The Shadow Government Is Here




TINVOWOOT, nor was there ever any.

You have, however, been graced with five weeks more time to get serious.

Your call.

Toughen your bodies.

Sharpen your minds.

Harden your hearts.

15 responses to “The Shadow Government Is Here

  1. Little slow here, what happens in 5 weeks?

    • “I think what people are missing is this date, March 15th 2017. That’s the day that this debt ceiling holiday that Obama and Boehner put together right before the last election in October of 2015. That holiday expires. The debt ceiling will freeze in at $20 trillion. It will then be law. It will be a hard stop. The Treasury will have roughly $200 billion in cash. We are burning cash at a $75 billion a month rate. By summer, they will be out of cash. Then we will be in the mother of all debt ceiling crises. Everything will grind to a halt. I think we will have a government shutdown. There will not be Obama Care repeal and replace. There will be no tax cut. There will be no infrastructure stimulus. There will be just one giant fiscal bloodbath over a debt ceiling that has to be increased and no one wants to vote for.”

      — from the link, statement by Stockman

      • ho……hum. The Republiscams increased the debt ceiling SIX TIMES for Obama with nary a whimper. And they’ll be happy to do it for Caesar…errrrrr…Trump.

        stock “market” might drop a few thousand points…(((banksters))) are about due to take their profits. Then the (((Federal Reserve))) will ramp it right back up again. All that matters is the dollar itself. And right now it appears rock solid.

  2. hummus abedin

    ‘2 in Douglas County Confederate flag case sentenced to lengthy prison terms
    Pickup truck convoy disrupted child’s birthday party’

    Superior Court Judge William McClain castigated the two, Kayla Rae Norton, 25, and Jose Ismael Torres, 26, for perpetrating what he called a hate crime.

    He sentenced Torres to 20 years, with 13 to serve in prison; Norton was given 15 years, with six to serve. Upon their release, McClain ordered them to be permanently banished from Douglas County.

  3. “five weeks”…?
    I’m not seeing any timetable there.

    Politically, the DNC is irrelevant for two years, minimum.
    All they can do is the exact Hissyfit Bitchfest Shuffle. Which has worked out…how, exactly, nonstop since Nov. 9th, 2016?

    Their “B” Plan is Berkeley/Ferguson/etc.

    Let’s see how that works out for them.
    It’s a zero-sum problem, and they can’t breed fast enough to replace losses; the lead time is 19 years, minimum.
    Short-term it becomes an ammunition supply problem.

    Long-term the bigger issues in play engulf any government, actual or wannabe.

    • Ah, gotcha.
      We’ll see soon enough if Stockman is any more right this time than the last few dozen times he’s missed the call.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Its all for naught. It won’t matter if there is a shadow government or not. Why? Tell me when in history that the ‘Plan’ at the end survived reality, ever? Even Desert Storm which was probably the most well executed military campaign went for a piker. Just look at Iraq today.

    The SG types along with the Fed, Congress, etc are going to screw up the easiest lay they have ever had. The collapse is in the cards and it will come out of left field, slap everyone silly and not a single .gov entity will know what to do.

    The is why I am so sanguine about the whole affair, it does not matter. Just have your s#$% together before it comes.

    • Desert Storm met ALL it’s objectives which remain in place today. They had nothing to do with conditions inside Iraq.

      That the objectives were insufficient in your mind– as they were in mine, by the way– is not relevant to the truth of my first sentence.

      SVC Battery, 3rd Battalion, 8th Field Artillery Regiment, 18th Field Artillery Brigade, XVIII Airborne Corps, in theater 28 September 1990 – 16 March 1991 (my personal dates, some advance party were there earlier and I was on the advance party for redeployment).

  6. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    The Shadow Government never left, nor will it. Lest REAL Men rise up and cut its throat!

  7. Publius X Maul

    These MOTHERFUCKING NIGGERS in the deep state get paid six figures a year to work for one purpose: RENDERING WHITE FATHERS UNABLE TO PROVIDE SO OUR CHILDREN CAN BE TAKEN INTO THE “human trafficking” satanic system.

    Think about it.

    Still we just polish our unused, shiny range toys day after day after day.

  8. The SG has been around for a LONG time, it’s just now more in the “mainstream”.

    Grey Ghost

  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but do the democrats now have a LaRasa member as its head and a CAIR member as its second in command? If so, all that needs to be done to blow up that party is for Trump to have LaRasa and CAIR deemed terrorist organizations.

  10. Publius X Maul, timing is every thing. When it is time, you will have no doubts that it is time. In short order, we all are going to wish it wasn’t. Remember that old one, about fools rushing in, where angels fear to tread?