Stockman: “After March 15 Everything Will Grind To A Halt”


At least those bumming about the absence of SHTF will be happy.

If Stockman is right…

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  1. He has been wrong more than right.

    • Don’t sugarcoat it: Stockman makes witchdoctoring look like settled science.

      The strongest arguments in his favor are aphorisms regarding blind pigs and broken clocks.

    • Yawn. Default on it. Who loses? Banksters, foreign lenders and some boomers who see nothing wrong with collecting pensions for 30 years for 20 years ‘work’. Start issuing money from the Treasury like the much-mocked constitution says. Let’s get the great devaluation on. It will be a great show.
      In the meantime buy everything you can lay hands on.
      Trump will be presiding over a bankruptcy … no better man for that job. It’s no accident he models himself on Old Hickory.

  2. Well we have Stockman’s prediction and now you’ll have mine:

    Soon after March 15th nothing out of the ordinary will happen.

    Take notes and pay attention to what I say, not some Gold/Silver hustler.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. The simple truth is that what man places a hard stop on, can be extended and probably will be. Continuing Resolution for $400 Alex.

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    $20 trillion debt?
    The derivatives debt alone is estimated to be around a quadrillion, the $20 T is what they will admit to to make the masses think it’s not so bad.
    Wall St. makes a killing every day, just betting on if a stock goes up or down, not even worried what the amount is, they bet on if it will move or not! And how much longer can Fed keep buying up it’s own losses (using fake accounts to sell to itself), that’s like eating the shit out of your own ass.
    But don’t worry, MSM said the housing market is booming again.

  6. all hell is ready to break loose.

    record high DOW

    the fundamentals are just not there.

    • but even after the coming crash, these guys will still be living high on the taxpayers dime. because Heroes and everything…

      Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, February 24, 2017:

      South Amboy, New Jersey: A detective was charged for allegedly stealing $3,000 from evidence.
      Columbus, Ohio: An officer was charged with solicitation and dereliction of duty.
      Woodstock, Illinois: An officer was charged with DUI after a one-car off-duty crash.
      Update: Aliquippa, Pennsylvania (First reported 12-09-16): A now-former officer was charged with aggravated assault for shooting a jail guard during an off-duty bar fight. He was fired after the incident.
      Update: Las Cruces, New Mexico (First reported 05-20-15): The City settled a lawsuit with a man who was beaten in his jail cell by two now-former officers for $400,000.
      Update: Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (First reported 01-14-16): An officer was found guilty on five counts of sexual assault against a teen. The officer was on duty and in uniform when he approached her for smoking marijuana and then led her to a secluded area where he assaulted her. He had previously been fired by the Honolulu Police Department for falsifying records and lying to investigators about transporting an underage runaway.
      Seattle, Washington: An officer was charged with drug possession and illegal access of law enforcement database.

  7. There was a legendary post on ZH some years back, that would resurface from time to time by Cougar_W that crystallized how “they” aren’t gonna let this party end. I wish I had a screenshot of it.
    As long as the printing presses roll and debt=money, the fuckers party on.
    Prepare accordingly but don’t count on it.
    The mind boggles how “they” have gotten away with it thus far until you zoom out on the centralized (and begging for it) populace.
    This means you too, MAGAs.
    Goldman Sachs, CFR and AIPAC riddle your “drained” swamp.
    Same as it ever was.
    2008 was only a test.
    If they “pull it” (Larry) again, they’ll just proclaim moar bailouts and buy another printing plant.
    Have a nice day
    “Stockman’s” tarot cards are compromised.

    • Spot on sir. Spot on.

      Freefor, your move. Waiting for the collapse(that can be extended endlessly) benefits whom?

  8. Stockman thinks the crash will be March 15th. With all due respect to Mr. Stockman, I have been hearing this since I read ” How To Prosper During The Coming Bad Years ” by Howard Ruff. I read the book in 1975. If the crash does not happen soon I may die of old age first and miss the fun!

  9. The only hedge fund is totally debt free productive land, boolits and a shitload of pissed off friends to bushwhack the various waves of why should I prep when I plan come and take yours retards and zombies.
    The bankster and derivative fuckers have kicked the debt can down the road so many times it’s baked into survival of the banking elites inbred genes.
    The whole lot of them will do whatever it takes to keep from having to bugout to those posh survival retreats they built with pocket change from the wealth transfer skim.
    They know in the back of their reptilian brains when the big turd drops in the pot, the whole western hemisphere goes down the crapper, and there will be no safe spaces. Everyone without a Rothchild or Rockefeller pedigree will be gunning for the fucking scum bags. On principle alone. Because any payback is better than no payback. There’s an awful lot of 2 stage dial a yield fusion devices laying around. Wouldn’t take much in such a Mad Max future to do a little ethnic elite cleansing. NewZealand and those nice little private islands are isolated easy targets.
    They may as well get on Musk’s rockets into outerspace.

    But, we are all like the pig, committed, TINVOWOOT.

    The only way out may end up as Shawn said so well, “a long term stay behind operation”, to survive and preserve what sanity and grace in our AO’s we can, ride out the inevitable, and begin to hook up with others, hope and work like crazy there’s a semblance of civilization to build upon.
    In some ways it is not at all a bad thing. Nothings so bad it ain’t good for something.
    Not when compared to the shit sandwich the fuckers are trying to cram down our throats.

    But you never know, stranger things have happened, it’s said somebody up above is always been looking out for the dirt people in this country.
    All it takes is some determined people who refuse to quit, who believe in something so good they never give up.
    Was born and bred by the motto “Live Free or Die”, I intend to keep right on living to my last breath by that.

  10. Publius X Maul

    No government means no Obamacare.

    And the military will be the government.

    Or gangs and warlords at the local level.

    In any event, ALL federal tax dollars should go to national defense and the rest of government should be literally deleted immediately.

    Don’t believe me? Read the Constitution.

  11. The debt ceiling will be increased and we will kick the can further down the road. The past gov shutdowns haven’t meant shit, except to give the media something to go chicken little about.

  12. the Republiscam Congress…just like it did repeatedly for Obama…will simply increase the (fake) “debt limit” yet again. If the (((banksters))), who own most of the stock in the (fake) stock “market”, decide to take some profits and drop the “market” a few thousand points, the “Federal Reserve” will then pump Xbillion debtbux into the (((banks))) to ramp it back up again. And the (((Fed))) will be happy to buy and warehouse another few $trillion$ in National debt. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    the only thing to watch is the dollar. Not its derivatives. And right now it still appears to be rock solid.

    the EU and the Euro will go first. Then it’ll be the turn of the dollar and ‘Murka.

  13. Obvious and visible signs in and around your AO of economic disruption,citizen discontent,and government mis-behavior. All of these “obvious” indicators are noticed because… of your survival skills,honed and sharpened through years of observation,surveillance and plain old common sense. Situational awareness.Retail apocalypse is on the horizon. Some individuals have excellent product knowledge and may transfer their skills and connections into locally owned,businesses.Be prepared,if possible,to bankroll inventory,supply chain, warehouse and distribution networks. The end game is to come out the other side with some semblance of a civilization. A model that has worked for many years is the cooperative. A co-op is done on a completely voluntary basis.With any endeavor of this type,there must be close ongoing scrutiny of all members. .Don’t get yourself jailhouse ass-raped by the ATF or other “players.” Malfeasance, corruption and obsolescence in the business world,opens up opportunity.Many people make a fine living cleaning up messes. Look for new revenue streams and opportunities to help you come out the other side. You don’t have enough rope.Local,local,local.

  14. Dang.
    First thought on the above pic – it’s the Kinks Plastic Man, personified.
    And those moron appealling jelly beans appearing on small biz

  15. There will be no economic collapse, only a transfer of wealth and a different way of completing future transactions. Most of us will just be worse off economically by the time this transition completes.

    Even the supposedly high speed readers of WRSA were oblivious to the fact that 1.2 billion people in India were transitioned to a cashless society complete with biometric id cards for everyone.

    We in the US are most of the way there already. Few people use cash and I would bet few people under 30 ever write checks.

    The economic matrix of control is nearly complete.

    • It is a slow bleed-out process part of which is called the redistribution of wealth. The eye opener for me was watching a documentary on YouTube called “the Money Masters” by Bill Still.