Brushbeater: USMC Antenna Manual

cover usmc field antenna


BB’s terse post.

Hard copy asap.

5 responses to “Brushbeater: USMC Antenna Manual

  1. Why so little print per page?

    • It’s an approximate 5×8 pocket manual, however, translated to standard 8-1/2×11 PDF doc format. The real thing is much smaller than a standard sheet of paper.

  2. Proof found within the download of the USMC Antenna Manual, of a dangerous virus in the document and across the entire USMC:
    ” Unless otherwise stated, whenever the masculine or feminine gender
    is used, both men and women are included.”

  3. Highly recommended. I have this one as well as the DoD handbook upon which much of the general data was based, studies commissioned by the AF (then each service naturally spent treasure to make it their own). The USMC version, for all their reputation as knuckledraggers, is the premier of these, several levels better than the Army’s, with fine illustrations & tables & antenna descriptions, vs. the Army’s Mauldin-esque cartoons left over from the 50’s & 60’s FM style. Get one. Even fits long-side down in a traditional field-jacket pocket & certainly any ruck pouch or commo bag.

  4. Henry Bowman

    Great resource….
    Here’s a link to a pdf version that will allow you to print on both sides, i’d suggest having staples/office depot do it on waterproof/tear proof paper, stick in 3 ring binder….