Codrea: Perez DNC Win Over Ellison Spells Bigger Danger



Commie > Muzzie in 2017 America.

Not likely in 2037 America, but for now….

23 responses to “Codrea: Perez DNC Win Over Ellison Spells Bigger Danger

  1. Stealth Spaniel

    Accidents happen in an instant. Best be careful in these interesting times. Mr. Perez doesn’t strike me as cautious when he crosses the street.

  2. Worse, is better

    The greater the disparity between the demon party traditional base and the neu, preferred clientele the more that the prior is enlightened as to their place in the future.


  3. Ilich Ramírez Sánchez – best-known to western readers as “Carlos the Jackal,” terrorist and assassin-for-hire par excellence – converted to Islam in a French prison. There, he wrote the book “Revolutionary Islam” (L’islam révolutionnaire), which states that “only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States.”

    The alliance between the cultural Marxists and Islam is no accident, for both share the common goals of the destruction of the United States and western civilization.


    Dershowitz declared it not to be in no uncertain terms on Hannity’s radio show last week, and THAT was when the matter was decided, not on Saturday. Don’t judge, someone’s got to listen to the screaming mimis so I can zig when they zag. Absolutely no way was Ellison going to get it because the astroturfed tards at Berkley happen to cast a favorable eye to Allah. The DNC knows exactly who holds an inordinate amount of their purse strings and they are nothing if not shrewd once you step a couple rungs up from the Pussy Hat Brigade. ‘…Jewish donors contributing a whopping 50% of funds received by the Democratic Party…’ ( ). Take from that what you will, but the DNC is smart enough not to even come close to killing their golden goose. Money buys influence and that is exactly why Ellison is not chairman. To be fair, 25% of the RNC $$ is coming from them as well.

    • that’s right. Also: the (((Demoncrats))) already have the Blacks nailed down. They don’t need Ellison or Islam to keep it that way. Correctly, they view a lot of the ever-burgeoning Spic population as still up for anti-White recruitment. Perez will help. .

      • Agreed.
        Also, blacks are almost irrelevant due to extremely low rates of voter turnout, and they tend to live in states that would vote Democrat anyway.

        Squatamalans and muslims are the future of the dems, if they have a future. Also, most arab muslims think black muslims are scum so Ellison wouldn’t help with them anyway

    • Only 50%? Pretty sure its higher. Or maybe I’m thinking of the # of big donors, who hold even more influence.

      • I’ve heard claims of 2/3 and 3/4, but it varies from election to election. Either way, I think the threat of any real anti-Semites being put in positions of power at the DNC are next to none. You might lose an election by upsetting the minority vote but you don’t have a party if you lose the majority of your funding.

  5. I don’t think the black supremicist, muslim, commie eelison is done yet.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Perez is just another Lawyer who prefers to be a community organizer like Obama. Ellison is just a Muslim. It’s still Obama’s party.

    Grey Ghost

  8. Funny responses from Ann Coulter:

    A Muslim passed over for DNC head. Aren’t terrorists going to use this insult as a recruitment tool?

    “Muslim fails the DNC’s vetting process.”