Suarez: Counter-Protest Driving


Part I

Part II

This material will be on the exam, which will be administered both before and after May Day.

Bonus question: The centennial of what famous event is being celebrated this year (by some, at least)?


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  1. I see header pic but no text. Not my ad blocker. View page source and the text is there. Hmm.

  2. The December Revolution/Incipient century of mass destruction seems likely the answer you’re going for, but I’m inclined to offer an alternative: Fatima. “No more water, but fire next time,” as the song goes…time is short.

  3. Yup.
    Doing the math:
    35,000,000 grains of Detroit steel travelling at 37fps with an accuracy of minute of protest line = Squish pK of 100%.

    These sorts of games stop being fun for Team Lunatard when you bring physics into the experiment.

    I mention purely for observation and informational purposes that grinding a sharp edge onto the lower side of any metal body parts tends to discourage grabbing and rocking vehicles, in a fingerless-hand sort of way.

  4. Exasperated Citizen

    If you’re going to have to bump someone or something (like another car) out of the way, take your thumbs OFF of the steering wheel, and simply hold it with the heels of your hands, and gripping it with your fingers. This will help keep you from breaking or dislocating your thumbs, due-to an unexpectedly-hard frontal impact. Breaking or dislocating a thumb is to be avoided. Ask me how I know….I’ve learned MY lesson, so I’m mentioning it here, so YOU don’t HAVE-to. Keep a slow, steady, even speed, until you’re past the mob, but don’t go over about 20 mph, in order to avoid so-damaging your vehicle that it becomes inoperable.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. November 7 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia results in Communist government under Lenin taking office

  7. answer: the Great Judeo-Communist Revolution in Russia. Which killed 70,000,000 White people (and not a few Jews) in order to go from capitalism back to capitalism. Neat picture though. There’s Comrade Ulyanov-alias-Lenin just left of center, with Comrade Djugashvili-alias-Stalin (evidently wearing high heels) looming over his right shoulder. And who’s that looking over Joe’s shoulder? Comrade Trotsky-alias-(((Bronstein)))? (((Zinoviev)))?, (((Kamenev)))?,(((Sverdlov)))? Only the artist would know. And (((they)) probably killed him too.

  8. Mike Wiltgen