MVT: “So Why Would You Do Tactical Training?”


Tempus fugit.

And the Bad People don’t plan to lose.

Live hard.

Die free.

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4 responses to “MVT: “So Why Would You Do Tactical Training?”

  1. anybody fighting in a wide open area like that is


    get yourselves unfucked and head for the bush with some overhead cover…

  2. Actually, if I were a newb, I’d take up the training because of that article on MVT blog. The case is clearly and simply made, and it commands respect if for nothing else, the common sense of it. Best line was the one about learning to do combat, the first time you wind up in combat,being a real good way to get you and your tribe killed. Ayup. Even the basics, cover and concealment, movement to contact, actions in contact, actions at the objective, camouflage, terrain walks, etc. can mean the whole ball of wax. If you’re a serious prepper, and you lack this training, you got a problem.

  3. Georgia in October. That’s what I’m aiming for.

  4. Used to deliver medical equipment in the ghetto. In the inner city of Chicago. High rise projects. Every elevator is an open air urinal. The light bulbs are covered by steel mesh, to keep them from being removed. Street gangs control individual buildings. Sometimes more than one. They have the ability to disable the buttons on any floor they want. Even though they are armor plated. They don’t want the police to be able to get off on their floor. Make the police get off two floors down and fight their way up. In the apartments they cut holes in the walls connecting more than one apartment for maneuvering and escape. The police had thin white lines painted around the outside of the building every five floors. Easier to figure which floor the snipers are shooting from. There should be urban tours.