Baugh On Building Your Business (And Thus Your Resiliency)


First three posts on the new SoftBaugh Blog:


Time Management Skills

Should I Incorporate?

More good stuff to come.

2 responses to “Baugh On Building Your Business (And Thus Your Resiliency)

  1. Publius X Maul

    Should we be building a blue pill business to try to accumulate more worthless fiat dollars or preparing for the collapse that happens on March 15?

  2. here’s how you beat the system.
    first, target the affluent.
    find something everyone wants or needs done.
    knock on doors and talk to the people or leave a card explaining what you are offering with a price quote.(accept only cash or checks made out to you personally).
    do some pro bono work in the area for a reference(if needed).
    do incredible work at a great price.
    work everyday possible- no days off- EVER.
    never fuck anyone. EVER.
    retire after 10 years at age 40. 🙂

    fuck the gubbermint and fuck the poLICE.