Fred: A Budget Without Russians — The Empire’s Greatest Fear


Hatin’ on the MIC.

Under Assistant Regional Commissar For Supplemental Cabbage Insemination Greenwood has called for an investigation into the so-called “Fred-Russian connection”.

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  1. As a citizen you make your voice known every two years. In-between times….you clean your gun and practice so when time comes,,,,

  2. lon a follower

    Must admit, Fred surprised me. Made me recall these many posts.
    Now if we can see the many truths within this, can we also see how the muslims are and have been used? I am not saying they (muslims) are totally innocent.
    Who is?
    “Usefull idiots” should not be ridiculed, there is a better way.

  3. The Soviets may never have been a legitimate adversary of the USA.

    Communist systems lack the critical motivational incentives to innovation and invention, and therefore are saddled with economic chaos.

    Direct infusions of Western aid, loans, technology transfers, entire plants including machine tools, assembly lines, transfer lines, computer controls, kept the Soviet system afloat as well as appearing to field a military that posed a threat to the West. This provided the Soviets with basic economic infrastructure required for modern armaments manufacture.

    Despite all that-and much more assistance-the Soviet Communist empire simply imploded and collapsed…

    Professor Antony C. Sutton catalogued the process in his three-volume work: Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development (1917-1930, 1930-1945, 1945-1965).

    In his subsequent book-The Best Enemy Money Can Buy-Dr. Sutton explains the Soviets were reliant on the help of the United States government in order to pose a credible strategic military threat:

    American Ball Bearings for Missile Guidance System

    In the late 1960s Soviet missiles were extremely inaccurate. According to Abraham Shifrin, a former Defense Ministry official, they could hardly find the United States, let alone a specific target. By the late 1970s their accuracy was so improved that Soviets could guarantee a high proportion of hits on a target as small as the White House.

    The technological roadblock was mass production of miniaturised precision ball bearings for guidance systems.

    In the early 1960s Soviets attempted to buy U.S. technology for mass production of miniaturised precision bearings. The technology was denied.

    However, in 1972 the necessary grinders were sold by Bryant Chucking Grinder Company and its products are today used in Soviet guided missile systems and gyroscopes. Specifically, the Soviets were then able to MIRY their missiles and increase their accuracy.

    This is how the tragedy came about.

    Ball bearings are an integral part of weapons systems, there is no substitute.

    The entire ball bearing production capability of the Soviet Union is of Western origin — utilizing equipment from the United States, Sweden, Germany, and Italy. This transfer has been fully documented elsewhere by this author (see Bibliography). All Soviet tanks and military vehicles run on bearings manufactured on Western equipment or copies of Western equipment. All Soviet missiles and related systems including guidance systems have bearings manufactured on Western equipment or Soviet duplicates of this equipment.

    One firm in particular, the Bryant Chucking Grinder Company of Springfield, Vermont, has been an outstanding supplier of ball bearing processing equipment to the Soviets. In 1931 Bryant shipped 32.2 percent of its output to the USSR. In 1934, 55.3 percent of its output went to Russia. There were no luther shipments until 1938, when the Soviets again bought one-quarter of Bryant’s annual output. Major shipments were also made under Lend-Lease. Soviet dependence on the West for ball bearings technology peaked after the years 1959-61, when the Soviets required a capability for mass production, rather than laboratory or batch production, of miniature precision ball bearings for weapons systems. The only company in the world that could supply the required machine for a key operation in processing the races for precision bearings (the Centalign-B) was the Bryant Chucking Grinder Company. The Soviet Union had no such mass production capability. Its miniature ball bearings in 1951 were either imported or made in small lots on Italian and other imported equipment.

    In 1960 there were sixty-six Centalign-B machines in the United States. Twenty-five of these machines were operated by the Miniature Precision Bearing Company, Inc., the largest manufacturer of precision ball bearings, and 85 percent of Miniature Precision’s output went to military applications. In 1960 the USSR entered an order with Bryant Chucking for forty-five similar machines. Bryant consulted the Department of Commerce. When the department indicated its willingness to grant a license, Bryant accepted the order.

    The Commerce Department’s argument for granting a license turned on the following points: (1) the process achieved by the Centalign was only a single process among several required for ball bearing production, (2) the machine could be bought elsewhere, and (3) the Russians were already able to make ball bearings.

    The Department of Defense entered a strong objection to the export of the machines on the following grounds:

    In the specific case of the granting of the export license for high-frequency grinders manufactured by Bryant Chucking Grinder after receiving the request for DOD’s opinion from the Department of Commerce, it was determined that all of the machines of this type currently available in the United States were being utilized for the production of bearings utilized in strategic components for military end items. It was also determined from information that was available to us that the Soviets did not produce a machine of this type or one that would be comparable in enabling the production of miniature ball bearings of the tolerances and precision required. A further consideration was whether machines of comparable capacity and size can be made available from Western Europe. In this connection, our investigation revealed that none was in production that would meet the specifications that had been established by the Russians for these machines. In the light of these considerations it was our opinion that the license should not be granted.

    The Inter-Departmental Advisory Committee on Export Control, which includes members from the Commerce and State Departments as well as the CIA, overruled the Department of Defense opinion, and “a decision was made to approve the granting of the license.” The Department of Defense made further protests, demanding proof that either the USSR or Western Europe was capable of producing such machines. No such proof was forthcoming.

    The following is a summary of the objections of the Department of Defense representative:

    (a) I expressed dissatisfaction and suggested that the Department of Defense not concur in the initial request of the Department of Commerce.

    (b) The official member of the Department of Defense in this connection concurred and, at a series of meetings of the Advisory Committee on Export Control, spoke against the proposal that an export license be granted.

    (c) The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Supply and Logistics, after reviewing some of the circumstances, requested that I do whatever was possible to stop the shipment of these machines.

    (d) A letter was transmitted from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to the Secretary of Commerce, approximately November 1, 1960, saying it [sic] spoke to the Department of Defense and requesting a further review.

    (e) At two meetings where the matter was reviewed, the Department of Defense maintained nonconcurrence in the shipment of the equipment.

    As of this writing I am still convinced that it would be a tragic mistake to ship this equipment.

    The reference to a “tragic mistake” refers to the known fact at that time that miniature precision ball bearings are essential for missiles. Granting the license would give the USSR a miniature ball bearing production capability equal to two-thirds that of the United States.

    In 1961 a Senate subcommittee investigated the grant of this license to Bryant. Its final report stated:

    The Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security has undertaken its investigation of this matter not in any desire to find scapegoats, but because we felt that the larger issue involved in the Bryant case was, potentially, of life-or-death importance to America and the free world. We are now convinced, for reasons that are set forth below, that the decision to grant the license was a grave error.

    The testimony of Horace Gilbert to the Senate summarizes the position on the Centalign machines;

    Mr. Chairman, I am Horace D. Gilbert, of Keene, N.H., and I am president of Miniature Precision Bearings, Inc., and I would like to express my appreciation for having an opportunity to be here with you and come particularly at this time, when I know that everyone is so busy, and at such short notice. As the name implies, my company produces miniature ball bearings of precision quality, 85 percent of which are used in the national defense effort. All but 1 percent of our sales are within the United States, and most of these bearings are produced by machines manufactured by Bryant Chucking Grinder Co., of Springfield, Vt.

    Our company owns about 25 of these machines out of the 66 which, I believe, presently exist in the United States. This machine was developed over a long period of years, and much of the know-how, Mr. Chairman, in the latest model, was contributed by our company.

    Several months ago Russia ordered 45 of these machines from Bryant, and the Department of Commerce has granted an export license.

    I was very much disturbed when I learned of this, and I and Mr. Patterson over there — whom I will further identify as one of the developers of this machine — we have attempted to demonstrate to the Department of Commerce the tragedy of these machines being sold to Russia.

    Unfortunately, we have not met with success, and I would like to assure you, Mr. Chairman, that if these machines are sold, it means absolutely no commercial or financial difference to us as a company or to me as an individual.

    I have no fear as far as Russia selling in our markets is concerned, and our company does not do any significant amount of bearing business in their markets. I am here because I think that this is folly which would undermine our defenses.

    The Department of Commerce has attempted to justify its decision with four or five arguments, none of which, in our opinion, appears to be valid, and I would like to touch on these.

    First, they say these machines could be purchased in Europe, and consequently, Bryant might as well benefit by their sale here.

    I am thoroughly familiar with the machines which are in production in Europe. Part of my knowledge has been gained by three trips to Europe in the last 11 months, and I can assure you that no European manufacturer in fact does produce comparable machines with the accuracy of that which is used by Bryant. I would suggest that, if the Russians could buy this machine in any other market, they would indeed do so. In fact, an American competitor of Bryant, Heald Machine Co., of Worcester, has been attempting for 3 years to imitate and produce a comparable machine, and they have not been successful.

    Secondly, the Department of Commerce has pointed out that 45 of these machines which have been ordered by the Russians are only a small part of the total number in existence. The number in existence is a matter of record, and, as of the end of September, there were only 66 machines in the United States, and now Russia has ordered 45 for their own needs, and I understand that not all 66 of these are in production. They are in experimental facilities, they would have almost the equivalent of the entire U.S. capacity for production.

    Thirdly, the Department of Commerce has suggested that these machines require skilled operators who need substantial training; and I can assure you this is not true, sir. Even if it were, I am confident that the Russians have skilled technicians who, in a short time, would be able to master the operation of this machine, were it complicated, which it is not, and that is part of the magic of the machine, that it is not complicated. There is a certain amount of skill required to set up the machine, but under a contract with Bryant, I understand that the machine must be disassembled and reassembled in the presence of Russian inspectors who are not at their doorstep. Consequently, they will have whatever knowledge they need to put this machine into immediate operation.


    Pretty much the same thing has occurred with the Chinese. Remember the critical rocket technology President Clinton allowed to be sold to China? Prior to such sales, the Chinese rockets typically failed upon launch, or demonstrated abysmal accuracy.

    I haven’t heard of any Chinese rocket failures lately…have you?

    And all this from the same government that doesn’t trust us-the rabble-with possession of mere firearms…

    President Eisenhower tried to warn us of the Military Industrial Complex in his 1961 Farewell Address…

    • Good info.. Thanx.

    • “In 1960 there were sixty-six Centalign-B machines in the United States. Twenty-five of these machines were operated by the Miniature Precision Bearing Company, Inc., the largest manufacturer of precision ball bearings, and 85 percent of Miniature Precision’s output went to military applications. In 1960 the USSR entered an order with Bryant Chucking for forty-five similar machines. Bryant consulted the Department of Commerce. When the department indicated its willingness to grant a license, Bryant accepted the order.”

      You do understand the schweinfurt opportunity that represents right? A single nuke destroying us capability. That has not improved either. We have many such single points of supply in the DoD food chain.

    • “President Eisenhower tried to warn us of the Military Industrial Complex in his 1961 Farewell Address…”

      and Khrushchev glowering, stated that the West would supply the rope to hang themselves with

  4. So now the army is putting Muslims in charge of non Muslim spiritual needs…

    Does Russia do this?

  5. The Russians are not enemies of the American nation, and never have been.Putin is working to save western civilization, bringing him into conflict with the Globalists and their minions. That’s the “problem.”

  6. Why all the commie flags, Doc? The USSR disbanded in 1991, 25 year old adults only know of the USSR from history books. Russia was liberated, and restored. We should be happy for them and acknowledge their success in throwing off the evil political superstructure that was oppressing them and making them thought criminals and impoverished serfs.

    Hell, we might even try to learn something so we could accomplish the same goal here eventually. In the meantime, we can at least use their real flag for illustrating articles about them. It’s even Red, White and Blue.

  7. thesouthwasrght

    People need to quit enlisting. Stop feeding the machine fresh meat. I fell for the BS and served HW Bush’s new world order objectives. And I’m ashamed of it to be honest.

  8. Deposing Saddam was not about oil and only tangentially about empire – he was making decisions and taking actions that were demonstrably irrational. Idi Amin at his worst showed more reasoning. The national security apparatus can deal with evil, and frequently does, but it cannot deal with irrational. Moreover, Saddam’s sons were doubling down on it with rape rooms, etc. No, deposing Saddam wasn’t a mistake and the original DoD guy put in there to stabilize the country post-invasion was making good progress. The mistake, and it was a doozy, was pulling the DoD guy out and putting Bremer in charge. By most accounts, the man can barely tie his own shoes. Read “My Year in Iraq” and what you’ll find, by and large, is page after page of whinging about how he couldn’t get anything done through the (U.S.) bureaucracy – even though he had a direct line to POTUS. Nope, there’s your problem, right there.

    • no Iraq War, no Bremer. And the Iraq War wasn’t about “Saddam’s irrational rape rooms”. He attempted to take Iraqi oil sales off the dollar. So did Col. Khaddafi/Libya. See what happened? Iran and Russia are also dropping the petrodollar. But Russia backs Iran, and Russia (thanks to the estimable “Bryant Chucking Grinder” Co.) has accurately deliverable nuclear warheads and lots of them. Such a dilemma for Murka’s Zio-globalist warmongers and their debt-drowned, dollar-monetized Ponziconomy.

    • Sheesh – still kool-aid drinkers around…

      I’m guessing you’ve forgotten about the Kuwaiti “nurse” testimony, and the full court press propaganda machine set in motion with the backing of bushie1 & 2?

      Iraq is shia, Saudi is sunni – THAT is why the US “coalition” attacked Iraq. Twice.
      And why the US is still there.
      Ain’t got nuthin’ to do with rape.
      And there is that little matter of ensuring ONLY central banker petrodollars are accepted for ummm about anything, including oil.

      WHEN the government AND media say the same thing – they are both lying.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Don’t want to play ball by the IMF rules?, get bombed into the stone age and all of it under false pretenses. That’s what the CIA does for the globalists, besides running their own drug ring.

  9. The English king and the German king are cousins, but they each tell their taxpaying-sheep the other is a bloodthirsty maniac. If the designated enemy is falling apart and no longer looking like a threat, slip them some ball-bearing grinders or airplane tickets. The politics con game doesn’t work without scary barbarians outside the borders.

    • Well said. Have to laugh at the long exposition about ball-bearing machines being sold to the Soviets when the whole Bolshevik ( and Nazi , and Wahhabi, etc … pick your Frankenstein ) project was a New World disorder project from the get-go.
      Solzhenitsyn is being read in Russian high schools. They gave up the ghost .We are way behind in that department. Too many nostalgic cold-warriors still hanging around I guess.

  10. God damn….I got about 4 or 5 paragraphs in. Get this ‘Fred’, TRUMP IS NOT THE A POLITICIAN AND IT’S NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL IN DC.

  11. White Christian Russia is not our enemy.


  12. “The CIA’s media whores knew that the reports were a CIA response to the threat to the $1,000 billion annual budget of the military/security complex that desperately needs “the Russian threat” for its justification.”