination warfare between the various factions of the FUSA.

          It’s trying to figure out how to avoid civil war Armageddon where nobody wins because we burn everything down where we end up crouching in the mud with a spear having to protect or meat, our hut and our woman 24/7.

          • Anybody who proposes a “kill them all” solution to a problem – is simply not paying attention.

            Find me an example of any time in history when that solution has ever worked out. I’d bet the circumstances are few and far between. It’s a strange thing – when people finally clue into the fact that you’re trying to kill them – they start fighting back.

            Even during WW2 Nazi era – and during the Soviet and Chinese commie rules – they couldn’t seem to reach a “final solution” and bring it to a conclusion.

            And where are they now? Gone. Action invites reaction. Positioning yourself as a genocidal maniac invites a whole bunch of people to find a way to exterminate you.

            This dynamic is in play right now as the alt right represents an awakening to the fact that the left just simply will never stop – and pretty much everything they want to accomplish is bad – if not outright genocidal – yet.

            Pay attention and maybe you’ll learn something.

            • what an idiot.

              “And where are they now? Gone.”

              Ha Ha

              NO. They’re in DC.

              Operation Paper Clip.

            • “Find me an example of any time in history when that solution has ever worked out.”

              William the Conqueror, “Harrowing of the North”
              Against Indians in North America
              Assyrian Empire x100
              Genghis Khan x1000
              Israelites killing the Midianites
              Athenians vs. Melians (Thucidydes, “Melian dialogues”)
              3rd Punic War
              Belgians in Africa
              Etc. Etc. Etc.

              Hitler would be an example if we hadn’t stuck our noses in where it didn’t belong.

          • Oh yeah – an the women these days are a good portion of the problem.
            So you might only have to protect your hut – and your meat.

            The womenfolk might be what you have to protect them against.

            • are you ever right?


              how about place the blame where it belongs.
              weak men who are cuckolded by a piece of ass.

      • Alfred E. Neuman

        tfA-t seems to have hemorrhoids of the brain and mouth. Definitely needs some type of medication to calm him down….

    • I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions how people need to look beneath the surface to see what is really going on. People like you are the perfect example of the failure to do so. As if photos of people together means anything other than that they travel in the same social circles. I’ve hated/opposed plenty of people I’ve been photographed with, probably far more so than people I haven’t been photographed with.

    • lon a follower

      Enslaved for life? Are we not all slaves to something? Becoming as the enemy is not the answer.
      ” Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: (check for context.)
      Calling each other stupid is not the way to win a war.

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    It’s a big chess game, just lining up the pieces for the big move.

  3. lon a follower

    Donald Trump may well serve a purpose. Coming to grips with it may be the challenge? So do we get the leaders we deserve?
    Is Donald a despot lion?

    • The only purpose trump serves is to give you a few more weeks to prepare to get rid of him and he rest of the would-be tyrants. None of the (s)elected leaders are any good for the common man. They all serve the (((bank))).

      • I’ve noticed you get a woody anytime there is mention of burning things down, so hows this, maybe follow your own advice:
        Trump is most likely the last chance to change things from the inside, because the dirt people who voted for him are not from inside and never have been from the start.
        Regardless of how nice it is to get rid of the inside, the truth is without your SOP of killing all the things, good luck on that happening in the near future, you need somebody on the inside to stir up enough shit where it is effectively the start of burning it all down. Because no matter what, one guy probably won’t cut the mustard, that’s a den of rattlesnakes and the guy has serious balls to wade into that cesspool. Regardless, it has to begin with one or a couple people, you got to create impetus for a preference cascade of people who develop a motive power among themselves who then will work together to burn it all down. Grass roots movements have a power all their own, they are insurgent by their very nature, very hard to stop, because they are the true open source insurgency. They possess huge potential, and once realized it has that power, nothing can deny them.
        Think smart, work smart, not work hard where you lose before you even begin.

        Right now it is civil war of hearts and minds. You got to have and give people a reason, use the process of reason, provide viable outcomes, inspire people, create worthy goals and sound rational results to aspire that sits well with them to do certain deeds.
        Jumping out of the frying pan into the fire is a dead end brother.
        Unintended consequences really suck. We already suffer enough of that crap.

        All you look like is raving lunatic when you troll everyone with kill everything tear it all down rants everyone but you is the enemy that must be exterminated mentality.
        Shit, isn’t there enough of that stupid crap arrayed against us who desire freedom and liberty and just plain be left alone already?

        You a smart guy. Lead by practical and results orientated example why don’t you.
        Because honestly, your more harm than good when you get to commenting like a homicidal maniac. We all are fucking fed up with the crap going down, many of us are truly concerned, worried about the future, how we can effect positive change, sure we get pissed off and who hasn’t felt anger and a desire to really fight back with a bone in our teeth and a rifle in our hands, but nobody has all the answers, we are starting almost cold and got a fuck all lot to figure out. But I wouldn’t follow you or your advice to save my life the way you comment if that is all you are in real life. I would probably shoot your worthless ass if things got sporty just to eliminate at least one problem right off the bat.
        But you do write a few things worth consideration.
        Why not write more like you did the other day?
        That was first rate insights you shared.
        How about it?

      • If the banksters run the world they are sure screwing it up for themselves. The numbers have gotten so large that even the Fed will not be able to bail them out this time. They will go down just like the rest of us for when markets collapse there are no survivors.

  4. Deep state war or panem et circenses?

    I’d wager we all would do well to learn to make our own panem vs. staring at the collapse. Lots of people died in Thailand who watched the water rolling out because they were transfixed. Some lived ’cause they grokked what it meant and reacted well. The water rolled out a while ago, I’m quite sure it’s coming back.

    Yesterday I consumed 3 eggs that I preserved back in August. Perfect condition. Why? Might come in handy to know how to do that. Spring is planting season. Spring is chick hatching/buying time. You are raising your own food and gardens yes? Best get on that.

    • The only problem with prepping and being a self sufficient rugged individual is just that, a small or nonexistent community, potentially facing hordes of desperate zombies or worse yet, organized very bad people if things fall apart. We must put aside our differences and learn how to fellowship with patriots, conservatives, normal non America hating citizens or those who may someday cherish America given the right examples. Go spend a couple of minutes and look inside the Sunday morning service of a mid to larger city’s Catholic church and tell me what you see. Most likely hundreds of Mexicans with their families. Or attend a slightly above average quinceanera or baptism party. Now that’s community that isn’t broken easily or anytime soon.

      • Exactly right but people haven’t felt enough pain to do anything about it…They will though and for most it will be to late to do anything about it…That’s human nature though so that’s that…Sad That…

      • Sounds good, wish it could play that way. When the chips are down the battle order is —


        After that it is a crapshoot that anything larger will even exist.

    • Still too early to plant even early spring crops like peas in my AO. Soon be time though. I added 2 deer and an antelope to the freezer last fall. Made some venison chili last night that is spectacular made all the more so because I harvested that animal and give thanks for that.

    • WTF?

      there’s 4ft of snow on the ground still.

  5. The plot thickens! CA – Keck your email!

  6. Christopher, you are on it, exactamundo! A breath of fresh air like yourself is what’s needed, and appreciated. The thing I like most about your post is a thing I call, Demonstrable Maturity. Wherever you live, or go, keep it up. Cool heads are what will preserve and protect, life.

  7. It’s been all downhill since the first pussy hat took a bite from the apple. Paradise lost, God doomed us to this life on earth under the man. There’s no fixing it, make the best of your situation and get square with the Lord.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Funny thing about Trump as President. The 24/7/365 non stop crisis and accompanying narrative/memes as a means have stopped.
    No wonder the legacy media and the leftists are screeching and caterwauling like hyena’s on fire. They don’t have a deep state regime spoon feeding them a steady diet of false flag social and political agenda fabrications. All they are getting is deliberately planted “leaks” from soon to be fired or arrested desperate state actors thinking they are going to depose a true legitimate fairly elected real President.
    The fuckers are naked as jay birds, no illusion of legitimacy from a treasonous state apparatus has their backs.

  10. Publius X Maul

    Serious question for CA and others, and I mean no offense: are we stupid? Are you and other “doomsday preppers” crazy? Am I crazy to have followed (and agreed with) the ideas discussed here for over four years, while neglecting my focus on my blue pill career?

    SHTF coming! SHTF coming!

    When? Fucking when? It never happens. Even if doomsday preppers from 17 years ago are correct and have been correct all of this time but just a few decades early, and eventually there will be SHTF, say, in 5 years. That’s 22 years of a wasted life, pissing off and disappointing all of their loved ones around them (if they have any) being pissed off instead of just being happy.

    Frankly I personally was doing great financially and professionally until I discovered the “manosphere” in 2012. Discovery the red pill pissed me off, caused me to be angry, and my life has spiraled since then. Meanwhile all the clueless normal people continue to do just fine.

    It seems to me that — even though the economy generally sucks — regular clueless normals with their cube jobs are doing quite well, going through their lives in their cubes and BMWs and watching TV, and only us nutjobs on the right sit here day after day pissed off while waiting for the civil war that never happens and failing in our regular blue pill world lives.

    What gives?

    • It is a burden having what one believes is an inside track on the future.

      The trick is to try to maintain balance, flexibility, perseverance, and brutal honesty.

      Understand that there has NEVER in human history been a bigger economic experiment than what has been underway since 2008.

      Anyone who doesn’t have a resourced and ongoing plan for both MDCOA and MLCOA (most dangerous course of action and most likely COA) is underperforming.

      But just know that the confusion and frustration you feel is normal and warranted.

      Interesting times, indeed.

    • Shaking my head on that comment…Just a suggestion maybe stop blaming everyone and everything else for your problems and realize everything you do starts and ends with you and work on fixing that…

      • Publius X Maul


        • Oh so your just a puppet then and someone else pulls your strings and makes you do things that you don’t want to do…Sad That…

          • Publius X Maul

            Faggot, they own the government, courts, education, media, banks, printing of money, gold, diamonds, silver, land, top 500 corporations, all career opportunities. It matters.

          • Publius X Maul


            Do you have a job?

            • Yep I do and I got to keep most of what I earned by having enough write offs that benefitted me and not the gov…

      • Publius X Maul

        A certain tribe prints the money and owns ALL of the capital.

        • You need to get out more…

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Research the Fed Res Bank and US Treasury. US Treasury does nothing without permission from or paying FedRes.
            Find out where your money to IRS goes…………to FedRes/IMF. And who controls them? A “RedShield” come to mind? Rotschild was the beginning of all of this, and still calls the play in almost every single banking center of the world.
            And they control EVERY thing we do, through our wallets!

            • Do they control how you put your pants on in the morning Marine… There are ways to negate their control we just have to be willing to do it…

      • Publius X Maul

        Also… boomer alert.


        • Your goal should be the opposite of alienating people.

          I get the anger and frustration.

          But if you get mindslotted as “just another Jew hater”, you will be hard pressed to get a fire team around you.

          In cyberspace or meatspace.

        • Nope your wrong again younger than you but not by much…

          • Publius X Maul


            • Lol…I feel sorry for you…I’ve offered to help and you didn’t want to even inquire so I don’t know what to tell you…Sad That…

          • Publius X Maul

            Been through the divorce court?

            Given 24,000 billable hours to your kids the last 12 years?

            • Nope didn’t have to suffer that because I happened to make sure I married the right one… Every choice has a consequence and if you make the wrong ones the consequences will be painful…But that’s life and you dust yourself off and keep going…You damn sure don’t let in define you and start blaming others because that’s just a cowards way out…

    • watch the movie

      The Big Short

      everything seems fine- until it’s not.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’m going to agree with your comment.
      All my stupid friends keep borrowing money, clueless from where it comes or goes, who owns them, and they’re happy as a pig in shit buying more toys and going into debt so deep their kids will never pay it off, kinda like the so called nat’l debt. Total ego based lives.
      Meanwhile, I’ve been giving myself ulcers for decades, knowing what’s going on, who controls us, and where it is all headed. And listening to everyone around me spew the same mindless shit about my conspiracy theories and fight against IRS. But that’s of my own doing.
      And what bothers me the most here at WRSA, the number of people who’ve been here for yrs, and still refuse to grasp who their handlers are. Still watching and listening to MSM, and knocking anyone else who thinks outside the box. You’re the ones who bother me the most, claim to be patriots when in reality most of you have absolutely no clue who you really answer to. Who takes your wages away from you? Who tells you what to do every day and night, who controls your movements and thinking, who gives you shots you don’t need, or chemicals in your meals. And most of you don’t even fucking care enough to read or research any of it, instead you choose to just blame it on liberal Democrats and end of discussion. Never once caring who sits at the top and call the shots to their puppethandlers.
      TfA-t is an asshole, so am I, because we see how little most of you even care about really learning facts, you just spew mindless dogma you learned from your parents, schools, preachers and MSM. May it sit heavily on you, you’ve earned it.

    • Life on this rock is a fleeting journey. The only thing you leave behind, worth a shit, is what you have done for others.Being prepared is just that. In the past five years in Colorado we have experienced devastating fires and floods. Forget the zombie hordes and dirty commie bastards. Be prepared,live your life well. Cherish each day of good health surrounded by honest people of good character. NPT’s(neighborhood protection teams) are a wonderful way to meet and greet with your neighbors.Emphasis should be on living a good,clean,moral life of the righteous man. Ammo and weapons have a great shelf life if stored properly. The greatest weapon you have is between your ears. The rest is noise and bullshit.

    • lastmanstanding

      Brother, one day one just wakes up. At first, there is extreme urgency to get everything you need for survival. We all have our own ideas as to what that is. It is a franticness that at times, is overwhelming. Mine began in 2007.

      Even though we were in high gear, we still had a life. We have 2 businesses, clients and we spend a lot of time servicing them. Sometimes too much…but we still have a life. We have family, we have great friends, we have good neighbors…some awake, some not (if it blows, these folks are the type that will fall in with the rest of the hood.) We have limited our circle to survive. We know who the zips within the wire are.

      During that past 10 years, we have had some major discussions…within family and within the hood. We all still tow the line…every single day without fail and still have/love our lives. Perhaps we are just very lucky…living where we live.

      Frankly, you are in the right place. CA’s blog and the commenters here are shit. I lurked for a long time before having a say. Mostly because I was to damn tired at the end of the day but wanted to hear what those here had to say.

      I’ve heard a lot of predictions over the past 5 years that could have come to pass. Some I thought had merit, some I knew were bs.

      All I know is that fusa is not operating in the constitutional manner as penned. Nor does its(fusa) day to day function resemble anything near “how the earth works.”

      You get it…just be glad that you do, see good when you can, live a day at a time and “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  11. Stealth Spaniel

    “Whatever the real story, Trump has gained valuable leverage on the intelligence agencies. ” Bingo! Just my opinion. Flynn was a loyal and trusted campaign advisor-why would he suddenly be struck stupid and color outside the lines? Unless he was supposed to. Does anyone know where Flynn is or what he is doing? Lots of ways to enter the White House besides the front door.
    And yes, Michael Corleone is a great stand in for President Trump. We have just started the first reel of the movie.
    As far as prepping-keep at it. I’m off to the gym to log bike time.

    • Publius X Maul

      Lolzozozoz Trump skipping (((media dinner))). Last POTUS to miss was Reagan in 1981 AFTER ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT.


      Another good move by Trump.


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